Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1018 - Find A Place For The Human Race!

Chapter 1018 - Find A Place For The Human Race!

Chapter 1018: Find A Place For The Human Race!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Merlin felt dumbfounded. “Cosmic cloud states? Four of them?”

Fu Shuya began to worry. “Did something happen to my son?”

Zhu Hong Lian shook her head. “That little guy should be fine. This is the chi.. of the elders.”

Merlin questioned, “The four elders reached the cosmic cloud state?”

Zhu Hong Lian smiled. “Seems like the Human Race will have more cosmic cloud states.”

Merlin then said, “I wonder where my father is right now. If only he were here, he could have raised his cultivation level to the cosmic cloud state too.”

Zhu Hong Lian sighed. “I wonder when will father contact us. Alice has recovered now. He doesn’t need to be running about out there.”

All these years, the old man sacrificed a lot just to help Alice. He was merely a cosmic system state. Some places might treat him as someone strong, but beyond the Milky Way, his power could only be considered ordinary.

For him to find a higher type of energy, he would have to venture into perilous places.

Who knew if he would encounter hostile cosmic cloud states or cosmic realm states?

His life mission was risky.

Lu Wen said, “Brother Merlin, the Human Race is developing stronger and stronger. Perhaps after some time, Alice will become peerless. By then, Ze can search for him with her.”

Fu Shuya nodded. “Yes.”

The four adults had grown closer during their time together.

Merlin and Fu Shuya felt emotional. They both smiled.

Dawn System, Federal University.

Like before, cultivators would take off as soon as they sensed the powerful chi.

“What a terrifying chi…”

“I can feel my body s.h.i.+vering. What kind of being is this?”

“They seem to be located far away from here?”

“Senior Ye Mu and the others are here.”

Everyone turned around.

Ye Mu, Ian, Xavier, Xuan Yuqi, Tianyuan Qianhua, and Jessica flew over. They appeared more mature. Their chi also reached the peak of the mortal evolution state.

This year, they were already fourth-year students. Their graduation was drawing near.

A while ago, Lu Ze asked Elder Lin Dong to give some resources to them.

With a bit more push, they would soon reach the planetary state.

The crowd looked at them with respect. Among their generation, their group was considered the strongest.

Of course, the Monarch of the New Dawn and the girls were exceptional cases.

Ye Mu remarked, “Wow, a powerful chi!”

Xuan Yuqi said, “There are four people? Is that guy one of them?”

“I wonder how strong Ze is now,” Ian uttered weakly.

Tianyuan Qianhua said, “Sister Yuji is about to finish solitary cultivation. After they are done, they promised to take us to the controlled region.”

Xavier chimed in, “Yes, we need to work harder.”

Everyone nodded.

Lu Ze had helped them a lot. They should ensure his efforts won’t go to waste.

Xuan Yuqi said, “Before anything else, we need to become planetary states quickly.”

“Mhm!” Everyone agreed. Right after, they began to cultivate.

The chi of the four elders who had undergone a breakthrough could be felt across the entire Milky Way.

All the cultivators didn’t fail to miss it.

Sure enough, the discussions regarding the situation erupted online.

“Did some powerful being visit the Federation? Are we safe?”

“Did someone get jealous we usurped the blade demon territory?”

Even though the fact that the Human Race conquered the territory of the Blade Demon Race hadn’t been officially announced, most of the friends and relatives of the Shenwu Army and the adventurers got wind of the information.

Originally, the elders would broadcast it after subjugating the entire blade demon territory. However, a more urgent situation cropped up. They had to finish their breakthroughs. Hence, the matter was delayed by a month.

“The Monarch of the New Dawn and the saints will deal with it. They say the Monarch of the New Dawn is already a cosmic cloud state!”

“It’s true. Rumor has it that important figures of the other races want to flee just by looking at Monarch of the New Dawn!”

Everyone had confidence in Lu Ze. With their friends in the army speaking of Lu Ze as though he was a G.o.d, the reverence was a natural consequence.

Now, they consider him omnipotent.

Time flew by. Two days later, on the same planet, the golden light fluctuated and began to recede.

After witnessing it, the eyes of the crowd lit up.

Liu Zhiyun smiled. “It appears Elder Nangong has finished breaking through.”

Thereafter, the powerful chi continued to dwindle.

Base on their senses, Elder Nangong’s chi had also stabilized.

After a while, Elder Lin’s chi did the same. This was followed by Saint Shenwu and Lin Dong.

The cultivators felt relieved.

A few hours later, a coa.r.s.e laugh reverberated throughout the planet. “Hahahaha! I didn’t think there would be a day when I can break through to the cosmic cloud state!”

In the next second, the s.p.a.ce was torn open, and a bulky figure emerged. It was Saint Shenwu.

Three more holes were made, and the rest of the saints came out.

The nervously waiting soldiers and adventurers immediately became excited.

The white-haired Iman roared, “Congratulations on breaking through to the cosmic cloud state, Saints! Please continue to lead the Human Race across troubles and find a place for our race in this dark universe!”

Everyone repeated the remark.