Monster Integration - Chapter 1009 - Massacre

Chapter 1009 - Massacre

Chapter 1009 - Ma.s.sacre

I put the body of the Aqua Apeman in my storage, including that Hammer of its before I started to look at the battlefield.

Till now, only six Conqueror Grimm Monsters have died while others are still fighting, and I have to say those who remained fighting are pretty strong that I just wanted to fight them.

But unfortunately, I could not; the other humans have already called dibs on them so I could only look elsewhere.

Well, it is good that there are no super powerhouses present here, which means I do not have to follow the underlying Rules of Battle.

Sup Sup Sup...

With that thought, I started to throw knives at the Grimm Monsters, I could have used the other way which is far more destructive, but I am killing Adamantine, and also I wanted to practice my knives, so I throw knives at a speed that to those I am attacking.

I first targeted those Grimm Monsters who were able to reach the 1000th Level but not able to conquer it. Aside from us who conquered the Tower, these Grimm Monsters are the strongest with most potentials, so I targeted them first.

My knives are fast, and they are coated with my fire energy; I even took help from my killing rule.

So, every knife of mine hit the target and killed. I launched hundreds of knives at minutes that it felt the rain of Grimm Monsters as body after body of Grimm Monster falling down from the sky.

I could have used more power that could have burned their body apart, but I did not; I need those bodies.

These bodies are of the powerful special Admantines, which would give me a huge amount of crystal; that is why I only used enough power to kill them, not burn them.

I got noticed within the second, and many Grimm Monsters started to run away, but what they can do, I greater speed and strength that my knives could easily catch up to them no matter where they ran.

In less than three minutes, I finished killing those who reached the 1000th Level, I've not killed them all.

I left one Grimm Monster for each human. If I killed all of them, then not I would answer the fury of the Grimm Monsters but also that of the humans.

I would not live if someone had killed the Grimm Monsters I am fighting, I would curse that person, and if I am in a bad mood then I might attack that person.

After I finished killing that group of Grimm Monster, I started to target another Group. There are more than ten thousand Special Adamantines here, not to forget normal Admantines; they are doves.

So, I did not have a problem in searching for the target, the only problem I could have is finding the knives to kill them, but I have more than enough of them to kill all the Adamantine fighting in the sky and then some more.

I continued my ma.s.sacre, and over time, my speed had increased even more. Some people who are fighting even looked up to Grimm Monster who was falling down, all the Grimm Monster noticed my unabashed killing, no one condition to help.

The only one who could help these Grimm Monsters are Conqueror Grimm Monster, but the humans tie down all of them; I have heard screams of theirs at me. Some tried to come at me but how can humans that are fighting them let them do that.

Forget them, some weaker Grimm Monster came to attack me as Group, but they killed before they could even come ten meters closer to me. I am invincible on the battlefield.

There may be some powerful Grimm Monsters here, which I could not kill, but I am very sure they would not kill me, too, especially when I used my Runic Armor.

With the 44% power of Blazing Rose being merged with me and that power now powering up the Runic Armor, its power had reached off the charts that I am sure if I had used n.o.body here was a match for it.

Time pa.s.sed by, and another ten minutes pa.s.sed, and two more conqueror Grimm Monsters were killed by humans, and now less than fifteen Conqueror Grimm Monsters have remained on the battlefield.

In the time since the battle started, humans would have died by the Grimm Monster as well, but due to Ashlyn, all of them had survived the fatal attack of the Grimm Monsters.

Time pa.s.sed, and soon, I finished killing the Special Grimm Monsters and moved toward the normal Adamantine Grimm Monsters, who are around a hundred thousand in numbers.

There are absolutely a huge number of Grimm Monsters; such is the force is crucial that if I were able to kill them all of them, I would be making a Grimm Monsters of Continent groan in pain.

I appeared near huge numbers of Adamantine, as I did small kindles that started to release from my body.

Hundreds of small kindles released from me by the second and all of them moved at breakneck speed as they seeped into the Average Admantines.

Special Adamantine could avoid the kindles, but average Admantines could not; these kindles are small as pearls, but they packed huge power, which is why I had coated them with killing Rule.

With the power fire ability, even a pearl-size fire could burn it into the ash.

To something like that happen, I coated them all with energy, though I could make the fire that they could only kill but not burn whole, it will waste time and I will be able to release tens of kindles every second, not hundreds.

This is way better, man Grimm Monsters tried to run away, but they were not able to, the kindles are too fast that they are seeping into their bodies before they could do anything.

Thousands of Adamantine are dying every minute; for the Grimm Monsters, I've become the Grim Reaper that has come to take their life.

I really looked good releasing thousands of kindles through my body every second, I've secretly released a few drones to record myself specifically, I want to know how I look.

It is a little narcissistic, but I don't care, I want to see how I looked while releasing thousands of Kindles through my body, and it's not that I am going to release this recorded footage for personal use.

I not only wanted to see how I look, but I also wanted to get a look at this move from another angle so I could make adjustments to the ma.s.s killing move.

As I was ma.s.sacring the Grimm Monster, I felt a familiar gaze of me; when I looked, I found Jen was looking at me with the utter shock on her face. I had noticed her earlier when she was fighting a couple of Adamantine.

I had not only given her the full body Adamantine Artifact set but also given her something which could help her level up to Adamantine and seeing she had leveled up to the Adamantine, I could say she made fair use of that thing.