Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1032 - Really Want To Know The Final Answer

Chapter 1032 - Really Want To Know The Final Answer

Chapter 1032: Really Want To Know The Final Answer


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Seeing this, everyone was aghast.

‘Is there another boss coming?’

At this moment, a silver pillar descended from the sky.

Lu Ze gasped. There was a treasure!

Qiuyue Hesha also rejoiced. She saw this pillar of light on the last map.

The summoning crystal came from there.

The other girls were confused because they hadn’t seen it before.

Qiuyue Hesha asked softly, “Little Brother Lu Ze?”

Lu Ze nodded and said, “Let’s go over!”

They must fight for confidence in this light pillar.




All sorts of roars sounded as countless violent chi surged in all directions.

The rocky region of the desert started to quake. They could sense that the sleeping sand beetles, scorpions, and other beasts turned extremely ferocious.

All of the beasts flew towards the light pillar.

Everyone tensed up. There were large numbers of cosmic cloud state creatures in there.

Lu Ze flashed in silver light. “Come, let’s go over now!”

Good thing he had s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art and could run fast.

Just when he was about to use s.p.a.ce transmission, another silver light descended and shone on the group.

In another region, another silver light also shot down.

Three silver pillars lit up the dark desert.


Lu Ze and the girls were taken aback.

‘Did the airdrop hit their face?’

Immediately, countless powerful chi locked onto them.

Lu Ze looked up at the two orbs slowly descending. He quickly yelled, “Quick, let’s grab them!”

Lu Ze took the girls away in silver light and appeared before the two light orbs.

It was a crystal with gray mist and a blue spirit fruit.

Lu Ze immediately placed them into his mental force dimension. Only then did he breathe easy.

Qiuyue Hesha spoke with excitement. “We’re too lucky this time!”

The others knew what the light pillar was since Lu Ze told them before.

Lin Ling glanced at the beam of the light in the distance and said, “There are two more!”

Lu Ze frowned. There was quite some chi that circulated towards them.

Those bosses would definitely come.

When he felt the high-level cosmic cloud state chi, he still shuddered.

He quickly said, “Grab hold of me, let’s go!”

After Lu Ze and the girls disappeared, countless terrifying figures immediately appeared before the light orb.

Seeing the pillar slowly dissipate, they roared furiously.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze and the girls were tens of millions of kilometers away.

With his cultivation level, if he was in the real world, he could move thousands or even ten thousand light-years in one go with s.p.a.ce transmission.

The fifth map was different because the s.p.a.ce was much more stable.

They looked at the still distant light pillar and frowned.

It looked close, but it was actually very far.

Just when Lu Ze was about to use s.p.a.ce transmission, his body suddenly went stiff.

Four terrifying chi rose and covered the entire desert.

“Ree!!” X2

They were very familiar with this sound.

On the distant horizon, a fire appeared and lit up the dark sky. On the other side, ice formed.

Alice shrunk her neck. “They are those two overlord birds!”

They weren’t surprised that these two birds appeared, but their chi was still extremely powerful.


In another region, a distortion in s.p.a.ce occurred, and a silver light flashed. It looked like an illusion.

Lu Ze gasped in disbelief. “It’s that… silver wolf?!”

He was all too familiar with that wolf.

He was wondering why the silver wolf in the summoning crystal was only a level-1 cosmic cloud state and should be on this map, but he couldn’t find it.

However, its true power wasn’t level-1 cosmic cloud state.

This terrifying overlord’s power must be at cosmic realm state, right?!

Qiuyue Hesha pursed her red lips and asked, “This silver wolf has s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art, right?”

‘How powerful would it be?’ They couldn’t even imagine.

At this moment, in another region, the green light poured out. Endless life force permeated the place.

“An overlord with Wood G.o.d Art!”

It was too far, and the light was too bright. They couldn’t see what overlord it was.

The four overlords stood in four directions. Their spirit light pushed against each other. However, it was obvious that the silver wolf’s power was stronger. The other three overlord beasts seemed to be subtly collaborating against the wolf.

When the other beasts felt this terrifying chi, they shuddered despite the lure of the treasure.

Only a few rare high-level cosmic cloud state beasts still wanted to fight for the treasure.

After all, on the second map, the rabbit boss became an overlord because it took the Lightning Cloud Divine Art.

Lu Ze supported this.

In this situation, the more chaotic it was, the better it was for them to get something.

The atmosphere was slightly silent for a while. Then, Lu Ze said, “Let’s go down and see the situation first.”

Nangong Jing said with some expectation, “Do you think these four overlords would start fighting? That way, perhaps we can pick up free stuff again.”

Their eyes lit up.

This did seem possible, didn’t it?

Just as they thought like this, the four chi suddenly clashed together.

The ice bird, fire bird, and overlord with Wood G.o.d Art attacked the silver wolf boss.

“Roar!” The silver wolf howled in fury then his terrifying chi surged. s.p.a.ce crumbled like shattered gla.s.s.

Lu Ze and the girls were waiting to collect free things when s.p.a.ce suddenly disintegrated. Before they could react, they disappeared from the Pocket Hunting Dimension.


‘It is this far but the shockwave still got them?!’

Lin Ling’s mouth twitched. “I wonder who would get the treasure in those two pillars.”

They all really wanted to know. Whoever got it would become stronger. It would be harder for them to beat too.