Monster Integration - Chapter 1003 - Practicing Mystic Method

Chapter 1003 - Practicing Mystic Method

Chapter 1003 - Practicing Mystic Method

The next morning, I woke up early despite sleeping late and drank the drop of Soul Tempering liquid before getting out of bed and following the usual schedule.

After shower and breakfast, I flew toward the market, Ashlyn and Jen. The abode already presents in the Market since I did not take it.

So I just had to place all the stuff to sell back on the shelf and warehouse before handling the store back to the hands of Jen and Ashlyn.

As I entered the training room, I started to take out the I need for the practice of my Mystic Method, I am planning on practicing at least two Mystic Methods before I went for the 8: AM meeting.

The target is a little tight, but as long as I do not waste time, I will be easily able to accomplish it.

The first method I am going to practice is Wolf Lord's Armor, I have already practiced the three levels of it, now I just need to practice two more levels. So, without wasting any time, I placed the formation plate and started making the ink.

Learning from the debacle of last time on how I have wasted my time drawing formation on the floor. I had responsibly commissioned the Formation Sheets for the formations I will need to draw the method.

So, now I just have to create the ink and add it to the sheet before starting the practice. These sheets are one which gave me the confidence to finish off my practice of two mystic methods before 8:00 AM.

Within fifteen minutes, the formation is produced, and I added it into the sheets. For the ink, I had used the best materials; the materials I used are really great that previously used materials could not be compared to it.


After checking the formation ink filling every ruin on the formation sheet, I sat on it before putting the stuff at respective places before finally starting the formation.

The formation started its magic, as it removed the extract from the materials. I watched the process for a minute before I closed my eyes and inserted my consciousness to the 1st chapter of the Eldritch Sword Art.

I do not want to waste any time, and I do not have to do anything other than watch formation do its job, I might as well make use of the time to comprehend some profundities of my Art.

Time pa.s.sed, and I kept comprehending when suddenly, I felt something and opened my eyes to see every material in front of me disappeared, and formation had dried out.

'So soon?' I questioned, even though I am bust comprehending, I have a basic idea about time, and from my knowledge, the 4th level of Wolf Lords Armor should have taken one and a half hour to two hour to finish, but I don't think that much time has pa.s.sed.

'F.u.c.k!' I couldn't help but curse when I saw the time, only forty-five minutes had pa.s.sed since I activated the formation and it had already finished.

To be sure, I looked inside me and saw the wolf mark more p.r.o.nounced and complicated than before floating inside me and sensing energy fluctuation of it; I am sure that I had practiced the 4th level of Wolf Lords Armor without any problem.

'This is likely because of my const.i.tution.' I thought. This const.i.tution of mine is giving me more and more happy surprises.

As I conformed, I had practiced the 4th Level of the Wolf Lord Armor, I got from the formation sheet and took another formation sheet for the 5th level of Wolf Lords Armor and spread it down before creating formation Ink again.


Fifteen minutes later, I added ink into the formation sheet, checked the formation for any fault before sitting on the center of the formation sheet after I added everything in its place.

This time I did not close my eyes to comprehend the Art; instead, I kept my eyes open and watched the process.

There I was quite surprised as for half an hour of the process there was only a small change in method; the real change only occurred when all materials merged and moved toward my body.

The essence of materials touched me; everything accelerated and the process which took an hour, finished within fifteen minutes.

There one more thing I notice, the formation is also working fast; usually, it takes forty-five minutes hour to draw out essences to merge together, but this process took only half a time, and this time it is not a body who does but high-level materials I used to formation Ink had does that.

With me practicing all the Levels of Wolf Lord's Armor, there is a big change in Wolf Symbol, as it has now changed into Wolf's head. A real wolf head made of s.h.i.+ny silver Runes.

I admired the Runic Wolf Head for a minute before I got up from my place. I wanted to try out the Armor as I am sure it will be very powerful with my fire ability, but I refrained from doing that as I will waste at least ten minutes doing that.

I did not want to as now I have a new target, and that is to finish practicing all three methods before the 8:00 PM meeting, so I could not waste even ten minutes.

With Wolf Lords Armor finished, I moved to the Featherlight method; I had kept Domain of Withering Sand for last as the last three levels of it are quite special.

I have practiced four levels of Fearthelight Methods, and now I have to practice three more. So, without wasting any time, I started to do it, and three hours later, I had finished with it.

Now in my s.p.a.ce is a beautiful Violet Feather, in each level of Featherlight method, a new feather would add-in, but at the 7th level, everything had merged together and formed a beautiful Runic Feather, that one just wants to keep admiring.

I brought my admiring self back to the real-world and thought about the Domain of Withering Sand.

This Method is my first Mystic Method and considered it my most mediocre method of all my Mystic Method, but if I am not wrong, then Domain of Withering Sand is the most powerful method.

It is mediocre till level 6, but further, it will not be from the 7th level. It is the Domain Type mystic method that uses Cosmic Energy; it is the rarest of rare Mystic Mystic Method that very few have the chance to practice.

The Domain type Mystic Methods are powerful, but not everybody could handle it, especially this one, and with its last three methods as the Cosmic Energy treated sand, it needed to contain a humongous amount of Cosmic Energy, that one explode if does not have the powerful body to bear it.

I closed my eyes for a while before I started and finished with it four hours later, and now inside my s.p.a.ce there is an enchanting white runic Dandelion floating.

I was right; the last levels could not be practiced by a normal person, h.e.l.l I would not have been able to practice the (9th) final level of it if I did not have Grade 12 Const.i.tution.

I could still feel the pressure I felt on my body and soul when I was on the last stage of practicing the 9th level of Domain Of Withering Sand; my Level 12 Const.i.tution was barely able to bore it.