Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1019 - Haven't Seen Someone This Wealthy!

Chapter 1019 - Haven't Seen Someone This Wealthy!

Chapter 1019: Haven’t Seen Someone This Wealthy!

In a s.p.a.cious meeting room within the base of Shenwu, the elders, along with Lu Ze’s group and the rest of the powerful star states, were present.

All of them had smiles on their faces.

Elder Nangong said, “Next, we will share the news of the successful conquest of the blade demon territory by the Federation. Let the citizens celebrate.”

“By the way, we should include the matter regarding our breakthroughs in the announcement.”

The star states in the room nodded. “Yes!”

The rumors concerning the colonization of the Blade Demon Race had been out in the open. The citizens were merely waiting for the official announcement to confirm it.

Releasing this piece of information in conjunction with the successful breakthroughs will surely stir up the crowd.

Elder Nangong continued, “This time, we will have bountiful resources. As a result, we have to adjust the compensation and incentives for the soldiers of the Shenwu Army and prodigies…”

The elders started focusing on the proper distribution of resources.

Within the Federation, the Shenwu Army was considered the strongest. They primarily consisted of prodigies from the military and academies. Accordingly, they should be given priority.

As for the internal troops and the students from the Dawn System, their rewards should be discussed extensively.

The internal arrangement in the Shenwu Army when it came to receiving rewards was contribution-based.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang was a general of a legion. She recently improved her cultivation level to the cosmic system state. She would be resigning soon.

While the rest of the people were engaged in a heated discussion, Lu Ze and the girls were nonchalant.

They didn’t need the resources.

An hour or so later, the meeting was finally finished.

Elder Nangong smiled. “Okay, let’s do it this way. Everyone, get to work.”


Soon, only the four elders, Lu Ze and the girls, Zuoqiu Xunshuang, and Liu Zhiyun remained.

The elders looked at Lu Ze’s group and shook their heads. They were having it quite easy the entire time.

The group just stood by and watched the show.

Elder Nangong patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Kid, the blade demon matter is settled. You have worked hard. It is high time for you to take a good rest.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Alright, Elder.”

Lu Ze had been longing for his home. He was gone for a long time.

Lu Ze said, “By the way, Elder, there is something I need to talk about.”

Elder Nangong questioned, “What thing do you have this time?”

Lu Ze grinned. “It concerns G.o.d art.”

Lu Ze took out a green wood G.o.d art orb. “Use this and you will learn Wood G.o.d Art. It will equip cultivators with healing abilities.”

As of now, he has acc.u.mulated a stock of G.o.d art orbs in his mental dimension. This storage has expanded along with his cultivation level.

In estimation, he can even fit a few mountains inside, but by that time, it will be filled to the brim.

Anyway, they didn’t need most of the G.o.d arts they gathered.

Elder Nangong breathed with ease. “So this can make us learn G.o.d art?”

Finding an orb within the universe was rare, but at the very least, there was a chance to obtain one, albeit low.

Lu Ze smiled. “I have several stocks of the orbs. Elders, try it yourselves. It will benefit you a lot.”

If they managed to learn all the G.o.d arts, then their combat power would also be enhanced.

Elder Nangong asked vigilantly, “How many orbs do you have left?”

Lu Ze found it amusing. “I own various types of orbs. I have around a hundred of them for each type.”

Actually, he had more than what he disclosed. He just didn’t want to take them out in one go.

The elders: “…”

They stared at the orbs in his hands and fell silent.

They only got a few from ransacking the Blade Demon Race.

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Are you alright, Elder?”

Elder Nangong coughed. “It’s fine. I’ll hand them to people who need them the most.”

With the breakthrough phenomenon brought about by Lu Ze’s group, more and more prodigies with G.o.d arts emerged.

Lu Ze nodded. All the G.o.d arts from the previous three maps had been distributed already. As for the fourth map, he only took out the Wood G.o.d Art.

Compared to other G.o.d arts, a healing-type of G.o.d art was a necessity for the Shenwu Army. It would significantly reduce the number of casualties.

Elder Nangong’s mouth twitched after seeing the excessive pile of G.o.d art orbs. He took them and looked around nervously.

If they sell them, they can even buy half of the Human Race or even more than that.

Liu Zhiyun was dumbfounded. This was the first time he witnessed Lu Ze handing out resources.

The kid was emitting some kind of wealthy aura!

That was saying something. He had already ventured outside for a thousand years, but he never saw someone as affluent as Lu Ze!

It was terrifying.

Lu Ze said, “We’ll be returning first then.”

Thereafter, he took the girls and left the room.

Soon, they had reached the cultivation building.

When they returned, Ying Ying was still watching cartoons.

She then looked up. “Elder Nangong and the others broke through?”

She had been watching their progress. After all, the elders have been kind to her.

Lu Ze smiled and nodded.

Ying Ying said, “Sister Alice, I’m hungry.”

Alice found it adorable. She then rubbed Ying Ying’s little face. “I’ll cook for you.”