Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1029: - A Law That Won't Change No Matter The Era

Chapter 1029: - A Law That Won't Change No Matter The Era

Chapter 1029: A Law That Won’t Change No Matter The Era

After chatting for a while, Lu Ze learned that Elder Nangong had just returned, so he intentionally requested Luo Bingqing and the others to come over and teach them.

Elder Nangong smiled and said, “You guys just arrived at the right time. If you’re free, come help teach them too.”

Lu Ze and the girls naturally wouldn’t refuse, so they partic.i.p.ated as asked.

At night, the instructions ended. Luo Bingqing and the others went to Jinyao City to cultivate.

Lu Ze and the girls stayed with Elder Nangong.

Elder Nangong smiled and said, “You guys, come with me.”

Elder Nangong reached a cliff next to his shack.

There was a golden circle at the edge. There was a powerful s.p.a.ce ripple from this circle.

Lu Ze, who was slightly puzzled, asked, “Elder, this is?”

Elder Nangong replied with a smile, “You’ll know once you go in.”

Lu Ze and the girls walked in.

There was a golden misty dimension inside the orb.

The dimension wasn’t big. It was just tens of kilometers wide. There were piles of black alloy crates stacked inside. Looking at the runes on them, they were probably storage equipment.

Nangong Jing quietly said, “Aren’t these the resources we got from the blade demons?”

Elder Nangong nodded. “Mhm, this portion is reserved especially for the Dawn System. It will be used by future students and teachers. I’ve brought them here.”

He smiled while opening one of the crates and said, “There are quite a lot of treasures inside. It only feels safe when they are by my side.”

Lu Ze and the girls felt it was quite amusing how nervous Elder Nangong was with this.

Lin Ling smiled and said, “Elder, these resources are precious, but you’re a cosmic cloud state. No one dares to go for it on Jinyao.”

Elder Nangong said, “You girl, Lin, I have to watch these resources carefully! All of you have been using Ze’s resources. You don’t know how hard it is to get them. These are the foundational blocks for our human prodigies’ ascension.”

“With these resources, those younger ones would have much greater conditions. When we were young, we didn’t have these. It is as extremely hard as… Lin and Alice, you can ask your parents…”

Lu Ze and the girls scratched their heads.

Elder Nangong was right.

This was the same in his past life. When the country was just built, Lu Ze’s grandfather could barely eat enough food.

But after a few decades of hard work, life was so much better when Lu Ze transmigrated.

Not everyone could be wealthy, but they didn’t need to worry about food and clothing, right?

Plus, the circ.u.mstances at the time weren’t as dangerous as the galactic era too. There were regional conflicts elsewhere, but inside the country, it was rather stable.

Nothing came to be in one jump. It was slowly built up.

Lu Ze sighed looking at these resource crates.

They could beat the Blade Demon Race and take their resources, but these resources still couldn’t be given to everyone.

There were too many humans. These resources would only be used on those most deserving.

These people were either very talented or very hard working.

There was nothing they could do.

Lu Ze sighed.

The basis of a race’s development was survival of the fittest. This was a law that wouldn’t change no matter what the era was.

No matter how strong Lu Ze became, he couldn’t change this.

Elder Nangong might be rather young among cosmic cloud states, but his experience gave him a rather old mentality.

They liked to reminisce, and Elder Nangong was no exception.

He recounted a lot of the difficult pasts. Lu Ze and the girls were paying attention, but it was hard to withstand listening to it…

They could only imagine since they didn’t go through it themselves.

After Elder Nangong was done and they thought it was over, Elder Nangong smiled. “Okay, let’s not talk about this. Come, I’m opening up the alternate dimension domain for the Dawn System. You guys can help too.”

Lu Ze and the girls: “???”

‘So, they were called here to be laborers?’

However, they could only accept because the elder asked them to.

It wasn’t hard, but it was repet.i.tive.

Opening a long-term stable alternate dimension required a stable special structure.

This required a lot of work.

For those who didn’t have s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art, they could only stabilize it by force.

For Lu Ze, it was rather easy.

Elder Nangong was a real cosmic cloud state, but he still took two nights to create an alternate dimension of tens of kilometers.

Lu Ze was only a level-5 cosmic system state, but using the s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art, he created over a hundred kilometers of s.p.a.ce in one night.

After that period, they were sent off by Elder Nangong.

The next morning, they thought about it and let Ying Ying remain.

Lu Ze and Qiuyue Hesha went to Jinyao City’s dao enlightenment room to learn Sand One Divine Art.

Nangong Jing and the rest didn’t have any other G.o.d arts to learn, so they went to the spirit gathering room.

At night, Lu Ze would still drag them into the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

Two Months Later, Dao Enlightenment Room.

Lu Ze was glowing with yellow runes.

Streams of ethereal sand appeared like a gauze mist that covered his body.

The runes around him materialized and sand appeared across Jinyao City like a gentle veil.

Those students and teachers, as well as guards, were taken aback upon seeing the sand.

“What is this?

“It’s raining sand? I don’t remember the planet having such weather!”


When they reached to grab the sand, they found out that it could penetrate their palm.

At this moment, one person said, “By the way… Monarch of the New Dawn seems to be here?”

“No wonder. He probably made this.”

“Did he break through again?!”

“It doesn’t look like it.”