Monster Integration - Chapter 1010 - Massacre II

Chapter 1010 - Massacre II

Chapter 1010 - Ma.s.sacre II

"Now that our homing beacons have activated, there is no need to plan anymore," Keira said as she looked at her homing band, which is blinking with a green light.

"Right now, we just have to wait for half a half-day and before we teleport out of the ruin," Aeron said.

"What do guys plan to do this half a day, rest in camp, or looked around?" Keira asked.

Most of the Grimm Monsters had been killed, and those who were able to get away would not be able to pose the threat to camp as long as there are two are three Tower Conqueror around, there would be no threat to the camp.

Everybody answered their choice, not all people opted to stay in the camp till they teleported out home, they didn't want to mess up at the last hour and die.

I would have done the same if not for Ashlyn calling me and saying she had found something.

So, twelve people decided to stay in the camp while three like me decided to search for the last bit of fortune before we leave. After leaving the Group, I talked to Jen for a few minutes before I sped toward Ashlyn.

She is not that far, but seeing how many remnant attacks present in the city; it took me forty minutes to reach where Ashlyn is.

Chew Chew…

Ahlyn chirped as she saw me and landed on my shoulder, "What do you want to show me?" I asked.

"Chew Chew Chew…"

She chirped furiously before she wanted to start to take me toward the curtain direction.

As she took me, I looked around, looking at the rubble of a huge building. This area seemed to be the wealthy part of the city where rich and powerful people live.

This is one area where signs of the buildings are clear, and one could get an idea about the buildings used to stand tall in this place.

Not to forget the formations, even after thousands of years, there are still formations on the building blocks that could be seen.

If not for Ashlyn saying there is something important here, I would refuse to follow her.

These broken formations are death mines; if anyone of its reaction, then I did not doubt that it will send me to the underworld, so I am very careful when walking into this area, not to step on any of the formations and get myself killed.

"Chew, Chew!"

Soon we appeared in front of the dilapidated building, which I am sure used to be a huge mansion, but now except for the columns, there is nothing much left in the place where the glorious mansion used to be.

Ashlyn flew off my shoulder and entered a huge hole, nearly cursing at her my heart, I tentatively followed her carefully not to step on the formations that were running all around.

Soon I reached the huge hole and looked down, faintly seeing something but not knowing what it is.

So after making sure there is no danger, I floated down and smoothly landed on the ground beside Ashlyn, who is standing on the broken wall.

"Is this what you wanted to show me?" I asked as I looked at a huge wooden box, or I may say a huge room made to wood, which had broken formations floating around.

"Chew Chew Chew…"

Ashlyn chirped excitedly as she motioned toward a wooden room, saying there is something good inside it. Hearing that, I couldn't help but frown.

She is right; there must be something good in this wooden room; otherwise, it wouldn't have survived for thousands of years. As for what it could be, I don't really know for sure.

It is underground and survived thousands of years, I would though of Vault if it had been metallic but huge room is made of wood which is likely a vault, but nothing could be said, this might be some rare type of wood which is best for the vault, or it may be some special room used to store some special Artifact.

I don't know what it is, but if Ashlyn said there is something good here, there is sure something good must be here, and now the question is how to open this thing.

Using raw force would be idiocy as it might trigger the formation, the way is to break the formation and before using the force, but it is not easy to break the formation.

If it had been in prime, I would left it here since the formation would have been too complicated for me to solve, but the formation is also broken, and now I just have broken the rest of it, as long as I tried, there might be a chance that I will be able to open this thing.

So, I started to concentrate on the broken formation, trying to find a way to break it. Ashlyn did not disturb as I studied the formation; she stood silently on the spot she was.

Two hours pa.s.sed by as such when I finally closed my eyes in rest before opening them a minute later. I had pretty much understood in the broken formation and just had to move a few runes before it completely collapsed.

Taking a deep breath, I created a few strings of mana and moved them toward the few runes while trying to control my agitated mind.

Though I am sure I am right, there is still fear that I may be wrong, and if this formation reacted in a bad way to the tinkering, then I would die before I would be able to do anything.

So, I am very scared, but nothing could be done about it; I just have to calm myself and focus.

Grre Kach!

Finally, the mana strings touched the specific runes, and I moved them at a certain place at the same time, as I did that grating sound rang out of those runes, and they started to crash against each other before destroying themselves.

Crack Crack...

The clash of runes lasted for a few seconds before all the runes disappeared. Seeing a n.a.k.e.d wooden room without any problem, I was about to ask Ashlyn to blast the door open when the cracking sound started to ring as cracks began forming.

As the cracks started forming, there was a weird smell that began to come, which instantly made me disoriented and made my body boil with energy which instantly made me take a jump back.


I had just taken a jump back when Ashlynn blurringly moved toward the room and crashed on it before entering inside.

Seeing she had entered, I was about to take a step toward her when I looked at multicolor smoke coming at Ashlyn, or it is Ashlyn that is sucking up that smoke.

The smoke of all colors started to come across Ashlyn and seep into her body; I was shocked seeing this as something like that never happened.

I was watching her when I inhaled faint smoke before I could stop myself and nearly survived the explosion as immense energy started running through me.

When I controlled the energy in my body, I thought about the smell I had inhaled earliar and faintly guessed what was inside this wooden room.