Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 100 - Open Hacks

Chapter 100 - Open Hacks

Chapter 100: Open Hacks


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The familiar gra.s.s and familiar smell. Even the wind touching his skin was extremely familiar.

Lu Ze slowly ignored the troubles of youth as his eyes went cold.

Lu jungler Ze is online!


Today, Lu Ze was especially confident in his jungling!

Today’s him wasn’t the same him as yesterday!


His wind control had reached a new level and he even learned the fire element G.o.d art.

Compared to yesterday, he was much more powerful!

He activated his wind G.o.d art and started to search for prey.

Only moments later, his eyes lit up as he dashed to the left.

One kilometer away from his previous spot.

Lu Ze saw a huge green wolf sunbathing in the gra.s.s. Wind flowed all over its body as its green fur bobbed up and down.

Then, it suddenly got up and stared at Lu Ze with vigilance.

Ferocious chi could be seen in its eyes. It lowered its body and let out a low growl at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. Crystal light flashed across his body and then green light spewed out. Eventually, the two colors receded.

He didn’t want to use the flame G.o.d art he learned just yet. He wanted to see how much his wind G.o.d art had improved.

The man and wolf stood a few hundred meters apart while glaring at each other. When the light wind blew past again, the man and wolf disappeared at the same time.


There was a heavy thud ten meters high in the air almost at the same time.

The man and wolf’s clash created a terrifying airwave and wind blades that tore apart the gra.s.s and earth.

Lu Ze smiled in excitement.

It was a draw.

He even had a slight upper hand!

Yesterday, he could only promise that he wouldn’t get injured.

Today, though, he achieved a breakthrough in his wind G.o.d art and the increase in battle power allowed him to beat the huge green wolf a little in a full-powered clash.

Lu Ze guessed that his current power was around abstruse martial state level six.

In only one day, his battle power increased by a level!

Lu Ze felt very good.

The green wolf cracked open its mouth and barred its frosty fangs. It stared at Lu Ze with a deadly gaze.

Then, the man and wolf disappeared once again. In just a few short seconds, they clashed more than ten times in a one-kilometer radius.

In this small s.p.a.ce, wind blades and airwaves were the only things that occupied it.


A super huge rabbit was shakily watching the two bosses fight, not daring to move at all. However, it was unlucky and was sliced in half by a wind blade.

Then, its body slowly turned to ash, revealing three faint red orbs.


After another terrifying clash, the concussive force forced the man and wolf to retreat a few hundred meters. They landed on the messy gra.s.s plain and looked at each other coldly.

Lu Ze’s clothes were slightly tattered, while the soft and beautiful fur of the green wolf had some bald patches. An unknowing outsider would’ve thought that it had some skin disease.

Lu Ze gasped. Although his power had increased, it was still hard to kill the green wolf easily.

The green light around his body slowly receded. Eventually, a red light flashed and flames arose around his body. The flames circulated around him, making him seem like the G.o.d of flames.

A spark burned in the depths of Lu Ze’s eyes as he simply grinned.

Since the wind element didn’t work, let’s try the fire element.

The nearby temperature rose as sparks dropped to the ground and started burning. The fire started to spread

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.


He wasn’t going to cause a gra.s.s fire, was he?

But clearly, he had worried too much. Moments later, the flames weakened and only extended out tens of meters.


There seemed to be some magical force stopping it.

When the huge green wolf saw that Lu Ze was engulfed in flames, it retreated half a step.

His flame G.o.d art came from the red lion, and the red lion was stronger than the green wolf, hence its vigilance.

Lu Ze brought his hands up as all the fire burning on his body gathered in his palms.

Eventually, two basketball-sized spinning fireb.a.l.l.s appeared in Lu Ze’s hands.

The insides of the fireb.a.l.l.s seemed like volcanos that were dormant for too long and ready to explode their energy.

Fire flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as he waved his hands at the huge green wolf. The two fireb.a.l.l.s turned into a red stream that instantly shot towards the green wolf.

The green wolf roared and green light flashed across its body before it disappeared.


The red light flashed as the flames expanded. The wave of fire swept out 100 meters, leaving behind burnt gra.s.s and two deep ditches.

Lu Ze glanced at the huge green wolf that had appeared on his right. Seeing the sharp wind blades coming out from its claws, he punched with his right fist which was surging with flames.


The fist and claw clashed. Red and green light flashed. Flames and wind blades shot everywhere.

The man and wolf were evenly matched once again. However, Lu Ze grinned.

At this moment, the huge green wolf’s control of the wind suddenly paused for an instant.

His mastery of the wind element was on par with the huge green wolf. Although he couldn’t control the wolf’s wind, he could still cause some chaos.

It was only an instant, but it was highly fatal. Lu Ze’s flaming fist broke through the green wolf’s defenses and smashed against its huge body.

The sounds of bones cracking could be heard. The huge green wolf was instantly struck flying, and the flames kept burning on its soft green fur.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed coldly. The red light receded as a green light erupted. He used his wind control at full power and instantly appeared above the flying green wolf.

He stepped down onto the wolf’s soft belly and brought it smas.h.i.+ng down onto the ground.



The huge green wolf was thrown into a ditch. It spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with organs as it wailed.

It struggled intensely before eventually falling to the ground.

Lu Ze got off the green wolf and watched as five faint red orbs, a wind crystal ball and a faint purple orb appeared.

Lu Ze smiled and happily took the orbs. He was excited.

He wasn’t the same as before!

He could use his wind G.o.d art to mitigate the wolf’s wind element, then use his fire G.o.d art. It was much easier to kill the green wolf this way!

It was like using hacks and forcing someone to log off while still being able to attack them yourself.

However, this hack was only effective against the huge green wolves of the wind element.

Perhaps against the red lions as well?

However, if he couldn’t fuse them, it wouldn’t increase his power that much. He just had another offensive mean.

Lu Ze frowned.

He planned to borrow a cave of the cute rabbits and practice fusing his wind and fire G.o.d arts.