Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1015 - Pursuing Cosmic System State

Chapter 1015 - Pursuing Cosmic System State

Chapter 1015: Pursuing Cosmic System State

Like usual, Lu Ze and the girls regained their consciousness back in their room.

The group leaned against each other as they s.h.i.+vered.

They probably met one of the superior bosses.

They could only consider themselves unlucky to encounter a powerful boss without a warning. Their chances of leaving unscathed were practically nil.

Half an hour later, the pain had subsided.

Lu Ze then distributed the orbs to the girls. When the resources were settled, they started cultivating.

Lu Ze picked the gray regeneration G.o.d art orb this time. As he used it, the orb was sucked into his body in a flash of gray light.

The gray energy invaded every inch of his body as Lu Ze developed a deep understanding of the respective G.o.d art.

The gray energy surged. Along with it, a life force flowed in Lu Ze’s cells.

It was a bit unbearable, but Lu Ze didn’t mind.

He could still recall how his body slowly waned the first time he learned the Regeneration G.o.d Art.

As a supplement, Lu Ze used the purple liquid and the blue crystal simultaneously.

Four days later, Lu Ze and the girls were aboard a s.h.i.+p near the blade demon border as they relaxed.

Following a ripple in s.p.a.ce, a cl.u.s.ter of black s.h.i.+ps charged out of the warp dimension. All of the fleets belonged to the Human Race.

The Shenwu Army has arrived!

The newly arrived soldiers were expected to guard the territory of the Blade Demon Race.

Lu Ze, along with Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha, went to feed Ying Ying in her room.

At this time, the three people looked in the direction of the fleet.

Nangong Jing said, “The fleets arrived. It won’t be long now. The blade demon territory will be fully conquered by the Human Race.”

The other two smiled.

Following such, the starlight around Ying Ying flickered. A powerful and impenetrable chi burst out.

While the trio faced the chi, they became immobilized, causing them to look at each other.

What a magnificent power!

The elders and the other three races sensed the very same majestic chi.

They looked in its direction in disbelief.

But soon, the chi flashed, and in the next second, the starlight around Ying Ying vanished. Her deep blue eyes fluttered.

Her body sat up as she felt a bit confused and looked at her hands.

After realizing she wasn’t empty-handed, she felt relieved.

Lu Ze: “…”

Qiuyue Hesha was amused. She then hugged Ying Ying and rubbed against her little round face.

“The little girl is finally awake.”

As soon as the remark was made, the other three girls barged into the room.

“Ying Ying is awake?” Alice rejoiced and rushed over.

However, Ying Ying’s eyes grew terrified.

Lu Ze looked away after noticing it.

Eventually, the other beings managed to overcome the suppression caused by the formidable chi.

Someone from the Barbarian Race remarked, “This chi… is unparalleled. What is it then?”

“Is it…” The crowd instantly considered one possibility.

Man Yi looked in Ying Ying’s direction with reverence.

“Isn’t it Lu Ze’s master? This is unexpected.”

Previously, they a.s.sumed that a being with a terrifying power like Lu Ze’s master had his own matters to deal with.

He couldn’t have been staying with the Human Race all this time…

“This powerful chi… has reached the peak cosmic realm state at the very least… Maybe… it had breached the cosmic monarch state as well… What is it?”

Even Man Yi and the rest didn’t have a good grasp of how strong those beings who had surpa.s.sed the cosmic realm state were.

Everyone fell silent…

Elder Nangong ordered the Shenwu Army to be in charge of the security of the blade demon territory.

As for Lu Ze and the three races, they remained stationed in the same place. Only when they subjugate everything flawlessly could they finally leave.

During these few days, Lu Ze ended up puzzled as the other three races behaved with an even better att.i.tude. Somehow they were inquiring about his master indirectly.

Soon, he realized the connection between their att.i.tude and the developments in Ying Ying’s chi.

Most likely, they presumed the presence of his supposed master due to the outburst of chi a while ago.

Lu Ze felt speechless.

He couldn’t let Ying Ying see them though, right?

Hence, Lu Ze offered the excuse that his master didn’t want to be disturbed nor see anyone.

Fortunately, the three races weren’t narrow-minded. Well, it was only natural to meet high-level beings with difficulty.

At a later time, Lu Ze and the girls returned to their daily routine.

During the night, they focused on their cultivation level. Thereafter, they would try their luck inside the Pocket Hunting Dimension before they continued learning divine arts and G.o.d arts.

Since Ying Ying was awake, there was nothing they should be worried about.

A week later, Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha reached level-4 cosmic system state. Their combat power was nearing Lu Ze’s. Of course, they now possessed cosmic cloud state combat power too.

Due to the golden dew and the super-liquid, it only took them half a month to complete a breakthrough.

Even though Lu Ze hadn’t made a breakthrough, he should be close to finis.h.i.+ng one.

After all, his foundation was far superior to Nangong Jing’s and Qiuyue Hesha’s. It was only natural for him to take much time before leveling up.

As for the progress of Lin Ling, she too had reached level-3 cosmic system state while Lu Li and Alice had reached level-2 cosmic system state recently.

The rapid improvement could be attributed to their abundant resources.

In Lu Ze’s case, his Sand One Divine Art even achieved familiar mastery even if his cultivation level didn’t get enhanced. Even so, raising the mastery took him 17 days.

It wasn’t an easy task.

He had used the best red liquid and blue crystal.

Cosmic system state divine arts were inherently much harder to master.

Lu Ze sighed. It was all too clear why those cosmic system states couldn’t attain beginner mastery when it came to cosmic system state divine arts.

For someone to achieve beginner mastery of one divine art, the pract.i.tioner should ensure his G.o.d art had reached a certain level. More crucially, you had to be smart enough.

The process of reaching the cosmic system state was already torture. Hence, producing cosmic system states was extremely rare.

Only one out of a trillion would emerge as one in the entire universe.

It should be noted that those considerations only applied to the cultivation level only. Pus.h.i.+ng the combat power forward was a different matter altogether.

Generally, those who could bring their G.o.d arts mastery to the level of cosmic system state were infinitely better than ordinary cosmic system states.

As for divine arts, they were more complex than G.o.d arts. Reaching beginner mastery might even lead to the explosion of someone’s head.

Even so, those difficulties were non-existent for Lu Ze. He only needed about two to three months to achieve perfect mastery of a cosmic system state divine art. He was proud of his superiority.