Monster Integration - Chapter 1011 - Signal From Home

Chapter 1011 - Signal From Home

Chapter 1011 - Signal From Home


I heard a huge roar from behind when I was just about to finish off the last big of Adamantine in the sky.

It is the roar of the Bullman who had come from behind, its body is quite bloodied, but power is flaring from every inch of its body.

Looking at its condition, it is very clear that it had spent quite a huge effort to get away from the human it was fighting so it could come to kill me.

Seeing it coming at me bloodthirsty expression, holding a huge black saw blade, I smiled, and Armor appeared on my body with my intention.

This Grimm Monsters seemed to lose its mind seeing me ma.s.sacring its kin without letting a single one run away.

I am quite impressed by its ability to get away from the human it is fighting, other Grimm Monsters have tried to get away to kill me, but no one was successful except for it.


It shouted as it came close to me and swung its huge saw blade at me, the blade is an uncommon weapon as it came at me, its blade started to spin away like an electric saw, and I began to feel like I am getting cut by the blade itself.

Mystic Weapon, this saw blade, is definitely a Mystic Weapon. Normal weapons could not launch such a mental attack; it's the ability to launch the mental attack made the weapon even more valuable than Hammer.

Strong people may fight off the suppression effect of the hammer, but it is extremely difficult to fight off a metal attack like this one, which makes you feel like you are cutting apart.



Seeing me on my spot, it laughed thinking I was struck frozen by the pain as I hadn't launched the attack despite its blade crossing half a distance, but next moment, its laugh froze as it saw my blade in its chest.

The big bodies of Grimm Monsters give them a huge advantage, but small bodies of us humans also have their advantage as well. Like now, I had appeared in front of it and pierced my sword into its huge chest.

It would be quite difficult to do that if I were fighting against a human, I would prefer the back route instead of the front route if it had been a human.

"Do you want a body or blade?" I asked Aiden, If I had been shameless, I would have stored the whole body, but I am not shameless.

Aiden had been fighting against this Bullman since the battle started and would have been able to kill it within an hour if not for Bullman running away to kill me.

The look of contemplation appeared on Aiden's face, he looked at the Body of the Grimm Monster and saw the blade it was holding.

He is smart, not to demand both if he had done that, I would have taken body and blade both.

"Blade," said Aiden finally, I nodded in regret as I stored the body of the Bullman into my storage and threw the Mystic Weapon at Aiden, who caught it without a problem.

"Thanks," Aiden said before he started to kill the Grimm Monsters below. I would have very much preferred if Aiden had selected the body of Grimm Monster, but he is smart.

The value to Mystic Weapon is huge as it is not only used at the Knight but also used at the above stages.

The chances of me finding something of equal value in the belonging of the Grimm Monster are very low.

I had just finished killing all the Adamantine when the sudden change occurred on the Battlefield.

The remaining Eleven Conquering Grimm Monsters started to run; they all ran toward the different directions; some of them were extremely fast that they would not be able to catch the running Grimm Monsters.

I did not chase them, as even if I could catch them, I would have to share the benefits, and it's not like someone is not going to catch them.

Ashlyn already locked several Grimm Monsters, as long as humans stopped giving chase, she will finish off these Grimm Monsters sneakily.

With the leaders running, the whole battlefield has become chaotic as every Grimm Monsters started to run away, and this is a chance that everyone was waiting for.

We could not use our full power on the Grimm Monsters fighting below as humans were fighting them, but now we could now body parties have been separated Armageddon started to rain down on the Grimm Monsters.

Boom Bang Bang Bang Boom…

All sorts of sounds started to ring out. We attacked millions of Grimm Monsters, I too created huge fireb.a.l.l.s that directly vaporized thousands of Grimm Monsters at once.

This continued for five minutes before everything calmed down, just ten people had finished millions of Grimm Monsters in less than five minutes.

I could see the humans on the Ground and sky looking at us if we were some kind of monsters.

Those who could Conquer the Tower are not simple Knight Level powerhouse, with our current strength average lord is not our match; we could finish it off just as easily as we finished off the regular Adamantine.

Knight Level is the base level; it is a level that has the maximum potential, some powerful member Organisations spent years in Knight level to unearth everything it had to offer.

As the deeper they got into the Knight level, the further they will go ahead in the future.

Especially those who are able to reach that final unnamed level of Knight stage, to reach one needs comprehension into that level.

No amount of resources or chance is going to take one to that unnamed level. There is no fixed way to reach there; it is said it takes just a moment; as long as one gains comprehension that is needed for it, one will reach that level.

"You have hidden a lot of things, why didn't you tell me you had conquered the Tower," Jen said as she appeared beside me, awe could be clearly seen in her eyes as she looked at me and also some amount of accusation.

"You did not ask," I said with a laugh as I looked at the people below who were collecting the bodies of Grimm Monsters that I had killed.

I've killed thousands of Adamantine monsters, collecting them would take more than a day, so I hired people to help me collect the stiff.

Three hours pa.s.sed by and morning came, the people I've hired finished collecting stuff which I had directly added into my storage after taking a look, I've even got a share from the millions of Grimm Monsters we have killed.

Though the bodies most Grimm Monster destroyed in our attacks, their storage bands and artifacts survived.

Everything we have got from the Grimm Monster we have ma.s.sacred got divided between us fourteen people; they were kind enough to give Ashlyn the share of the two people.


We all gathered and were talking about the next course of action when suddenly our homing bands buzzed together, telling us we will be teleported out of the Ruin in half days.