Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1028 - Ambitious

Chapter 1028 - Ambitious

Chapter 1028: Ambitious


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

“It really is the Monarch of the New Dawn!”

“It really is them!”

A lot of people screamed. Lu Ze looked around at the scene in a daze. Quite some girls were red-faced and excited.

Lu Ze: “…”

His mouth twitched. ‘Why did these girls look at him that way?’

This was scary.

Not just the girls. Some guys even stared at him strangely.

Lu Ze didn’t feel good.

The girls felt awkward. They frowned.

This scene reminded them of what Merlin and Lu Wen said before.

Those little wh.o.r.es.

The girls sneered and released their chi.

Those girls down there immediately felt they were being watched by something terrifying.

When they saw Nangong Jing’s and the other girls’ cold eyes, they shuddered.

However, they thought Nangong Jing and the rest of her group were overdoing it.

They were just looking at the Monarch of the New Dawn! Why did they have to be so stingy?

Regardless, they didn’t really dare to go against Nangong Jing and her team, so they could only look away.

Being alive was more important.

Lu Ze laughed dryly and didn’t dare to talk.

It wasn’t proper to say anything right now.

Lin Ling swept her mental force across the entire elite cla.s.s dorms and said, “Yuqi and others aren’t here.”

Lu Ze was somewhat bemused and asked, “Are they on another planet? Perhaps at Jinyao?”

Lin Ling’s eyes lit up. “That’s possible.”

Nangong Jing said quietly, “Let’s go to Jinyao.”

They boarded the New Dawn and flew towards Jinyao. They arrived in just a few minutes.

Lu Ze smiled. “I didn’t expect the elder to be back already.”

He sensed Elder Nangong’s chi on the planet.

Nangong Jing smiled softly and said, “Let’s go over there then.”


In front of his little shack, Elder Nangong sat on the ground. In front of him were Luo Bingqing, Ye Mu, and the others.

He was enriching them with cultivation knowledge. With the help of the purple orbs and his experience, these prodigies could make fewer mistakes.

At this moment, Elder Nangong looked off into the distance and smiled.

Luo Bingqing and the others looked in that direction too and were dazed.

“This is…”

Lin Kuang opened his mouth and said, “Lin Ling and the others?”

Xuan Yuji smiled and said, “They’re here.”

Ye Mu and the others didn’t sense Lu Ze since their cultivation level was weaker but hearing their words, they also rejoiced.

“Ze and the girls are back?”

They hadn’t seen Lu Ze and the girls for a long time.

At this moment, a beam swiped across the sky and stopped before their heads. This beam morphed into the New Dawn that slowly landed on the empty ground.

Lu Ze and the girls walked out.

Luo Bingqing, Ye Mu, and the others greeted them with a smile.

Xuan Yuji hugged Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha. She hailed, “You guys are back!”

Daphne patted Nangong Jing’s shoulder. “I heard about what you guys did at the Blade Demon Race. Amazing!”

Nangong Jing smiled proudly. “Of course, who are we? I was protecting Fox Demon. Otherwise, she will be in a lot of danger.”

Qiuyue Hesha: “???”

Qiuyue Hesha turned around and looked at Nangong Jing in bewilderment.

How could she be so shameless? She sneered and said, “If the other girls and I didn’t help you weaken the enemy, you would be long dead.”

Nangong Jing glared at her. “If I wasn’t at the front stalling, you would be killed too.”

Louisa smiled. “Stop arguing. How can we not know you two?”

Before Lu Ze appeared, they were the top bunch of young dukes. They had collaborated many times.

Meanwhile, Luo Bingqing, Lin Kuang, and the others surrounded Lu Ze.

Luo Bingqing sighed. “I can’t sense your chi anymore.”

Jack, Derrick, and Lin Kuang also felt complicated.

They witnessed Lu Ze from being much weaker than them until reaching this present level.

This feeling of being outsmarted and crushed wasn’t too pleasing for a prodigy.

Lu Ze didn’t know what to say. He merely scratched his head and smiled.

Lin Kuang grinned at Luze and remarked, “I heard your power is at a cosmic cloud state?”

Lu Ze nodded ploddingly. “Barely.”

Although he was a level-5 cosmic system state, and his Sand One Divine Art reached experienced mastery, he knew his combat power still didn’t reach level-2 cosmic cloud state. It was at most, at the peak of level-1 cosmic cloud state.

He looked at Luo Bingquing’s few people and smiled. “Teacher Luo, you guys have been progressing swiftly too. You’re nearly a cosmic system state.”

They were only planetary states before, and now, they were at the high level of the star state.

It was probably just a few months before they broke through to the cosmic system state.

Luo Bingqing faintly smiled. “This is all thanks to your red orbs.”

Lin Kuang patted Lu Ze’s shoulder in shock. “I didn’t even know that you had such a powerful master!”

Jack and the others agreed with extreme surprise on their faces.

Ye Mu whispered, “Ze, I heard that your master is a cosmic realm state or above? Is he really that strong?”

Lu Ze: “…”

He glanced at Ying Ying who was in Elder Nangong’s arms and coughed.

‘How was he supposed to say this?’

He replied dryly and vaguely, “Approximately. I don’t know exactly how strong he is.”

Lu Ze looked at Ye Mu and the others then smiled. “Your cultivation levels have been progressing quickly too. You would be reaching the planetary state soon.”

Xavier scratched his head and humbly said, “There is no way we can be compared with you. Teacher Luo and the others are much stronger than us too.”

Ian nodded and looked at Lu Ze with admiration. “Ze is still the strongest.”

Lu Ze: “…”

All the guys looked away from Ian. They couldn’t handle that gaze.