Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1030 - This That Thing?

Chapter 1030 - This That Thing?

Chapter 1030: This That Thing?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Everyone was confused seeing the yellow sand, but thinking of Lu Ze, they calmed down.

After sensing that the yellow sand didn’t mean any harm, they continued to do their things.

A few hours later, the runes fused into Lu Ze’s body. He opened his eyes, and a rune flashed.

Lu Ze breathed out and opened his palm. A gust of yellow sand flew and kept changing form based on Lu Ze’s will.

It seemed very flexible. After playing around with it for a while, Lu Ze closed his palm, and the sand disappeared.

He got up. After two months, he had finally brought Sand One Divine Art to perfect mastery.

It was a bit hard.

He wondered how the female alcoholic and the other girls were.

During these two months, they had finally pieced together Sand One Divine Art for everyone.

Everyone was learning. Qiuyue Hesha had even brought it to experienced mastery.

A month ago, his cultivation level reached level-6 cosmic system state. He was just a little bit away from level-7 cosmic system state. In at most a week, he could break through again.

To be honest, Lu Ze didn’t even know how strong his combat power was now.

But when he broke through to level-6 cosmic system state, he was a bit stronger than level-8 cosmic system state beasts. Now, he should be able to fight peak cosmic system state beasts, right?

Lu Ze was quite keen.

He wondered if he could beat the level-7 cosmic system state green scorpion.

If he could, then there would be level-7 cosmic system state super red liquid. His cultivation speed would rise again.

In truth, Lu Ze wasn’t happy with his current cultivation speed. He could only progress one level in over a month.

Now that the Sand One Divine Art has been cultivated into perfection, he can consider the Poison Ball Divine Art.

Mhm… he would go in and try later.

Lu Ze walked out of the dao enlightenment room.

When he saw everyone gawking at him outside, he quickly disappeared from the spot.

There were more people here than the cultivation building in Planet Shenwu.

Soon, he came to Elder Nangong’s shack.

Elder Nangong and Ying Ying were sitting there quietly, each holding a fis.h.i.+ng rod.

The girls weren’t around. They were probably still learning divine arts.

Feeling Lu Ze’s presence, Elder Nangong turned around and smiled. “Did you finish cultivation? What was that sand illusion?”

Lu Ze was stunned and then realized it was probably the divine art secrets spilling after he reached perfect mastery.

Lu Ze smiled indifferently, mulled over it, and said, “It’s nothing. I just learned a cosmic system state divine art to perfect mastery.”

Elder Nangong was going to reply, but Ying Ying said unhappily, “Grandfather, you said you can’t talk while fis.h.i.+ng!”

Elder Nangong immediately turned around. “Ying Ying is right. I won’t talk. We’ll catch a big fish for you to eat!”

Lu Ze: “???”

He coughed and sat next to Ying Ying. He looked at the river and asked, “Elder, are the fishes from this river really delicious?”

Elder Nangong did not speak but nodded.

Then, Lu Ze was glared at by Ying Ying.

Lu Ze: “…”

If I can’t talk, I can still speak telepathically.

Lu Ze spoke to Elder Nangong telepathically. “Elder, give me a fis.h.i.+ng rod? I’ll try fis.h.i.+ng too.”

Fis.h.i.+ng depends on patience. You had to wait for the fish to bite the bait.

Lu Ze was no fis.h.i.+ng master, but he could at least catch fish, unlike someone whose bait was eaten up but still couldn’t catch a single fish.

He skillfully took over the fis.h.i.+ng rod handed by the elder and gently hooked on a piece of golden fruit.

Two hours later, Lu Li and Qiuyue Hesha flew over to the shack.

Seeing the roasting rack before the shack, Lu Ze adding fire under the grill, Elder Nangong doing the seasoning, and the drooling Ying Ying, they were taken aback.

‘What are they doing?’

‘Roasting fish?’

It smelled quite nice.

The two looked at each other and quickly went to help.

Afterwards, Ying Ying wiped away the oil on his mouth and smiled. “Grandfather, I’m going to play with Xiao Xi.”

Elder Nangong nodded amicably.

After Ying Ying left, Elder Nangong glanced at the three. “You have finished eating. Hurry up and cultivate. What are you doing here?”


Why is the treatment so different?!

Lu Ze and the girls looked at Elder Nangong in disbelief, but he waved his hand for them to leave.

“Hurry up and cultivate. I’m going to expand the alternate dimension. Unless you guys want to help me?”

After some silence, Lu Ze laughed it off. “… Um, we should be cultivating.”

The three quickly flew off and returned into the dao enlightenment room.

At night, the group had some fun in the Pocket Hunting Dimension and entered the fourth map.

The sun was scorching. They immediately felt dry-mouthed upon entering here.

Lu Ze glanced around. He didn’t sense any boss.

On the way, Lu Ze said, “Lin Ling, look for large scorpion groups.”

Lin Ling was shocked. “There might be super scorpions…”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “My Sand One Divine Art reached perfect mastery. Let’s see if we can beat one.”

Qiuyue Hesha, slightly surprised, turned around and gazed at Lu Ze. “Little Brother Lu Ze, you have reached perfect mastery? You didn’t even tell me.”

Nangong Jing, Lin Ling, and Alice looked over vigilantly.

Nangong Jing said quietly, “Just then? What happened just then?”

Qiuyue Hesha flicked her hair. “Just then, Li, Lu Ze, and I did something. It was a very great experience.”


Nangong Jing widened her eyes in shock. “Fox Demon, Li. You two are s.n.a.t.c.hing food!”

Lin Ling and Alice also didn’t look too happy.

Lu Li smiled gently. “Mhm, it was delicious.”


Nangong Jing charged at Qiuyue Hesha.

Seeing the two play fight, Lu Ze endured a headache.

He coughed. “Lin Ling, quick. Look for suitable prey.”

Lin Ling looked around. She was a mini-map to them now.

She pointed in a direction. “There seems to be suitable prey there.”

Lu Ze immediately stopped Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. “Alright, stop it now. Let’s focus on hunting.”