Monster Integration - Chapter 1002 - Mid Level Of General Stage

Chapter 1002 - Mid Level Of General Stage

Chapter 1002 - Mid Level Of General Stage

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"This is all for today, we will meet tomorrow at the same time," Keira said after we finished the discussion.

Currently, only five people have left a huge conference room while others left half an hour ago. We have discussed the secret plan; this is the plan of attack, we have roughly decided on the date and time of the attack.

If Grimm Monsters did not attack us by that time, then it would be us who will launch the attack.

I got out of abode with Ashlyn and walked toward the shop, I had thought the meeting would not last more than two hours, but it had lasted three whole hours, and now I am feeling hungry and Ashlyn off course.

I wanted to go directly to my abode, but since the store is open, I have to go there before I could go back to the abode. I felt a little bad for Jen, her job was to stay up to 10 PM, but it is 11: 00 AM right now.

Soon I reached the store and found Jen ten to the customer like earlier, but now the store looked even more crowded as there were twenty humans and Grimm Monsters lined up for the thing.

"Let's close," I said to Jen before I helped her sell the stuff to a line of customers before closing the shutter. "Sorry, the meeting lasted longer than I thought," I said apologetically.

"No problem, I did not even notice my s.h.i.+ft was over as I tended the customer." She said with a smile. "Thank you, you are kind enough to say that, let me make up to you by dinner," I asked.

"Ok, my sister was always praising your cooking when we cooked at home." She replied as she accepted.

I quickly stored back all stuff into my storage before deactivating the abode and flew toward the camp with Jen right after that.

When I reached abode, I found Jen and my abodes were quite close; her abode is a few hundred meters ahead of mine, which is a nice surprise.

As I reached my abode, I quickly freshened up and started to cook, and within an hour, I was finished.

"Only eat a few bites of this one, more than that, and your body will explode," I said, motioning toward the dish on the table.

"Really?" she asked in doubt. "Yes, I've used Adamantine level Monsters and some powerful herbs to make it," I said with a smile.

I had warned her early, in case she ate too much and exploded, I don't Kayla banging on my door for revenge, it would be both funny and depressing if that were to happen.

"You are better than my sister praised, this is gourmet," she said after bites. "Thank Your praise," I said, feeling happy by the praise.

"You can stay at my abode; you will be a little safe if the battle erupts," I asked her, she is Peak Diamond and intelligent enough to know that there is going to be a battle in the next few days, staying close to me will help her survive from the initial harm.

Since Rachel left, I've become quite a loner if she had not been the sister of Kayla, I would not have offered her to stay in my abode. "Thank You." She said as accepted my offer.

"I am sharing the partial control of abode with you, call me if you need anything," I said before I walked to the training room.

If the meeting had finished earlier, I would have practiced the Mystic Methods, but since it is late, I would have to be satisfied with practicing the three methods.

As I entered the Training Room, I took off all my clothes except for my underwear and walked toward the centre of the room and started practicing when I suddenly remembered something.

"F.u.c.k, I had totally forgotten about that," I said and took out the small bottle from storage which bi-color liquid inside.

This is Soul Tempering Essence, far more effective than the Soul Tempering Diamond.

I opened the bottle even slightly and tilted over my mouth, as I did that a Bi-Colored drop that looked like made melted gems came out and fell on my tongue.

As it fell on my tongue, I felt like something huge had dropped on my soul, and the secret method, which I was practicing unconsciously slowed till it barely circulated within my soul.

'It is not that heavy.' I thought. Though it felt quite heavy and circulation of the Secrete Method had slowed down much, its effect was not as crus.h.i.+ng as I had expected.

Well, it to me, with Const.i.tution Advancement and one month of h.e.l.l like pain, very few things could unfazed me.

Even this Soul Tempering, which is notorious for damaging the soul by making its extremely heavy, is barely giving me any stress.

This Temperaring Liquid might not seem very dangerous, but it is. It poisoned the soul if not tempered into the soul by a method; many people had damaged their soul and died because of it.

I took a deep breath before I started to circulate the Secret Method with full power, till now the Secret Method circulating unconsciously, now I am circulating it with conscious efforts, it began to pick speed and started to temper my soul with Soul Tempering Liquid I had drunk.

Seeing Secret Method started working fine again, I started performing Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat exercise, and after I stuffed a few monster cores into my mouth.


About two hours later, I felt on the ground dead tired by the practice. I would not have continued for long if not for refining the drop of Soul Tempering Essence.

As I could practice the Secret Method at every waking moment, but I could not practice it in every sleeping moment, so I have to practice it.

I not only fully refined that drop of Soul Tempering Liquid, but I also went further in the Body Cleansing Technique than I had expected, which was a surprising bonus for me.

'Nero, start level up.' I said to Nero when I had caught my breath; In the Tower, I had gone through two Grand Cleanings and the energy that Nero was able to acc.u.mulate was huge, enough to take me from the Initial General Stage to the Initial Marshal Stage.

But now my Const.i.tution has leveled up to Grade 12, it is not enough to take to Marshal, h.e.l.l it is not enough to take me to the Peak Level of General Stage, the current energy Nero has would only be able to level me up to Mid General Stage.


Just as I said it, Nero started to break through, and when I noticed changes happening, I couldn't help but feel surprised. My strength is increasing, and it is progressing at the rate where it mattered.

Ever since I became the White Elite, the boost the levels ups provided is nothing much, but now the boost that is providing me is quite substantial.

Though it's not huge and it is not less either, receiving such a boost, I am more than happy as it is an unexpected surprise to me.

A few minutes later, the breakthrough ended, and I formally entered the Mid Level of General stage.