Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1023 - Really Confusing

Chapter 1023 - Really Confusing

Chapter 1023: Really Confusing

Lu Ze went to the resting area where the girls were staying. Zuoqiu Xunshuang was there too.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang said, “Little Kid, why are you incredibly slow? We have been waiting here for a long time.”

Lu Ze scratched his head.

What else could he do? He was in the middle of breaking through.

But he couldn’t even explain himself. What if her feelings were hurt?

Hence, Lu Ze decided to keep his mouth shut.

When he was about to change the topic, Ying Ying looked up and b.u.t.ted in. “Lu Ze, you have raised your cultivation level.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang: “???”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang was taken aback.

This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d made another breakthrough?!

Did that mean he was a level-5 cosmic system state?!

How is he unbelievably fast?

‘Why must Ying Ying point it out?!’ Lu Ze thought.

He quickly stirred the direction of the conversation to another point. “Aunty Xunshuang, why did you visit?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang rolled her eyes and threw a golden ring to Lu Ze, who then looked at the item.

A golden red sun was engraved on it.

Lu Ze gasped. “Is this my New Dawn?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang confirmed it with a nod. “Aren’t you going to visit your home? Of course, we won’t let you fly back without a.s.sistance. That’s why I am handing over your s.h.i.+p.”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang continued, “During the time you were occupied, the Technology Department made some innovations with the aid of the technological heritage crystal from the ruin. The resulting advancement is incorporated in your s.h.i.+p.”

The technological heritage crystal gathered from the ruin had a cosmic cloud state power.

When the s.h.i.+p had been in his custody, it only had a star state power.

He began to wonder how strong it will be this time.

Since he had a lot to deal with in the void s.p.a.ce, he didn’t have time to tinker with the New Dawn. He handed it to the Technology Department with the hope they would install something good on it.

Unexpectedly, they had a breakthrough in researching the technology right away.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang showed a smile. “Yes, it has been a year. They can create cosmic system state s.h.i.+ps now. They are on par with the s.h.i.+ps you can purchase from the trade planet. However, the materials for the construction of the s.h.i.+p are scarce. We can only build very few of them.”

Lu Ze was stunned. “Didn’t we extract those from the metal resources of the Blade Demon Race? Are you saying it is still insufficient?”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang rolled her eyes. “Of course, some of the materials can be sourced from natural resources while others can be artificially created. The heritage crystal involves Materials Science. The necessary knowledge to understand it has to be profound. Deeper research has to be conducted in order to comprehend everything.”

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

Although the Human Race had made some progress in enhancing its combat power, humans never made any substantial advancements in terms of technology.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang remarked, “This is already commendable. Thanks to the heritage crystal, our technology experienced some improvements. At least now, our civilization has pa.s.sed the cosmic system state standard. In the past, our most progressive s.h.i.+p was merely a planetary state s.h.i.+p. Even the star state s.h.i.+ps were difficult to build.”

She continued, “The seniors in charge of the Technology Department are indebted to you. The purple orbs you supplied widened their comprehension. It has become beneficial in pursuing groundbreaking technology. Without you, our Technology Department will not reach its current level in just a span of one year.”

Lu Ze understood.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang smiled and got up. “Alright, I still have some work to finish. Greet your parents, Merlin, and Hong Lian for me. I will visit them once I am not busy.”

In the past few days, the Human Race triumphantly conquered an entire race. The aftermath had to be dealt with. Hence, Zuoqiu Xunshuang had a lot on her plate.

This time, she personally came to bid the group farewell.

Lu Ze nodded.

After rubbing against Ying Ying for quite a while, Zuoqiu Xunshuang released the little girl when she got her fill. She had a grin pasted on her face.

“Right, I’m leaving now.”

When she was finally gone, Lu Ze appeared excited. “Let’s leave too. Shall we?”

He could finally use his New Dawn!

It had always been his dream to pilot it.

Maybe, he can realize it now!

Witnessing how excited Lu Ze was, the girls looked at each other helplessly.

Qiuyue Hesha reminded, “Little Brother Lu Ze, the lunch has been prepared. Are you not going to eat at all?”

Ying Ying pouted her lips. She protested, “I was hungry, but the sisters forbade me from eating just because we had to wait for you”

Lu Ze answered without hesitation, “Let’s eat lunch first then.”

Thereafter, the group packed their belongings and returned everything to its respective place.

It might take them months to return to this place.

Lu Ze broke out into a grin. “Alright then, let’s leave.”

He glowed with silver light and brought everyone with him.

Their bodies emerged once more in distant s.p.a.ce, rather than the station.

Lu Ze took out his New Dawn. There were no changes on the exterior.

Like before, its shape resembled a water drop with a length of 80 meters long. It was pale gold in color. Its name was inscribed on it, along with some complex runes.

Lu Ze asked, “Did they really change anything?”

“Let’s inspect the inside and see.”

“Welcome back, Master.” New Dawn’s familiar robotic voice made the greetings.

The group walked inside and gasped.

Alice said, “They expanded the interior, didn’t they?”

Prior to the upgrades, the s.h.i.+p was supposed to be a few hundred square meters. Currently, the s.p.a.ce inside has increased by a few square kilometers.

Lu Li asked, “Do you think it is the new s.p.a.ce folding technology?”

Although it was straightforward to create an alternate dimension with their current power, they didn’t know how to fold the s.p.a.ce with technology.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s go around first.”

The girls nodded curiously.

Indeed, the s.p.a.ce was much larger, and the furniture looked more advanced.

Some dolls and additional games were even added.

Lu Ze was dumbfounded. Following his transmigration, he hadn’t really played video games.

Futuristic games? Great!

As for the dolls, they didn’t suit his preferences. It fitted the girls more. They were happy to play with them. Even Ying Ying s.n.a.t.c.hed a white-colored kitten doll that was bigger than she was.

Lu Ze was speechless. “Let’s move and check the rooms.”

During their inspection, they realized the rooms also became more s.p.a.cious.

A ma.s.sive bed was also built at the center. It was more than 10 meters wide.

The girls blushed.

Nangong Jing exclaimed, “It must be because of my grandfather!”