Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 99 - Troubles of youth

Chapter 99 - Troubles of youth

Chapter 99: Troubles of youth


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze felt a.s.sured after getting Merlin’s promise.

After all, his parents were just ordinary people while he was now a young duke candidate. He was really worried that spies from other races would look for trouble.

But now, he had Alice’s father, who was a star state being!

After resolving Alice’s problem, it was very late. Lu Ze bid the two farewell and flew into the sky towards home.

Merlin and Alice watched Lu Ze disappear into the night sky. Moments later, Merlin sighed. “Lu Ze is really good.”

Alice smiled and nodded. “Of course, senior schoolmate is the best!”

Merlin saw how happy Alice was and his mouth twitched. He thought of what happened before and grabbed his chest.

His heart was in pain.

He made up his mind to never compliment Lu Ze in front of Alice.

Then, he rubbed Alice’s head and gently spoke, “All that matters is that you’re fine.”

When Alice heard this, her eyes turned red. She bit her lips and started crying in Merlin’s arms.

There were some things that Alice couldn’t tell her father. She had been holding it in for too long.

Now, everything would get better.

Lu Ze slowly landed in the garden of the mansion.

Looking at how all the lights were turned off, Lu Ze touched his chin. His parents and the others were probably asleep.

He took out his key and walked in.

Suddenly, his body froze. On the couch in the dark living room, a figure was sitting. A pair of eyes stared nervously at Lu Ze using the light from the stars.

Lu Ze laughed awkwardly, “Ahaha, Li, it’s so late and you’re not sleeping?”

Lu Li stared straight at Lu Ze and smiled. “I was waiting for brother. Where did you go? Why did you come back so late?”

When he went to have a picnic with Alice, Lu Ze sent a message home stating that he wouldn’t be back for dinner.

But, in order to cure Alice, he had been busy up until now.

He didn’t expect that Lu Li wouldn’t sleep and instead choose to wait for him here.

He wasn’t a kid. Would he get lost?

However, Lu Ze still said, “I went for a walk in the morning but then I encountered Alice, so I came back late. As for what happened, you can ask Alice.”

Regarding Alice’s G.o.d art, he promised not to tell Lu Li.

As for the other things, he didn’t plan to lie to Lu Li.

Lu Li heard this and her eyes narrowed.

When she went to school and found that Alice had called in sick, she sent Alice a message out of worry. However, Alice replied that she was with this guy.

She was left completely dazed.

When did these two become this close?!

If this continued, she would probably be over.

Lu Li felt a bit bitter and sour.

One was someone she liked and the other was her best friend. How did things become like this?

Should she just be straight forward and confess to Lu Ze now?

What did this guy think of her?

Lu Li was very confused.

At this moment, Lu Ze suddenly thought of something. “By the way, Li, I have something for you.”

Lu Li looked up. “What is it?”

Lu Ze smiled and took out the storage ring that Elder Lin gave him. “This storage ring is for you.”

He had already transferred the materials inside into his own ring. Now, there were 2000 light orbs inside. That was enough for quite a while.

Lu Li looked at the storage ring and her eyes opened wide. A subtle redness flashed across her face as she was left dazed on the spot.

A moment later she quietly said, “A ring?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Yea, a storage ring. There are light orbs for your cultivation inside. When you’ve used them up, let me know. I’ll give you more.”

Lu Li didn’t hear the latter part of the sentence. All she heard was that Lu Ze was going to give her a ring!

Her eyes went a little dreamy and anxious. Her bitterness had long dissipated.

She took the storage ring and carefully put it on her right ring finger. She looked at the storage ring and spoke very softly, “Thank you, brother. Li will cherish it!”

Then, she looked up at Lu Ze while smiling. Her smile was almost s.h.i.+ning under the moonlight.

Lu Ze reminded, “Don’t forget about the little light orbs inside.”

Seeing how excited Lu Li was, he was actually scared that she might forget about cultivating.

“I know…” Lu Li felt very happy. “I’ll go upstairs first. You should rest early too, brother.”

Her heart was beating rapidly but Lu Li didn’t even notice.

Finally, she jumped onto her bed and buried herself inside while giggling.

In the living room, Lu Ze looked strangely at Lu Li’s reaction and thought,

Her reaction was really strange.

Does she…

Have a crush on me?

But, Lu Ze couldn’t be sure.

What if it was one of the three greatest misperceptions of life?

Should he find an opportunity to ask?

If not, then with how dark-hearted Lu Li was, his legs would probably be gone.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze suddenly felt a piercing pain in his leg.

Oh my!

We’ll see…

Lu Ze shook his head and returned to his room. He took out the blanket from his storage ring, but before he could do anything, he smelled a familiar aroma.

He was confused but quickly realized that he had covered Alice with it.

What should he do?

Should he wash it?

Eventually, Lu Ze took it to the wash.

It was dirty from the gra.s.s, he told himself.

Carrying this regretful feeling, Lu Ze returned to his room and sat down.

He shrugged off the troubles of youth and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

I love cultivation!

Cultivation makes me happy!