Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1037 - These People Are Dogs, Right?

Chapter 1037 - These People Are Dogs, Right?

Chapter 1037: These People Are Dogs, Right?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The group went off to cultivate on their own.

Lu Ze proceeded to the spirit gathering room.

He was about to break through to level-7 cosmic system state. He should accomplish this goal first before anything else.

Lu Ze plopped down on the couch and used a drop of golden dew. It formed a thin layer of gold on his cells. Immediately, he could feel his senses and mastery of spirit force drastically improving.

With his current state, he can use stronger spirit liquid to cultivate.

Lu Ze debated on consuming the level-7 cosmic system state super red liquid. After pondering about it, he settled on using the peak cosmic system state super red liquid.

All at once, his body was filled to the brim. Lu Ze was plagued by piercing pain.

Sure enough, the energy was formidable. He wouldn’t be even able to digest it without the golden dew.

Swiftly, Lu Ze absorbed the power within him. He hadn’t even depleted the energy from the red liquid, but his cultivation level broke through in just a few hours.

The seventh-star ring in his body broke apart.

Even though he already reached level-7 cosmic system state, Lu Ze didn’t rest and extend his cultivation period. After all, the effectiveness of the golden dew was limited. Each second was precious, including the cosmic system state super red liquid.

He shouldn’t waste them!

Twelve days later, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. The infinite energy inside him made him smile. He then got up and stretched out.

Given the valuableness of golden dew, Lu Ze chose not to eat food during the past few days to prevent wasting his time. Apart from entering the Pocket Hunting Dimension, he only cultivated at all the other times.

Just yesterday, he managed to raise his cultivation level to level-8 cosmic system state.

Back when he broke through to level-7 cosmic system state, he attempted to use level-1 cosmic cloud state super red liquid, but his body almost exploded there and then. As a result, he didn’t dare to touch it in the meantime.

The real world didn’t allow revivals.

Now that the golden dew was consumed today, Lu Ze couldn’t immerse himself in raising his cultivation level.

Lu Ze exited the spirit gathering room. The sun outside the planet shone brightly on his face. He then closed his eyes in comfort.

The warmth of the sun was truly comforting.

At this moment, the girls also made their way out of their respective rooms.

They cultivated as Lu Ze did and exhausted 12 days in using the golden dew.

Naturally, they had nothing to do now, since they used up all the dew.

The girls saw Lu Ze when they came out. They smiled brightly.

The people waiting outside were dumbfounded.

It is the Monarch of the New Dawn!

‘How lucky are they to encounter Lu Ze and his girls in here?’

‘What should they do?’

‘Should they ask for an autograph?’

Beautiful females were staring at Lu Ze without blinking.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

Sigh… why did he have to be extremely handsome? It gave him a lot of pressure.

Countless girls everywhere were bewitched by him.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t their fate to be with him.

‘Ah, this should be the worst pain to experience in the world, right?’

So as not to hurt them further, Lu Ze decided to stay out of their sights.

The disparity between genders was distinct.

No men dared to stare at Nangong Jing and his other girls openly.

However, the women didn’t have the same restraint.

Out of nowhere, Lu Ze and the girls disappeared from the spot.

Everyone looked around in confusion.

“Did they just disappear?”

“When did they make themselves disappear?!”

“Does this power belong to a… cosmic cloud state?”

All the eyes of the girls in the area were filled with disappointment.

All they wanted was to get an autograph or at least get a chance to know him. Maybe through that, something might build up.

Lu Ze and the girls appeared once again in front of Elder Nangong’s shack.

Ye Mu, Luo Bingqing, and the rest were sitting on the ground, listening to Elder Nangong’s teachings. Sometimes they revealed expressions of realization. At other times, they furrowed their brows.

Lu Ze found it amusing. They resembled students in traditional cla.s.srooms in his past life.

A good student and a bad student could easily be differentiated.

For instance, Luo Bingqing was a cla.s.sic example of a good student. His face appeared calm, and he nodded from time to time as though he understood the thought.

Meanwhile, Derrick was a bad student. The whole time, he was just scratching his head as he frowned.

Elder Nangong turned his head and looked at Lu Ze and the girls in surprise. “Your group has become stronger once again.”

He could definitely see and distinguish the improvement. Elder Nangong was a cosmic cloud state after all.

With all the orbs Lu Ze gave him, he could even fight a level-2 cosmic cloud state while being a level-1 cosmic cloud state. It wasn’t a surprise for him to immediately point out their progress.

Lu Ze and the girls smiled. It was just pure luck this time.

Lin Kuang asked, “Elder Nangong, how much did Ze progress this time?”

The others sported curious expressions, including Luo Bingqing.

Elder Nangong responded, “A lot of progress. In this half month, they increased their levels of cultivation by two. He is a level-8 cosmic system state.”

Everyone: “…”

Their faces stiffened.

‘Is this really possible for a human being?’

Before, they were even proud of themselves for reaching the subsequent level in just a month.

They didn’t expect Lu Ze and the girls to go above and beyond.

Two levels!

Elder Nangong grinned. “Do you now understand there is always someone better than you? Yes, your cultivation might be truly fast, but don’t be complacent.”

Why did Elder Nangong choose to say it this time? Well, he didn’t like the budding arrogance of the youths.

Lin Kuang and the others soon realized what the old man was getting at. They nodded seriously. “We understand!”

Luo Bingqing and the rest weren’t lucky enough to own the Pocket Hunting Dimension. They didn’t get to experience countless deaths. Hence, the small bit of pride from making progress was understandable.

Luo Bingqing frowned and got up. “Elder, I want to enter the void border. I need to experience some battles.”

Lin Kuang and the others all stood up as well. “We want to go too.”

This included Ye Mu and the rest. They already became planetary states a few days ago.

Luo Bingqing and the rest were star states.

A lot of opportunities would be waiting for them in the void s.p.a.ce.

It would be pointless if they waited until they were cosmic system states.