Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1014 - So Keen To Live!

Chapter 1014 - So Keen To Live!

Chapter 1014: So Keen To Live!


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze was surrounded by the green wind as he flashed towards the opponent again.

When he was about to dish out Earth Shocking Blow once more, purple lightning crackled around the worm.


The lightning made the air burn.


The worm opened its mouth and hissed at Lu Ze. Then, the lightning around it speedily moved towards him.

Lu Ze adeptly avoided the bolts, but unexpectedly, he could not help but widen his eyes.

All at once, the wound he inflicted glowed with gray light. It healed at a rapid rate. In a short instant, the worm had successfully recovered.

‘Oh c.r.a.p?!’

Lu Ze was taken aback to encounter the familiar G.o.d art once more.

‘Regeneration G.o.d Art?!’

Did the worm possess three G.o.d arts?

Sand G.o.d Art, Lightning G.o.d Art, and Regeneration G.o.d Art…

It was unbelievably formidable

The worm hissed again and flew out of the sand.


Several sand blades were released into s.p.a.ce. Accordingly, Lu Ze sensed the piercing chi and frowned.

In the nick of time, something disrupted the worm’s chi as Lu Ze planned to dodge. The attack of the enemy weakened.

Lu Ze grinned. The girls made their move.


The worm hissed furiously.

Lu Ze flashed as he sidestepped the weakened attacks while approaching the worm.

In a short moment, he reached the top of its head again.

An earth-colored spirit light gleamed around it as it formed another sand wall. The barrier could block Lu Ze’s attacks for a short while before the worm’s s.h.i.+eld was torn apart.

Lu Ze stomped on the worm’s head. In turn, a powerful force caused it to cave in.

Its enormous body soon wriggled out of the ground and left a ma.s.sive crater.

Particles of sand were scattered around, creating dusk before the clear sky.

Lu Ze watched as the worm kept on writhing until its head was fully reformed.

Black runes flowed in his eyes as he relied on Demonic Flame Divine Art. The launched attack came straight for the worm, wrapped around its body, and set it ablaze.


But then, a gray spirit light flashed and the originally singed body part had healed instantly.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

He also had Regeneration G.o.d Art. He couldn’t deny it was a hack. It made the worm practically unkillable.

Lu Ze charged down towards the creature as his hands ignited with spirit flames. After executing a punch, the spirit flame fist force surged into the worm’s body again.




A series of strikes echoed across the land. The rumbling sound had been active for more than ten seconds before Lu Ze stopped.

At this moment, the dust had cleared out and revealed the aftermath.

A few hundred-kilometer-wide crater manifested in the desert. At the very bottom, the worm was cut in half. All around its body, sizable wounds oozing with a gray substance were present.

Lu Ze breathed out. By this time, it shouldn’t be able to recover from the heavy injuries, right?

Unfortunately, the moment Lu Ze convinced himself it wouldn’t make a comeback, the gray light shone once more.

The severed body managed to fuse together as the wounds closed themselves. Every other injury seemed to be non-existent at once.

As it turned out, the hacked body parts can still be reconnected.

Lu Ze clenched his fists as he attacked the worm again.


Ten seconds later, Lu Ze felt exhausted from a.s.saulting the worm incessantly. He took a break and observed the crater.

This time, the injuries of the other party were even worse than before.

Rather than breaking it in half, he went for cutting it in three.

Sadly, Lu Ze couldn’t even enjoy his handiwork because as soon as he stopped attacking, the injuries began to heal.

Lu Ze attacked again.

Another ten seconds later, Lu Ze’s face turned pale. His forehead was sweating.

He looked down and checked the crater. Like clockwork, the worm flashed with gray light as it recovered.

‘Oh s.h.i.+t?’

Why did it want to live desperately?!

Couldn’t it just die?

His mouth twitched as spirit flames ignited from his hands again.

The girls were out of breath.

‘When is this going to end?’

Then, ten seconds later, the worm’s body gushed out with blood that smeared the ground. But once again, the gray light persisted.

Lu Ze: “…”

He checked his remaining spirit force in his body. There was not a single drop left.

The faces of the girls were pale, but even so, their condition was better than Lu Ze.

When the worm began the recovery phase, they stopped using Stone Transformation Divine Art and Seduction G.o.d Art at full power. They flew up instead.

Lin Ling hugged Lu Ze. “Ze, are you okay?”

Lu Ze waved his hand and pointed at the bloodied mess below. “Hurry up and continue. Don’t let it recover fully.”

The girls nodded and used their remaining power to attack the worm.


When the girls depleted their energy, the group looked nervously at the crater.

A faint gray spirit light could still be seen. However, it was much dimmer in comparison.

Lu Ze rejoiced. “Its power is being drained too.”

The girls were delighted. If all the parties involved used up their own power, then the outcome would now depend on the rate of energy recovery.

Lu Ze was highly confident when it came to replenis.h.i.+ng his energy.

A few minutes later, Lu Ze regained some power. He glanced at the worm. It was still very weak right now. This time, the gray spirit force could only strengthen it a bit.

Lu Ze grinned.


Once more, his fist ignited with spirit flames and went straight for the beast.


In one go, Lu Ze exhausted all his power. During this round, he couldn’t sense the worm’s chi any longer.

“Is it dead?”

Lu Ze wasn’t absolutely certain. The girls had the same sentiments.

When the sand had settled, they saw some ashes. Now, they could finally relax as their legs went soft.

The carca.s.s had become dust already, so the group waited with excitement for the orbs to appear.

‘Five drops of red liquid…’

‘A gray G.o.d art orb…’

‘And a purple G.o.d art orb…’

Although a sand G.o.d art orb didn’t appear, they still got a regeneration G.o.d art orb. They didn’t suffer much loss.

Nangong Jing was pleased. “Let’s leave. It would be troublesome if a powerful beast came.”

The group agreed. However, just as they planned to depart, a golden light flashed in the sky.

Another sun appeared. Following such, a scorching chi swept the ground.

The group experienced severe pain before finally succ.u.mbing to death.