Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 101 - Go Hand in Hand

Chapter 101 - Go Hand in Hand

Chapter 101: Go Hand in Hand


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After arranging the schedule, Lu Ze started searching for rabbit holes.

Ever since he became strong, he hadn’t been going to those rabbit holes for a long time.

It’s just that every time he encountered them, he would send them into the afterlife.

… It almost felt like there was a sense of guilt, and he had a change of heart?

Not too good.

It seems that if he was free in the future, he would need to go play with the rabbits more.

Moments later, Lu Ze’s eyes gradually became kinder.

He disappeared from the spot and appeared a hundred meters away. In front of him was a cave with a diameter of 1.5 meters.

Lu Ze exclaimed at the familiar cave entrance and then crouched inside.

It almost felt like going home.

Today, it was as though the rabbits had not left their home yet. Lu Ze just came out of that dark tunnel, and then, the few hundred cute rabbits looked up at the same time. In the darkness, their red eyes shone, seemingly flas.h.i.+ng with ferocity.

Then, the rabbits stepped on the ground and charged at Lu Ze.

Invaders! Die!

Lu Ze looked at the charging rabbits and smiled.

Indeed, they were just as hospitable when he first entered the pocket hunting dimension.

Since they were this fervent, he would send them more fire~

Then, a flame started to burn at the bottom of Lu Ze’s eyes. The air became dry, and two soccer ball-sized flames rose up on his hands.

The rabbits felt the lethal threat from the air, but they couldn’t stop themselves from charging at Lu Ze. They could only scramble their legs in the air anxiously.

Lu Ze smiled and threw the two fireb.a.l.l.s amidst the rabbits.


A huge sound came and red flames filled the cave. The heatwave spewed out from the tunnel, and the inside of the cave seemed to be a blazing inferno.

When the flames calmed down, a roasted rabbit landed in front of Lu Ze.

Lu Ze glanced at it and gulped down some saliva.


Oh my!

Roasted rabbit smells really good?

Lu Ze’s eyes were flas.h.i.+ng. Just when he planned to pick them up and taste the meat, the rabbits slowly turned to dust leaving behind a pile of light orbs.

Lu Ze looked at this, and his heart ached.


Oh my!

All the roasted rabbits flew away!

He hadn’t tasted rabbits for so long. After all, this isn’t Earth, there were no rabbits…

As a Chinese eater, he couldn’t even eat Chinese food…

How sad was this!!

Lu Ze picked up the light orbs with disappointment. These were for Lu Li and Alice.

Then, he walked into the empty cave and started practicing fusing his wind and fire element G.o.d art.

Lu Ze’s face was serious. He opened his hands. A faint red spark ignited on his left hand while his right hand had a gust of green wind spinning.

Lu Ze used his mental power to stabilize the flame and wind while bringing the two close.

The instant they came near, the flame flashed as though it was about to go out while the wind seemed to be close to dissipating.

Lu Ze’s left eye flashed with the light of the flame, and his right eye flashed with a green light. He sweated a little on his forehead. He then carefully controlled the two to make the two fuse.

Elemental particles were different from ordinary atomic particles. They could affect atomic particles but won’t be affected by atomic particles. At the same time, there was some connection between the two. However, the balance was hard to control.

Lu Ze’s G.o.d art was to control wind and fire elements. It was like a natural ability, but time was required for the two to walk together hand in hand.

He extended his mental power to cover the two, making the red and green slowly fuse.


Suddenly, there was a heavy sound. The weak flame and wind disappeared from his hand.

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

Oh my!

He failed again!

This was the simplest mode.

Last night, he was young and naive. He used a whirlwind and flame to fuse, and the resulting flame wave burned his blankets.

After the previous series of explosions, he had kept reducing the difficulty, however, it was still not enough.


He must allow the fire and wind elements to go hand in hand.

They couldn’t be single like him!


The breeze and flames appeared again, and Lu Ze began his practice once more.




A day and night pa.s.sed, and strange sounds kept arising in the rabbit cave.

The sound came every now and then. There was even a rhythm to it.

Suddenly, a burst of huge laughter sounded from the cave, “Hahahaha~ I’m a prodigy indeed. I succeeded!”

In the cave, Lu Ze laughed like a 75 kg kid. The spark on his right hand carried a weak breeze of wind. The wind spun, and the spark grew bigger.

There was a balance between fire and wind elements.

Lu Ze raised his lips and looked at his work.

It wasn’t easy, but they finally went hand in hand.

Lu Ze was touched.

After savoring this for a moment, Lu Ze collected his mood and began practicing once again.

With the first success, he slowly increased the power, and the fusion wasn’t too hard. He would continue until his mental power couldn’t take it anymore.

Due to using quite a lot of purple orbs, Lu Ze’s mental power wasn’t weak. At least, it was enough to control his G.o.d art now.

Then, Lu Ze started to change it into a bigger flame and a small whirlwind.

Since he pa.s.sed the low difficulty, he would try the medium difficulty.

Lu Ze calmed down his breathing and focused his gaze. His mental force emerged as he moved the two closer.


As soon as the two touched, there was a huge explosion. Red and green light flashed. The wind surrounded Lu Ze’s body as he pushed the flame wave and wind away.

His mouth spasmed. This was indeed much harder than before.

But as a persistent man, how could Lu Ze give up easily?

Thus, another strange sound came from the rabbit cave. It was much louder than before.

Lu Ze was immersed in his research. He would rest when his mental force was used up, and when it was recovered, he would continue.

Another day and night pa.s.sed. When the sun of the second day slowly rose up, Lu Ze’s eyes went dark, and he returned to his room before his wind and flame could come in intimate contact.

He blinked his confused eyes before realizing he had spent two days in the pocket hunting dimension.