Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1027 - I Can See The MonarChapter Of The New Dawn In Person?!

Chapter 1027 - I Can See The MonarChapter Of The New Dawn In Person?!

Chapter 1027: I Can See The Monarch Of The New Dawn In Person?!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Amidst the taut atmosphere, the group seated themselves and ate dinner.

Merlin cooked the meal. Hence, the taste was superb. But it still couldn’t compare with Alice’s cooking now.

Even though the cosmic system state Merlin had been utilizing the red orbs to cultivate, he was still inferior to Alice.

Right now, Alice has already surpa.s.sed her master.

After dinner, the men were tasked to do the dishes while the women sat on the couch to chat.

Lu Wen and Merlin avoided Lu Ze’s gaze the entire time.

When the dishes were dealt with, everyone kept the conversation going until Lu Ze took out numerous batches of red, blue, and G.o.d art orbs for his family.

That way, their resources wouldn’t run out for a long time.

Merlin and Zhu Hong Lian had a cosmic system state cultivation level. The pile of resources handed to them was sufficient to help them reach the cosmic cloud state.

As for Lu Wen and Fu Shuya, they got more resources so as to reach the cosmic cloud state.

When the matter was settled, everyone went on their way and cultivated.

Lu Ze’s room didn’t have ample s.p.a.ce to accommodate everyone. Fortunately, he can use s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art to easily create a small dimension, wherein he could place the special bed from the Round Race.

When Merlin and Lu Wen witnessed Alice and Lu Li proceeding to Lu Ze’s room, their eyes turned green.

On the other hand, Lu Ze felt like he was living his best life.

When Lu Ze had finished a round of hunting in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, he began to learn more about the Sand One Divine Art.

Moments later, the earth runes around him manifested physically.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. He had a grin on his face.

It only took him about a month to raise the mastery of Sand One Divine Art to an experienced level!

At present, it can slightly deal more damage than the Earth Shocking Blow.

In the following two weeks, the group stayed at home.

Because Lu Ze’s combat power surpa.s.sed Merlin’s by a great deal, Merlin had no one to vent his anger on. He was left helpless.

But since Merlin was Alice’s father, Lu Ze decided to be lenient.

Overall, their spars bordered on friendly.

At other times, Lu Wen and Fu Shuya were occupied with their job at the company.

Merlin and Zhu Hong Lian, on the other hand, would attend their restaurant.

As for the rest of the time, the parents cultivated. But during this period, they had an extra duty—to babysit Ying Ying!

They adored and spoiled the little girl.

Whenever they eat, they subtly hint at Lu Ze and his girls to think whether they had forgotten something important.

At first, they couldn’t figure it out, but after they saw Ying Ying, they realized their blunder.

Lu Ze felt exhausted. He was a kid too!

However, they really couldn’t disrespect their elders, so he gave them a smile and shut his mouth.

Right now, it was the turn of the trio—consisting of Alice, Lu Li, and Lin Ling—to prepare the meal.

When Merlin had tasted Alice’s dishes, his eyes reddened.

Like a broken record, he kept saying his daughter surpa.s.sed him. A mixture of feeling proud and disappointed came over him.

As usual, Lu Ze and his girls would venture into the Hunting Dimension every night. They returned with a bountiful harvest each time.

Eventually, they distributed the poison ball and the one-time divine art runes to the parents.

They were reliable to keep in hand, particularly because they were cosmic cloud state trump cards.

When two weeks had pa.s.sed, Lu Ze and the girls wanted to visit the school.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling only attended their cla.s.ses for a total of one year, and yet, they were about to graduate now.

As for Lu Li and Alice, they didn’t even get to spend three months there.

Now, the university chapter of their lives is about to end.

The group boarded the New Dawn and left the planet.


Inside the s.h.i.+p, everyone rested in the living room.

Lu Li and Alice felt a little dejected to leave home again.

Lu Ze comforted them with a smile. “We can visit them the next time we return. Given the resources I have shared, their cultivation level can only rise. There will be plenty of time in the future.”

Lu Li and Alice were stunned. They agreed in the end.

The life of a cosmic cloud state spanned millions of years. Moreover, their cultivation level wasn’t capped at the cosmic cloud state.

Lu Li complained, “Mom always gets to hold Ying Ying. She also says those things. I don’t even want to go back there.”

Alice patted her head. “My mother behaves the same. She says it whenever she can…”

The girls looked at Ying Ying, and each of them contemplated in their own heads.

A few hours later, the New Dawn left the warp dimension.

Seeing the familiar Dawn System, Nangong Jing stretched out. “I haven’t been back to school for a long time.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “How are those guys faring now?”

Naturally, she was referring to Luo Bingqing and his group.

Lu Ze said, “Aren’t they cultivating in isolation for over a year?”

Nangong Jing remarked, “I wonder how strong they have become.”

Lin Ling said, “Yuqi and the others as well. We haven’t seen them for quite some time.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Last time, Elder Lin Dong brought the resources back. They shouldn’t be weak with those supplements. Let’s visit them.”

The New Dawn docked at Qiming and stopped in the air, right above the dormitory of the elite cla.s.s.

Currently, it is daytime. Students come and go.

After seeing the s.h.i.+p, the crowd was shocked.

“That s.h.i.+p… seems to be the Monarch of the New Dawn’s private s.h.i.+p?”

“Are they inside?”

“Are they back to school?!”

“Oh s.h.i.+t?! I can see the Monarch of the New Dawn in person?”

“I’m so excited!”

They had all heard about Lu Ze’s legacy but never got to interact with him. Of course, they were beyond thrilled now.

At this moment, the door opened. Lu Ze’s group egressed from it.