Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1021 - Hold Steady

Chapter 1021 - Hold Steady

Chapter 1021: Hold Steady

Liu Zhiyun smiled. “There are a significant number of resources in the first region. If you are interested, you can consider visiting the place.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Thank you, Predecessor Liu. Let me think about it.”

Honestly, Lu Ze and the girls were highly interested in alternate dimensions.

Liu Zhiyun nodded. “I won’t disturb you anymore then.”

After making the remark, he turned to leave.

The girls looked at Lu Ze. All of them had heard the offer. They were keen on exploring the place.

Nangong Jing said, “Ze, how about trying it?”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. She was always interested in trying something new without considering anything else.

He answered, “We should strengthen our power first. The first region will surely be filled with cosmic cloud states. A peak cosmic cloud state boss might even appear.”

His own power had stabilized. Still, he should achieve a state that should allow him to escape a peak cosmic cloud state before going.

Wasn’t it a wise thing to do first?

The real world didn’t operate like the Pocket Hunting Dimension. They weren’t immortals here. In reality, they only had one life.

The girls understood the concern.

Lu Ze urged, “Alright, let’s cultivate.”

As usual, they entered the Pocket Hunting Dimension.

During this time, they progressed rapidly.

Ordinary level-7 cosmic system state beasts couldn’t threaten them.

Unfortunately, it was still tough to deal with the long worm.

Along the process, the group adeptly avoided the other bosses while they hunted for creatures they could beat.

Ten hours later, the sunlight had gotten intensely bright. The temperature in the desert rose up. It made the group sweat profusely.

Alice suddenly pointed at something. “Senior, Senior, look, the stone region is over there!”

Everyone followed the direction she was pointing to. They could vaguely see the piles of rock in the distance.

Quickly, the group rejoiced.

Lu Li said, “Lu Ze, let’s go there.”

Lu Ze nodded. “With our current power, we should be able to beat the golden sand beetle, right?”

The golden beetle was a level-5 cosmic system state. It had a cosmic cloud state combat power.

They could consider killing it this time.

Lin Ling said, “What are we waiting for then? Let’s move.”

A few minutes later, they arrived at a rock-strewn region. The sunlight cast shadows over the stones.

Nangong Jing proceeded to hide under the shade of the rocks without hesitation.

She panted as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. “The temperature here is cooler.”

The others followed her example. They rushed over right away.

After resting for a while, Lu Ze flashed his smile towards Lin Ling.

“We are going to rely on you now, Lin Ling.”

Lin Ling obeyed as her eyes glowed.

In the next second, she pointed in a direction. “There’s a sand beetle hive there.”

“Let’s go.”


They reached the entrance of the cave.

Lu Ze had a grin on his face. “Let’s sneak in.”

In the previous encounter, Lu Ze discovered the weaker state of some beasts at this hour.

The sand beetle was one of them.

It must be their sleeping time. Hence, the group had to take advantage of the opportunity to ambush them.

The group reached the bottom of the cave.

True enough, there were colonies of sand beetles sleeping.

Qiuyue Hesha got gooseb.u.mps.

She asked, “What do we do, Little Brother Lu Ze?”

Lu Ze answered, “Kill them!”

Thereafter, he appeared above the golden sand beetle’s head as spirit flames ignited around him.

The golden sand beetle was jolted awake.

Lu Ze sent a punch towards its head.

In response, the sand beetle blocked it using the sand.

At this moment, its chi became weak and chaotic.

The fist force ended up striking the sand.


A corresponding shockwave spread across all directions.

The other sand beetles were trapped before they could react.

Those cosmic system states which were level-1, level-2, and level-3 lost their life on the spot.

Meanwhile, the level-4 cosmic system state sand beetles were flung to the wall. They were riddled with injuries.

However, the stone wall remained unaffected.

Later on, the sand erected by the golden sand couldn’t last and soon disintegrated.


The fist force finally made contact with the head of the opponent. The head was rammed into the ground, producing some fissures in the terrain.

Simultaneously, blood trickled down its head.

When Lu Ze was going to perform a follow-up attack, the sand suddenly surrounded him.

He recognized this move.

Sand One Divine Art!

However, Lu Ze’s own mastery of the divine art only reached familiar level. It wasn’t as good as the sand beetle’s.

Lu Ze continued to pummel the golden sand.

The Sand One Divine Art was a type of attack that affected a certain area. If he were to get caught in it, it would be a struggle to escape. Hence, Lu Ze’s only option was to fight head-on.


A series of deafening sounds erupted. Following it, the sand had crumbled and turned to fine dust scattered around the cave.

Lu Ze’s face appeared a little pale. Before he could breathe out, he suddenly felt a piercing chi from his behind.

Lu Ze teleported with a flash.

The sand blade missed hitting him.

Lu Ze appeared in front of the sand beetle once more.

His foot burned with spirit flames. He swung his leg towards the golden sand beetle’s head.

The sand beetle lifted up its front claw to block the sweeping kick.


The two parties continued to clash.

Thunderous sounds were produced each time they made contact.

The cave was badly damaged.

On the other hand, the remaining level-4 cosmic system state sand beetles were torn to pieces.

Nangong Jing charged up during this juncture and helped Lu Ze to attack the sand beetle.

A few days ago, her cultivation level rose to level-5 cosmic system state. Her combat power should be almost on par with Lu Ze.

A few minutes later, the golden sand beetle wailed as it was pounded on the ground.

It struggled to stand, but a golden fist force smashed its head apart.

Another fist force also landed on its head. It wiped its life force.

Right after, Lu Ze and Nangong Jing landed on the ground.

They were covered in wounds.