Monster Integration - Chapter 1004 - Withering Domain

Chapter 1004 - Withering Domain

Chapter 1004 - Withering Domain

By the time I was finished with practicing all the methods, it was already 7:15 PM. I got up, showered, and left the meeting.

While walking toward the Meeting place, I started to refine the energy of the Mystic Method. I began with Wolf Lord's Armor, its energy most suitable for me as it is connected to my source.

The energy of the 5th level of the Wolf Lord's Armor is quite powerful that even trying with my all; I was only able to refine the trickle of energies every second, though the speed of refining increased as I continued to refine, it is not much.

Still, I continued as I saw the refined energy that came out of the Tower, the 5th Level of Wolf Lord Armor is for the level above Adamantine, but I can practice it in Adamantine Level.

Now it's terrifying energy is getting purified by the 5th Floor, making it even stronger that even I can't imagine its might.

Soon I reached the abode of Keira and fifteen minutes after the meeting started in conference room Grander than yesterday. There are more people, not only at the Middle and Outer table but at the central table too.

There are two more humans Conquered the Tower, making Eight Humans conquering the Tower, nine we count Ashlyn into it. / The meeting was long like yesterday, and when I got out, I had the task in my hand.

I am taking a watch tonight on the Market; there are three other Conquerors that will be joining me, keeping an eye on movements of the Grimm Monsters.

As the date of closing got closer and closer, the environment between the two races was getting tens and tenser.

The palpable tension could be felt between two races that the slightest spark would make the battle erupt between two races in full force.

By the time I reached my shop, I had finished refining the energy of Wolf Lords Armor, I wanted to try it immediately, but I controlled myself and moved to the Violet Feather of Featherlight.

The mystic energy of Featherlight is a little tougher to refine than that of the Wolf Lord's Armor; I have to put quite an effort into refining it.

"Do I close the shop?" Jen asked as she saw me enter the store, "Yes, but no need to take the stuff out; I will be spending the night in the abode." I said she seemed a little surprised hearing that.

"I have a guard s.h.i.+ft," I explained before I materialized the kitchen and started to make the preparation for the cooking, and Jen was nice enough with her help that we finished making dinner within an hour.

Forty-five minutes later, we finished eating dinner, and I sent Jen back to camp. She wanted to stay, but it is too dangerous.

After I sent Jen back to camp, I walked to the abode roof and created a small room there; I entered the small room while keeping Ashlyn out as she will keep guard while I practice.

Inside the training room, I continue refining energies of featherlight in the background while putting the maximum of my focus on comprehending the profundities of the Eldritch Art.

Two hours pa.s.sed by, and I finally finished with the energy of Featherlight, which has become even stronger than before.

After I finished refining the energy of the Featherlight, I did not directly start to refine the energies of Domain of Withering Sand.

I opened my eyes and tapped a few b.u.t.tons on my Holowatched; as I did, the practice room got bigger and bigger till it covered the whole roof about a hundred meters; as I did that, I activated the Domain of Withering Sand at its full power.

The next moment a sphere of the reddish-brown sand erupted from me and started to spread outward.

Withering Domain!

As I looked at the domain, I became quite surprised, not by the domain but of the Sand.

I had thought the color of sand would be eye-catching, the one that puts out awe, but the sand that came out is reddish-brown of Color, a regular desert.

Well, it's also good it looked like regular desert sand, people have a habit of underestimating average things.

A second later, the Domain stopped expanding at fifty meters. The area of Domain is quite small compared to Domain my const.i.tution offers, but I am not worried about it, as I am very sure it will expand as it will get refined by the floor of the towers.

The thing I am, I am most interested in, is its lethality, and I have to say it impressed me.

As the name of the Method suggests, the Domain had withering abilities, whoever had entered the Domain would find himself a.s.saulted by the full power of the Domain.

Average Admantines would not be even able to survive in it for seven a second before turning into the Ashes.

Only those who have power equal to Wendigo will have the chance of survival in it, and this is the power of Domain before its energy got refined by the Tower.

As its energies get refined by the Tower, it will become stronger; I can't imagine at what degree its power will rise, If its energies ever get refined by the Final floor (7th Floor) of the Tower, that time It will surely become a terror.

But that is the thing of the future; currently, I could only refine it though the 5th floor, I hoped that after refinement, the time I could employ it will also increase, currently twenty minutes is the limit of what I could employ the Domain before it got drained of the energies.

So, without wasting any time, I started to refine the energies through the 5th floor of the Tower.

The energies of Domain of Withering Sand are tougher than the featherlight energies that I had to focus solely on refining it for an hour before I could branch out my consciousness and focus on comprehending the Art.