Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1026 - Not A Single Winner

Chapter 1026 - Not A Single Winner

Chapter 1026: Not A Single Winner


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The group exited the virtual reality pod. Lu Ze’s face was all smiles throughout.

The experience gave him a lot of satisfaction. “You understand how powerful I am by now, right?”

The girls looked at each other, but in the next moment, their faces brightened up.

Their behaviors made Lu Ze’s heart s.h.i.+ver. ‘Not good!’

‘Are they actually offended by his victory?’

When Lu Ze began to open his mouth, all the girls immediately cornered him.

“Wa-wait! What will you girls do? Arghh~”

Without fail, Lu Ze’s cry for help filled the entire area. He later went out of the cultivation room with a painful b.u.mp on his forehead. He held it as it throbbed.

Immediately after, the girls followed suit. They looked triumphant.

Even after they finished the bout, the group didn’t have plans to cultivate.

They either spent the rest of their time fighting or cultivating for the past couple of days. They were deeply exhausted and drained out now.

It was high time for them to take a break. Accordingly, they made use of their time to watch some movies and try out some video games.

Eventually, a few hours had already pa.s.sed. Lu Ze and the girls leaned against each other and watched the screen.

Without a warning, New Dawn’s voice interrupted the peace. “Master, the s.h.i.+p is about to leave the warp dimension near the Telun System.”

Lu Li rejoiced. “We have finally arrived. I haven’t seen my mother and father for a long time.”

Lu Ze patter Lu Li’s head. “We could stay for a longer period this time once we return.”

Lu Li was pleased as she nodded.

At this moment, the distorted white s.p.a.ce outside the window morphed into a dark s.p.a.ce. A vibrant nearby solar system replaced the scenery.

They had reached the Telun System.

The s.h.i.+p proceeded to dock at their home planet, Lanjiang.

Of course, Lu Ze didn’t directly land at the s.p.a.ce station. He went straight for his house and parked the s.h.i.+p above. Thereafter, Lu Ze got up and stretched. “We are here. Let’s go.”

The girls nodded. As they walked out, Lin Ling carried Ying Ying.

They stepped foot in the yard. Lu Ze then checked the surroundings.

Currently, the night was approaching.

The meager mansion and the nostalgic martial arts gym stood still in the same place.

Lu Ze was glad to see a familiar sight.

Lu Li said, “I haven’t been back here for so long. Nothing has changed.”

Lu Ze agreed.

Alice said, “Senior, Li, my parents are here too. Let’s go.”

The group went to the door. It wasn’t locked. They pushed it and went inside the house.

Inside, Lu Wen, Fu Shuya, Merlin, and Zhu Hong Lian entered their view. The adults were eating together in the dining room.

When they saw the group barge into the place, they were taken aback. However, they recovered quickly and sported excited expressions.

Fu Shuya’s eyes went red as she disappeared from her original spot and approached Lu Ze and Lu Li. She hugged her two children.

“My good boy and Li, you guys didn’t even inform me that you were coming back.”

Lu Ze attempted to lighten the situation with a laugh. “We just finished our work yesterday and only made the decision to return a while ago. Since the s.h.i.+p can travel at a rapid rate, we arrive sooner than we expected.”

Lu Li smiled. “You should blame Ze. He wanted to give you a surprise, so he didn’t tell you anything.”

Lu Ze looked at Lu Li in disbelief. She just agreed earlier to keep it hush.

‘Why is she suddenly blaming him?’

This was way out of line!

Lu Ze couldn’t tolerate the betrayal. He had to give her a good lesson later.

Fu Shuya patted Lu Ze’s head. “Kid, you are heartless!”

Lu Ze: “…”

He widened his eyes and pretended to be innocent. “I’m sorry, Lord Mother, I will listen to your teaching next time.”

Fu Shuya laughed and pinched Lu Ze’s face. Her eyes were full of pride but also pain.

“My good boy has grown up. I have heard about what you did outside. You are a big hero now. You must have gone through a lot of hards.h.i.+p, right?”

Lu Ze blushed.

Being complimented by outsiders and being complimented by the person he was closest to felt different.

If he were to receive praise from a stranger, he would feel a bit glad. But now that Fu Shuya was the one who spoke highly of him, he felt quite embarra.s.sed.

He laughed at it. “I’m no big hero. I just did what I should be doing.”

To be honest, Lu Ze never actually felt he was some hero. His deeds were just similar to how the elders were willing to sacrifice everything for the Human Race. They too never felt overjoyed about it.

At this juncture, Zhu Hong Lian went near them and revealed a smile. “Ze, Shuya is right. You are indeed a big hero for ordinary citizens. If you don’t believe it, you can search online. The public is complimenting you.”

Lu Ze smiled helplessly. “Aunty Hong Lian, do you agree with them too?”

Alice hugged Zhu Hong Lian. “Mom, am I amazing too?”

Zhu Hong Lian beamed and appeared indulgent as she rubbled Alice’s little head. “Of course, my Alice is amazing.”

“Hehehe.” Alice was delighted.

Zhu Hong Lian felt greatly pleased to see Alice act like this. She had lived a tough life.

In the next moment, she glanced at Lu Ze. She could tell Alice was very happy to be with Lu Ze.

Back on the dinner table, Lu Wen and Merlin looked at each other. Their mouths twitched.

Sourness was oozing from them!

This kid stole their daughters while their wives praised him to the skies non-stop!

Right then, Merlin conceived a bold idea. He smirked “It’s true, isn’t it? Ze is truly amazing. His contribution to the Human Race is significant.”

Lu Ze didn’t expect the words to come from him. ‘Did he really just compliment him? Uncle Merlin?’

This was out of the ordinary.

Merlin coughed it off. “I have seen many girls fall for you. If you will it, countless girls would hug you, right?”

Lu Ze: “???”

The girls: “???”

At this point, Lu Ze could already sense the not-too-friendly stares from his girls.

He knew from the beginning Merlin wouldn’t compliment him without any ulterior motive. As soon as he had the chance, he would pay him back well!

Lu Wen looked at Merlin in surprise. ‘This guy… was cruel!’

But thinking about how Lu Ze s.n.a.t.c.hed his little daughter, he felt it was only appropriate. He even added, “Brother Merlin is right. I have seen what those younger girls said. Kid, you must not betray Li and the rest of your girls. Do you understand?!”

Lu Ze: “???”

Even his father is setting him up. He can’t believe this…

It was at this point that Zhu Hong Lian narrowed her eyes and directed them at Merlin. Without further ado, Merlin straightened his back and acted innocent.

Zhu Hong Lian said, “Merlin, come and tell me. Why do you care about what those young girls on the internet think?”

Merlin: “???”

Merlin almost broke out in cold sweat.

Lu Wen: “…”

He looked at Fu Shuya, only to be greeted with a gentle smile. His body trembled.

‘d.a.m.n it, Merlin put him in danger’

There was not a single winner out of the three.