Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1022 - Level 5 Cosmic System State

Chapter 1022 - Level 5 Cosmic System State

Chapter 1022: Level 5 Cosmic System State


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Qiuyue Hesha, Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice flew over where the two people were.

Alice scanned the injuries they received and asked, “Senior, Sister Jing, are you both alright?”

Nangong Jing rea.s.sured her with a smile. “It’s fine, just some minor injuries.”

With all the battles she had been in, the number of injuries she received was countless. She had grown accustomed to it.

Using her Wood G.o.d Art and Regeneration G.o.d Art, the wounds have recovered.

Lu Ze did the same. Thereafter, he checked the situation of the golden sand beetle.

“This was easier than I expected. Even though it is a super beast, we killed it without much difficulty.”

After dealing with the golden sand beetle and using the super red liquid, their cultivation speed will be enhanced again.

They also acquired shards of Sand One Divine Art.

Lu Li asked, “Shouldn’t there be a lot of beetle hives in this area?”

Lin Ling said, “We’ll find out if we keep looking.”

In the middle of the conversation, the body of the sand beetle disintegrated into dust.

The group approached the site.

‘Super red and blue liquid…’

‘Broken earth rune…’

‘A golden equipment crystal…’

‘Two earth crystals…’

Lu Ze was thrilled. “We got another equipment crystal again!”

A crystal containing a piece of golden equipment could buff Sand G.o.d Art and Earth G.o.d Art. Through enhancing the efficiency, a cultivator’s spirit force can be improved accordingly. It was superior to the Sand Beetle Armor.

In the past, Lu Ze had acquired a breastplate and boots. If he could just complete the whole set, his combat power should experience a surge.

“There are divine art rune shards and one-time divine art runes.” Nangong Jing broke out in a grin.

All of the resources were valuable.

After consuming the golden liquid, the level-5 cosmic system state super red liquid should be the finest resource for them.

Lu Ze gathered the resources and turned around to look at the cave. “There are still a few more precious items inside.”

The girls looked over curiously. Accordingly, they ventured into the cave and saw a pile of earth crystals in the center.

Lin Ling rejoiced at the sight. “How come there are so many?”

These earth crystals were crucial ingredients in improving their defenses and understanding Earth G.o.d Art.

Previously, those drops were hard to come by, but during the recent battle, they managed to acquire twenty of them.

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Mhm, back then, we also got golden crystals here. Let’s take these too.”

Thereafter, the group left the cave, and Lin Ling performed her duty. She went searching for viable caves.

An hour or so later, Lu Ze and the girls found another sand beetle hive.

While their foes were still vulnerable, they slipped in and slew the beetles.

Another wave of drops was harvested.

In the next six hours, the group found two more hives. This should mean four golden sand beetles in total. Accordingly, they collected four divine art shards and got another divine art rune of Sand Onde Divine Art.

In addition, they received four equipment crystals and an excessive pile of other drops.

They continued to hunt those beasts weaker than level-7 cosmic system state.

But whenever they encountered stronger beasts, they fled without hesitation.

Later on, Lin Ling’s eyes glowed. She smiled and pointed in a direction. “That way.”

Everyone’s eyes followed her forefinger.

During this time, a destructive chi suddenly broke the peace. The group stiffened.

When they turned around, they saw a few thousand-meter-tall sand blade coming straight for them.

One blink and their vision went dark.

Lin Ling remarked, “I didn’t sense it coming. Perhaps it is much stronger than I am.”

Lu Ze gave her an a.s.suring smile. “It’s fine. We already got enough resources. There is nothing we can do about superior beasts.”

The terrifying chi just then clearly belonged to a cosmic cloud state super beast.

Lu Li chimed it, “True, we killed four golden sand beetles this time.”

When they had recovered enough, Lu Ze said, “Alright, we should divide the loot now.”

The girls rolled their eyes at him.

Alice pointed out, “Senior, you are speaking as if we are robbers.”

Lu Ze countered, “What do you mean?! How can there be robbers as pretty as you girls? Whoever calls you robbers, I’ll beat them up!”


The girls looked at him with contempt.

Lu Ze coughed awkwardly and said, “Lets’ just check the equipment crystal first.”

They were probably the most valuable items out of everything they had harvested.

Lu Ze took out the four crystals. Golden light covered the room as he scanned inside using his mental force.

The crystals cleared up and revealed the equipment inside.

‘One wristguard…’

‘Two breastplates…’

‘And, one pair of boots…’

Since Lu Ze already got a breastplate and boots previously, he chose the wristguard this time. He then handed over the breastplates to Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha.

Nangong Jing already had boots as well, so Qiuyue Hesha took the opportunity to get the boots.

Lu Ze fused the wristguard inside his body. Without needing to wait, the efficiency of his spirit force doubled. Simultaneously, the speed of his spirit force digestion also got better.

He then merged the four divine art rune shards and conferred the reformed divine art to Qiuyue Hesha. After all, the divine art was suitable for Qiuyue Hesha who supported him from the rear.

The Sand One Divine Art could seal and bind.

The super red and blue liquid was shared among him, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha because the other girls couldn’t use something potent.

Everyone could, however, use the earth crystals, so he distributed them to everyone.

As for the three one-time divine art runes, they were handed to Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice.

After apportioning everything, the group returned to their respective rooms to cultivate.

Lu Ze looked at the super red liquid. It arrived at the perfect time. He was so close to breaking through.

All at once, the super red liquid surged into his body. The energy within him flowed smoothly and reached the star rings in his cells.

Time went on until a crisp sound broke the silence. Something cracked. It was the fifth star ring, which then expanded thereafter.


The ring turned into stardust.

More than ten hours later, Lu Ze sat on the bed and slowly opened his eyes. His eyes contained a dark light.

He sighed and clenched his fists, estimating the improvements in his power.

Suddenly, he curved up the corners of his lips.

Level-5 cosmic system state!

He began to wonder about his actual combat power after the successful breakthrough.

Lu Ze got up and exited the spirit gathering room.