Monster Integration - Chapter 1001 - The Meeting

Chapter 1001 - The Meeting

Chapter 1001 - The Meeting

"You handle the store, Ashlyn and I have some business to attend to, we will return in two hours," I said after I helped put new stuff on the shelf.

"Ok." She replied.

Nodding at her, I walked out of abode and walked toward the camp, and looking at the way; it seemed to be the center of camp where I reached within a few minutes and found myself standing from the small Black Castle.

It looked quite defensive, and I know it is as I have two abodes like this. If I am wrong then this abode is one of the abodes from the Tower, I had got one killing the Grimm Monster and one I found in storages that Ashlyn had given me.

The two of them I am using for my abode and shop I've set in the Market. While I had adopted the simple design for the abode, whoever activated this abode used the beautiful design of the Black Castle.

Now and then, people could be seein going inside, but before going in, they had to flash their wrist at the Guards and take the badge from them before going inside the castle.

I also walked toward the Guards who all are Peak Admantines, they quickly noticed me, sorry they noticed Ashlyn and the expression of their faces had changed.

Some of them had a feeling of surprise; some had that of disbelief and my favorite jealousy, which had been targeted by me.

I am very familiar with such gazes; I had received them a lot when I was Peak Golden Elite, who had yet to break to the Platinum level while Ashlyn was a Peak Platinum Elite.

"This is your badge for the meeting." Said the Blond Guard as he finally moved his eyes from Ashlyn and handed me a badge.

It is a badge with White color Tower imprinted on it; it is a mark one gets when one reaches the 1000th Level but did not conquer it.

I shook my head at the badge to which an angry frown appeared on the blond guard's face, and he opened his mouth to say something when his gaze fell on my wrist, which had a red mark of Tower flas.h.i.+ng.

Seeing that, his eyes had nearly popped out, and words he was about to say got stuck in his mouth. "Apologies Sir, here is your badge." The blond guard quickly recovered and handed me the badge with the red Tower.

"Thanks," I said before walking inside. Inside there was the lobby and past it is a huge conference room. The conference room is huge, and it is made in three tiered fas.h.i.+on.

The three conference table in the room, the smallest one with Red table had only twelve seals, this table in enveloped another table which is white in color, it had about seventy to eighty seats and enveloping it another table which is Yellow color with a thin strip of white in the edges, it has about four hundred seats.

It is very clear who sits, those who Conquered the Tower will sit a center table, those who entered the 1000th Flood but did not Conquer it will sit on the Middle Table and at last, the last table are those who were able to enter 999th level.

I entered the conference after the guard verified the mark on the wrist again but this time from a little closer.

As I entered inside, I found gazes of many people on me or rather the red badge I am wearing.

Conquering the Tower is no simple feat that anyone could perform, to defeat the Wendigo, I had to use every ounce of the strength I have to defeat the Wendigo.

In the central table, only three people are sitting, two of three are unfamiliar to me, but one is very familiar. It is Keira, the girl who has a penchant for high heels and she is wearing them even now.

She looked quite surprised seeing me having the red badge as she did not expect I will have one. Her reaction is quite funny; I am enjoying it very much.

I gave her a soft smile as our eyes crossed and walked toward the central table, soon I reached it and sat on the empty seat of the round table beside the empty table.

"h.e.l.low, I am Micheal." Introduced myself to the three people. Three of them looked about the same age as me and only faintly showed their power.

My killing Rule is showing their battle power above-average Adamantine, but I know it is not true battle power if it had been then not in this table but also not in this room.

I could sense their real battle power, and if I used my killing rule and I don't, they would sense their battle power, but I would rather not, little mystery is fine to keep the fun going.

"I am a Geroge." "Ella." "I am Keira." Three of them introduced themselves. George is a young man with blue hair and oriental features, Ella is a beautiful young woman with jet Black Hair and a sharp face, and last is Keira, who likes to wear high heels.

After introducing ourselves, we made small talk before falling silent and watching people come inside one after another.

Since today, there are fourteen people who have conquered the Tower, and of the fourteen, six are on the human side.

Now the central table has the five people and Ashlyn, means on our side at least six people have cleared the Tower, which is good compared to Grimm Monsters, who likely have eight people who made the Tower.

Though they have more people compared to us, the gap is not big seeing how many of their people have entered the Tower, so even if they attacked us even now, we would be able to deal with them easily.

Finally, the clock ticked 8:00, the number on our table did not have a chance, but the other two tables did. In the middle table, there are sixty people, which is quite surprising; I had not expected these many people would be able to enter the 1000th level.

Seeing their numbers, it could be said that barely one in ten entered the 1000th level able to Conquer which itself speaks to the difficulty of the Conquering the Tower.

The people who reached the 999th level also greater than I had imagined, the third table had filled, there were only four seals that remained empty, seeing such numbers, it seemed like I had underestimated us, humans, too much.

If this continues for five days, then we could easily twice, or more numbers than we have now, and people are still coming and entering the Tower in doves.

"I had called the meeting to discuss the strategy of our response if Grimm Monsters attacks or if they did not attack them how are we going to attack and when," Keira said and brought me out of my thoughts.

Soon a small projection screen appeared in front of everyone, and we started to discuss the optimal plan on dealing with Grimm Monster.

There will be a huge battle; it is an undeniable fact, the only question is who will start it, us, or Grimm Monsters.