Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1035 - Pitiful Death

Chapter 1035 - Pitiful Death

Chapter 1035: Pitiful Death

As Lu Ze used force, the two sides cracked. A weak chi was released.

“Chit!!” A sharp shriek sounded, and a long gray figure charged out at Lu Ze from under the crystals.

Even though it was extremely weakened, Lu Ze still felt a sliver of threat.

He raised his brow, then his body flashed. He moved a few hundred meters to the side. The gray figure flew past where Lu Ze was and landed on the ground again.


The ground fractured.

This was a hundred-meter long worm with a ten-meter diameter.

However, it was different from ordinary worms. Ordinary ones were just earthy pigments with light yellow clay. This one was gray and had abstruse gray runes on its skin.

Its body looked perfectly fine, but its chi was extremely weak.

This was the super beast worm?!

Isn’t it supposed to have a Regeneration Divine Art??

Thinking about this, Lu Ze smiled at the girls. “This beast recovers quite fast. I’m going up, you guys support me!”

The girls guessed what it was. They smiled and nodded.

Lu Ze glowed with spirit flames, then sand twirled around his body. He charged up. Nangong Jing followed suit too.

Behind them, the other girls started using the support G.o.d arts and divine arts.

The super worm was about to attack, but suddenly, it felt its chi and movements became suppressed and slower.

It had greatly diminished combat power and weakened increasingly a lot.

It screamed and suddenly shut off into the distance.

Lu Ze was stunned.

This guy was that timid?

But… how could he let it run away?

Gray runes spun in his eyes as he used Stone Transformation Divine Art with full power.

The worm suddenly stopped. Sand shot into the sky and wrapped towards the worm.

Gray spirit light flowed on the worm’s body, and it removed the effect of being turned to stone. However, it was covered by sand.

Lu Ze used Sand One Divine Art with full power trying to condense the sand and crush the worm.

However, Lu Ze soon frowned. He felt a very powerful resistant force.

In the distance, gray spirit light was seeping out of the sand ball. The sand ball was shaking as though it was unstable.

Moments later, Lu Ze’s face changed. Gray spirit light exploded inside the ball.


The sand filled the skies, then the ball exploded.

The worm was once again covered in blood. Flesh and blood splattered everywhere.

Gray spirit light glowed, and its wounds rapidly healed. However, its chi was getting weaker.

It looked coldly at Lu Ze before trying to run off again.

At this moment, a golden light flashed and stopped before the worm.

Nangong Jing twisted her waist and threw a heavy punch.

“Stop!” The golden fist force scattered the sand.


The worm opened its hideous mouth, then a gray spirit force ball formed.

It greeted the fist force.


The clash created a shockwave in all directions. Nangong Jing and the worm both fell back.

At that instant, a clear spirit force struck the worm heavily.


Another explosion sounded, and the fist force tore apart the worm’s tough skin, creating a huge hole in its body. Gray blood splashed out. It caused the body to drill into the ground. creating a huge crater.


The worm howled again as the gray spirit light rushed to heal its body.

Lu Ze continued to pursue the worm.

Two giant desert hands formed and grabbed towards the worm. Before the worm could react, it was held on tightly.

The giant desert hands clenched and even made cracking sounds.

The worm struggled but couldn’t break free no matter what. As the hands tightened, it made a sharp shriek.

1000m, 500m, 300m, 100m…

More and more gray blood dripped out while the hands tightened, forming a pond of blood.

At the same time, the struggle weakened.

When the giant hands were 30 meters long, the struggle completely stopped.

However, Lu Ze didn’t let go. He continued to shrink his hands.

After all, this thing had super regeneration. Lu Ze was afraid it still wasn’t dead.

When it was 20 meters long, Lu Ze stopped the Sand One Divine Art.

The two hands turned into sand as a pile of scrambled mess. The opponent dropped to the ground, which quickly turned to dust.

The girls frowned at the body. It was pitiful.

Alice smiled and said, “This is a peak cosmic system state super beast. I didn’t expect to find this.”

Lin Ling said, “Ze, can you use this level of super spirit liquid now?”

Lu Ze thought about it and answered, “Probably not now. I can try after I break through to level-7 cosmic system state. With my current cultivation speed, I can break through the day after tomorrow.”

But even at level-7 cosmic system state, he wasn’t that confident he could use it straight up.

It should be completely safe at level-8 cosmic system state.

Nangong Jing smiled. “Even if this doesn’t work, there are other things.”

If even Lu Ze couldn’t use it, there was no way they could use it, but there wasn’t just spirit liquid that dropped.

Qiuyue Hesha and the other girls nodded.

Soon, the worm turned to dust.

There were five each of the super liquids, a divine art rune shard, a gray regeneration G.o.d art orb, a sand G.o.d art orb, and a chi concealing G.o.d art orb.

Lu Ze frowned. “Too bad, there isn’t a one-time divine art rune.”

Unlike the fourth map, most super beasts on the fifth map would drop one-time divine art runes. However, this super worm didn’t drop any.

What a poor super beast!

Lu Li smiled. “It’s fine. There should be other beasts.”

The group continued their search.

In the next few hours, they found quite some super beasts and cosmic cloud state beasts. The strongest was one level-4 cosmic cloud state golden lightning eagle. It was sealed in ice.

They broke the ice, and the eagle died.

They couldn’t use its liquid yet, but the golden lightning G.o.d art orb was usable.

They found 22 golden sand beetles and 13 green scorpions. They even found another five super worms.

They gathered four poison ball divine art runes and one regeneration divine art rune. They got four one-time regeneration divine art runes. They didn’t know what they did yet.

At this moment, they were on the crystallized ground. There was golden lightning flas.h.i.+ng on, but they could feel the immense power from it.

One could imagine how strong that golden lightning eagle overlord was.

On the horizon, there was a patch of burned forests. There were just the scorched tree trunks.

However, Lu Ze and the girls were excited.

This was the oasis!

There were a lot of bosses there, and there was that dew in the center.

This was one of the best resources for them.

Lu Ze grinned. “Let’s go in quickly!”