Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1033 - Counting Their Loot

Chapter 1033 - Counting Their Loot

Chapter 1033: Counting Their Loot


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

There was no point in being frustrated, so they didn’t think too much. After the pain subsided, Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s count our loot.”

Lu Ze took out what they got from the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

They could pretty much ignore the drops from ordinary sand beetles and scorpions.

They killed six golden sand beetles which dropped 30 red and purple liquid each. These were given to Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice.

The rest of the sand G.o.d art orb and stealth G.o.d art orb was also split up.

There were four Sand One Divine Art rune shards, but no one needed them anymore.

The green scorpion dropped five level-7 cosmic system state super red and purple liquid. Lu Ze used this for himself.

There was only one divine art rune shard, so it couldn’t be used.

The one-time divine art rune poison ball could unleash level-2 cosmic cloud state power.

Lu Ze didn’t need it nor did Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. Therefore, it was given to Alice in the end.

Usually, Alice, Lin Ling, and Lu Li stayed together in battle. It was the same no matter which of the three he gave it to.

Then, there was sand G.o.d art and poison G.o.d art. Lu Ze kept giving the sand and poison G.o.d art to Qiuyue Hesha.

There was also the regeneration G.o.d art orb from the long worm, other sand G.o.d art orbs, wood G.o.d art orbs, and so forth.

There were also level-7 and level-8 cosmic system state red liquid. These were given to Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

Then, Lu Ze took out the two treasures from the pillar.

One was the gray mist crystal and the other was dark blue spirit fruit.

Alice smiled and asked, “Senior, what is that?”

Lu Ze projected his mental force into the crystal. Immediately, he felt his eyes blur, and he seemed to be amidst a dead gray mist.

Suddenly, violent winds blew, forming a giant gray bird with three pairs of wings that had a wingspan of nearly a hundred meters.


A stone-splitting sound rang in Lu Ze’s head.

Oh s.h.i.+t?!

What level of beast was this?!

This chi was more terrifying than when Ying Ying released her chi after knowing that Ting Ting had been dead for more than two thousand years!

Ying Ying at that time was unimaginably strong to Lu Ze. However, this beast was even stronger.

This was at least a cosmic realm state beast!

The gray bird slowly flapped its wings, creating hurricanes in the gray mist.

Lu Ze had never seen this G.o.d art before, but it should be a dark type of G.o.d art.

It was probably an overlord boss too.

It should know divine art as well.

Its combat power definitely wasn’t as simple as it showed.

Now, he finally had the strongest trump card other than Ying Ying.

Ying Ying could fall asleep, but this card would make him feel safe.

Like the previous summoning crystal, this gray bird could also fight for an hour at full power. If it wasn’t full power, it should last longer too.

Lu Ze exited the gray mist. He saw that there was a six-winged gray bird in the crystal.

The girls noticed the change too. “It’s like the crystal for summoning the silver wolf!”

Nangong Jing asked, “How is it?”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “This beast is very strong. It’s not weaker than Ying Ying.”

Lu Ze was talking about the current Ying Ying.

Ying Ying’s power would increase every time she slept. Lu Ze and the girls didn’t know how strong she was either.

This gray bird was much stronger than when they first saw Ying Ying. It shouldn’t be weaker than Ying Ying now.

Hearing this, everyone stopped breathing.

Ying Ying was a cosmic realm state!

And someone from the Star Spirit Race!

This was a super boss for sure!

Nangong Jing smiled and said, “Now, we won’t be scared of any dangers.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Yes, with this, it’s much more secure for us to go out.”

Lu Ze quite wanted to go out and venture.

Although they didn’t need other resources, The Human Race did.

Lu Li looked at the blue fruit and asked, “What is this?”

Lu Ze swept it with his mental force too.

Information about the fruit appeared in his brain.

This spirit force could greatly improve learning ability!

This was a spirit fruit that could allow the user to connect with universal laws. After using it, their ability to learn G.o.d art and divine art would be significantly increased. Lu Ze didn’t know how much though.

However, this spirit fruit only lasted a day.

Lu Ze didn’t really have anything he needed to learn badly right now.

Lu Ze felt it was better to use this after he got the poison ball divine art and a few more divine art runes.

If this improving effect was really absurd, Lu Ze might be able to bring many divine arts to perfect mastery at once.

After all, it was connected to universal laws.

He could pretty much see how the universe operated.

These sort of trump cards could allow Lu Ze to do whatever he wanted in the Elf Cosmic Realm. To him, that blue fruit was even more valuable than the summoning crystal.

“How is it?” the girls asked.

Lu Ze nodded. “It’s very good and can greatly improve learning for G.o.d art and divine art. However, it’s not the time to use it now. It can even be used to learn the deeper part of the universe’s power.”

Lu Ze put the things away. “Okay, let’s cultivate.”