Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1031 - Easier Than Imagined

Chapter 1031 - Easier Than Imagined

Chapter 1031: Easier Than Imagined

More than ten hours later, the group was hunting and moving under Lin Ling’s guidance. Soon, the horizon turned into towering erected rocks.

The glow from Lin Ling’s eyes disappeared, and she said proudly, “Found it.”

Lu Ze smiled and rubbed her short black hair. “You’re amazing, Lin Ling!”

Lin Ling blushed and slapped Lu Ze’s hand away. “Don’t mess up my hair!”

Lu Ze laughed and pretended he didn’t hear it. “Let’s go over.”

Nangong Jing smiled eagerly. “Let’s go and try how strong that level-7 cosmic system state super scorpion is.”

The group soon came near the rocky region.

They had been here a few times and acquired great loot most of the time.

Lin Ling’s eyes glowed again. She pointed to the right. “That way.”

The group flew towards the direction Lin Ling pointed at.

Moments later, they stopped moving. In a large pile of rocks before them, there loomed a subtle powerful chi.

If it was before, they probably wouldn’t even be able to sense this chi.

Lu Ze raised a brow, smiled, and said, “It’s a sand beetle cave.”

Lu Li tucked up her black hair and smiled. “Let’s go in.”

They had collected all their Sand One Divine Art rune shards, but the level-5 cosmic system state super liquid was still the best liquid for Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice.

Lu Ze could barely use peak cosmic system state liquid, while Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha still used level-8 cosmic system state liquid.

The sand beetle cave was still highly valuable to them.

The group moved over.

The sky was searing hot right now, and the sand beetles began to sleep. When they went inside the cave, the sand beetles were snuggled together sleeping.

Lu Ze looked at the sand beetles all over the floor. The corners of his mouth curled up, and he smiled. “Let me try the power of Sand One Divine Art in perfect mastery.”

The girls nodded and looked keenly at Lu Ze. They were very curious too.

Terrifying chi surged as yellow runes spun in Lu Ze’s eyes.

The sand beetles immediately opened up their eyes, including the golden one in the center.

They moved nervously.

Lu Ze reached out his hand and endless sand appeared in the cave.

Lu Ze clenched his hand, and all the yellow sand enclosed the sand beetles into a giant sand ball. The ball kept spinning and shrinking.


In a short instant, the ball was only tens of meters wide. The chi inside had completely disappeared.

Lu Ze opened his hand, and the giant ball disappeared leaving behind squashed sand beetle bodies that were slowly turning to dust.

The girls gasped. “It’s really strong.”

Lu Ze smiled. “It’s not bad. Let’s find a super scorpion and try.”

The group picked up the drops and kept moving.

Soon, they found cave after cave. The process was very simple…

A few hours later, in some part of the desert, Lu Ze and the girls saw a ma.s.sive rock shrouded in dark green mist.

After so long, they finally found a scorpion cave.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s go in.”

Everyone concealed their chi and walked into the cave.

They immediately saw cl.u.s.ters of scorpions and green sand scorpions in the center.

Even though the green sand scorpion was resting, Lu Ze and the girls could still feel a terrifying chi.

Faint yellow runes flashed in Lu Ze’ eyes, he smiled and said, “I’m attacking then.”

Lu Ze appeared above the cave.

He opened his hands, and the sand surged, forming a colossal sandstorm.

All the scorpions were startled and woke up.


The green scorpion’s chi surged. A dark green light flashed on its tail. It was planning to attack.

At this moment, Nangong Jing and the other girls burned their spirit force using Seduction G.o.d Art, Stone Transformation Divine Art, Dark Mist, Fire Clones, and other divine arts to help Lu Ze.

Lu Ze closed his hands, and the sand storm came together, encompa.s.sing all the scorpions into a giant sand ball.


Thunderous sounds ruptured as the giant ball shook. Spirit force seeped out from the giant ball and crashed into the stone wall making it shake.


Pitiful howls were coming from inside the ball.

Moments later, Lu Ze’s expression changed, and the giant ball shook vigorously.


The ball exploded.

Poison mist splashed out and filled up s.p.a.ce. Lu Ze felt a pungent smell and a piercing pain from inside his body.

He quickly appeared next to the girls.

“This poison is too strong. Let’s go out first!”

He dragged the girls out.


The terrifying chi chased up.

That chi was only slightly weaker, but it was more furious.

All the other scorpions were dead.

Alice frowned. “This scorpion is so hard to deal with.”

Lu Ze nodded. “The s.p.a.ce inside is too small. We’ll fight outside.”

They couldn’t even dodge the poison in such a cramped environment. If they didn’t have Poison G.o.d Art, they would be knocked out already.

Lu Ze and the girls stopped in s.p.a.ce.

Immediately, a dark green figure followed and shot dark green spirit force b.a.l.l.s at Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Ze took the girls away.


An explosion shot in all directions.

The explosion spot eroded the ground.

Lu Ze looked at the giant figure. It obtained some small wounds on its body. Dark green blood was oozing, but it looked enraged and murderous.

The Sand One Divine Art had some effect.

Lu Ze breathed with relief.

He thought his attack was completely ineffective.

Since it worked, he would keep fighting.

Lu Ze grinned. His eyes were so eager. “I’m going up, you guys be careful back there.”

Nangong Jing glanced at some girls and a few people and grinned. “I’ll go help.”

She liked fighting head-on more.

The green scorpion was shrouded in dark green mist. There were also strands of sand that formed armor.

It greeted Lu Ze and Nangong Jing.

Lu Ze used Earth Shocking Blow while forming spirit flames on his other hand.

The three clashed.

In a short time, the surrounding few thousand kilometers region was shrouded in poison mist. Their battlefield kept s.h.i.+fting as well.

A few minutes later, the armor on Lu Ze and Nangong Jing cracked. Their faces were pale, but the scorpion was more heavily injured.

Its left pincer was broken. Dark green blood was splas.h.i.+ng out.

At this moment, Lu Ze grabbed at the scorpion. Sand flew towards the scorpion.

The scorpion planned to retreat.

However, Nangong Jing appeared on its side and kicked.

The scorpion blocked with its other pincer.

Nangong Jing fell back spitting some blood. But at the same time, Lu Ze thrust his fist force on its head.


Dark green blood splashed as its body fell back into the sand coming at it.

Lu Ze grinned and formed a giant sand ball.

The ball spun rapidly and began to shrink.

The scorpion’s pitiful howls echoed. When the ball reached 5 meters in diameter, the howls stopped.

Lu Ze panted and let go. The sand ball dissipated, and the body dropped to the ground, turning to dust.

The group smiled.

Nangong Jing wiped the blood on her mouth. “It was easier than I thought.”

Qiuyue Hesha and the other girls landed next to the two. “Are you okay?”

Lu Ze nodded. “It’s a bit troublesome, but it’s not strong to the point of fighting a life-and-death battle.”

Moments later, the drops were revealed.

Super red and purple liquid, poison G.o.d art orb, sand G.o.d art orb, divine art rune shard, one-time divine art rune poison ball.

Lu Ze picked them up. “Let’s continue.”

At this moment, the sky suddenly turned dark.