Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1017 - This Old Guy Is Drunk?

Chapter 1017 - This Old Guy Is Drunk?

Chapter 1017: This Old Guy Is Drunk?

Lu Ze handed over the red and purple orbs to Yan Gu and his company. When he was finished, he left with his group and began cultivating.

Without any changes, Lu Ze and the girls did their usual routine.

Since Lu Ze had raised his cultivation level to level-4 cosmic system state, he now possessed a combat power comparable to level-8 cosmic system states. He could fully secure victory with the aid of the girls. In the event, they could not, they also had the option to flee.

When it came to level-7 cosmic system state beasts though, Lu Ze could annihilate them with ease.

For now, the only troublesome foe he had was the long worm. He needed a considerable amount of time to deal with it even after beating one.

The Regeneration G.o.d Art possessed by the enemy was absolutely a menace. Fortunately, he also acquired Regeneration G.o.d Art.

Having learned it, Lu Ze’s body improved slightly while his ability to recover had been enhanced greatly.

Basically, the rest of the creatures in the dimension won’t be able to kill him with a single blow, except for those superior powerful beings on top of the food chain.

He didn’t care whether he would lose an arm or a leg at all.

Twenty-five days later, Shenwu.

Without a warning, a powerful chi erupted from somewhere on the planet. The occurrence caused the entire celestial body to quake.

Everyone experienced the surge of the chi. The people could not help but gasp.

“This chi is so strong!”

“Did it belong to the Monarch of the New Dawn? Is he this powerful already?”

“The chi belongs to a cosmic cloud state, right?”

During this time, they had received information positing that Lu Ze’s power surpa.s.sed the saints’ for he was now a cosmic cloud state.

With the firsthand experience just now, they could finally confirm it as the truth.

However, as the chi grew stronger, a domineering golden light flashed.

Everyone stopped speculating. The crowd didn’t expect the development.

“This… this chi belongs to…”

“Saint Jinyao?!”

All at once, the atmosphere turned eerily silent.

Saint Jinyao just finished a breakthrough to the cosmic cloud state?!

After some time, some white-haired soldiers from the Shenwu Army flew up in the sky. They were followed by powerful star states and planetary states.

Each second, the number of people who joined the rest to protect Elder Nangong increased. Most of the sky was occupied by cultivators.

Back in the cultivation building, Lu Ze and the girls were absorbed in their cultivation. Soon, they s.h.i.+fted their attention to the golden light.

During their respective breakthroughs, the elder went out of their way to guard them. Now, it was their time to return the goodwill.

Nangong Jing looked at the golden light and grinned. “He finally completed the breakthrough.”

The four saints, who had control over everyone’s morale, served as pillars of the Human Race. Them raising their cultivation level to the cosmic cloud state was a huge milestone for humans.

Lu Ze looked in the direction of the cultivators who volunteered to protect the elders

His lips curved up. “There are a lot of people.”

Likewise, the girls were delighted. After all, the saints had sacrificed a great deal for the Human Race.

People from all walks of life deeply respected them.

Back when the Human Race entered the era of chaos and destruction, the elders were the ones who dedicated their lives to protect the entire race and led them to the prosperity they were celebrating now.

The hards.h.i.+ps borne out of those situations were not easy to see.

Before the original golden light vanished, another rising chi manifested.

A silver light was cast on the planet. It interacted with the golden light.

Lin Ling smiled excitedly. “It’s my grandfather!”

Previously, Elder Lin had been on the brink of exhausting his life, but with the existence of Lu Ze’s...o...b.., his fate changed. He recovered his source and was able to push his cultivation level to the cosmic cloud state.

To Lin Ling, Elder Lin was the only relative she had when she was young. His condition before tormented her greatly.

But now that Elder Lin could reach the cosmic cloud state, Lin Ling’s feelings were vastly different from the others.

Lu Ze patted Lin Ling’s head. In response, Lin Ling turned around and hugged Lu Ze.

The crowd guarding the saints gasped.

“It’s Saint Spirit Eye?!”

“Another… another cosmic cloud state!”

“Hahaha, the heavens are protecting the Human Race!”

Suddenly, two more powerful chi astounded the world.

Everyone could only keep their mouths shut from the abnormality of the situation.

Moments later, someone asked, “Another… two?”

“All four saints are breaking through to the cosmic cloud state?!”

The expression of those who witnessed it went from being confused to feeling fervent.

“Haha… Hahahaha… The Human Race has raised four cosmic cloud states!”

The seniors from the Shenwu Army gawked at the chi and ended up dazed.

Soon enough, tears went streaming down their faces.

It took the Human Race too many sacrifices to reach this achievement.

Humans can now welcome a much brighter future.

The four chis belonging to cosmic cloud states grew more intense and spread out across all directions.

The coverage even extended to the inner region of the Federation.

At the same time, Lin Yan had been cultivating at the border.

After learning Lu Ze possessed a cosmic cloud state combat power, he felt a bit torn.

His own son-in-law surpa.s.sed him. The gap had widened to a significant extent.

This pushed him to cultivate harder.

To make matters more complicated, the cultivation resources he was relying on actually came from Lu Ze under the guise of being sent by Saint Lin Dong.

Unfortunately, he had no choice but to utilize the resources, so he could finally become a cosmic system state.

At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and moved to the s.p.a.ce above the base.

He looked in the direction of the planet where the chi overflowed in disbelief.

“This chi… it belongs to?”

“It’s my father’s chi?! And the other three elders? They… they broke through to the cosmic cloud state??

In the Telun System, Lu Ze’s Home.

Merlin, Zhu Hong Lian, Fu Shuya, and Lu Wen were eating dinner.

Merlin cracked a smile. “Brother Lu Wen, do you have questions about cultivation these few days?”

Lu Wen curved the corners of his mouth. “Of course not. Look at who I am. Ze is my son after all.”

Merlin: “…”

This old guy must be drunk. Lu Ze wasn’t his biological child. He spoke as though Lu Ze’s talent originated from him.

Fu Shuya rolled her eyes and sighed. “I wonder how he is getting by. He has not returned home for a long time.”

Zhu Hong Lian smiled. “Ze is handling matters related to the Blade Demon Race at the borders. It is only normal that he can’t leave yet. Now that it is all over, he will probably be back soon, won’t he?”

“Ze has a cosmic cloud state combat power already. This is too absurd.”

Merlin’s heart ached. “Hong Lian, this is the 83rd time you said that.”

“Hmm?” Zhu Hong Lian narrowed her eyes.

Merlin quickly picked up his chopsticks. “Let’s eat dinner, it’s getting cold.”

Suddenly, the emergence of four powerful chi interrupted the scene.

The four people were taken aback.

Without qualms, they flew up in the air.

Lu Wen asked, “What level is this? How come it is so overwhelming?”

Although his cultivation level had reached the planetary state, he never got a chance to fight with anyone.