Monster Integration - Chapter 1000 - Practicing Art

Chapter 1000 - Practicing Art

Chapter 1000 - Practicing Art

I left the shop to Jen and walked toward the training room. There are many things she will have to sell, and with Ashlyn with her, I don't have to worry about anything funny.

Soon I reached the training room and sat cross-legged in the center of it before immersing my mind in the 1st Chapter of Eldritch Sword Art, which is named Blast.

As Immersed my mind into the 1st Chapter of the Eldritch Sword Art, which is strangely named Blast, I felt like a whole new world had opened in front of me; this world is simple yet complex.

All sorts of Sword Profoundies could be seen flying everywhere, so are the formulas of using various abilities, and when they linked together with worldly energies, they create the destructive force that very few could be able to resist from it.

Everything here is very simple, but when I tried to grasp them, they became profound that I could not simply learn them as I learn after reading the books. I have to ponder over these profundities and understand them in my own way.

No one could help me grasp the profundities of the Art as it would not be mine, even if I comprehended it, I will not be able to use it as it's full potential. So, it is important that I comprehend the Art with my own understanding, Art also advises it.

The prologue of it had advised that one should comprehend by one's own understanding. It is fine to take inspiration from those comprehended but one has to understand them in their own way.

I looked at the profundities, delving deeper and deeper into them, sometimes I understood, sometimes it goes over me.

Still, I am quite happy as I concentrate on these profundities, I understand how important it has a basic knowledge about the Sword.

This knowledge is very important; without it, one would have a really hard problem understanding these profundities as they are based on the Sword.

Understanding one's abilities are also equally important, and in that, I am a little ahead than the sword.

My understanding of my Fire ability is way greater than my sword; I may not use it as much as the sword in Combat; I understood it better.

During the design of my swirling Armor and Runic Armor, I have researched heavily on my Fire ability, I understood it very deeply.

Even now, when the power of the Blazing Rose merged with my fire ability, it only increases the power of my, with only bringing slight change in it, which I quickly understood, otherwise I would not have accommodated my fire ability into my Runic Armor.

I ponder profundities for a while before getting up and taking out my sword using the profundities in practicality.

Though I will not be able to use the Art unless I fully comprehended the 1st Chapter, I still gained hugely seeing those profundities.

I want to use them all, so I could understand them even better and also ponder over new profundities, this is the only way I will increase my Comprehension of the Art speedily.

After I practiced for a while, I again sat down and began comprehending, as the day pa.s.sed, I continued doing that.

I got up and sat down more than ten times a day. I would get up when I quickly understood some profundity and sat down when I had to ponder over the profundity.


Time pa.s.sed, and soon, the evening had arrived, and my holowatched buzzed when I was practicing a particular profundity with my sword.

Feeling the vibration, I had stopped, I had set up an alarm of 7:00 PM, As I have an important meeting to attend at 8:00 AM.

I put away the sword and walked out when I reached the front; I saw a crowd of ten or so people in front, each other requesting something through the wind. The line is quite orderly; there is no chase, not the slightest.

I am quite surprised as when only one manning such a big shop with so many shops, there tends to be chaos, but there is none, everyone is peacefully requesting the thing they want to buy.

I opened the inventory though my holowatch and became quite surprised by the number of stuff she had sold, it is triple than I had expected, and the bestseller is the things from the level, even the things that are rewarded, 100th flood had been sold.

Seeing that, I became quite excited and quickly checked out the stuff she got in return, especially the specific list of things that I had asked her to buy. When I checked it, all the stuff on the special list had been ticked.

This specific list contains the things I want for practicing my Mystic Methods; I have got all the things I needed to practice all the remaining levels of Mystic Methods.

If I had been normal Adamantine, I would not be able to practice all the levels, especially the last level of the Mystic Methods, which is for those above Adamantine, but now that I have Grade 12 Const.i.tution, I will have no problem practicing them.

The only problem I will have is whether my Tower can refine the energy there or not, especially of the last levels, but seeing the refining power, it will be able to refine it, albeit barely.

Currently, with the power of my Fire Ability and Runic Armor, I do not need or urgency to practice the Mystic Methods, as I don't think they will be able to match the power of it.

However, I am still going to practice; one never knows when they need their help.

And they are actually good camouflage, with me practicing them, I will not have to use my Runic Armor to deal with every difficult enemy I've come across and not to forget I planning on integrating the power of Mystic Methods in my Runic Armor, if I can do that, then the power of my Runic Armor will rise beyond my comprehension.

But it seemed impossible; the Mystic Energy is drawn from the Runic Formation made of the alchemical material.

Since the energy is drawn by specific Runic formation, it is nearly impossible to place it in a different formation.

Till I could find a way to circ.u.mvent that Rule, it will be impossible for me to use Mystic Energies in my Armor. Though

"Micheal," Jen said as she finally notices me coming toward her, "You seem to have got a store in full control," I said as I saw how she is selling stuff to the Humans and Grimm Monsters without a problem.

"It's all because of Ashlyn, she had taught the troublemakers a lesson that they will never forget in their life," she said as she looked at Ashlyn when she looked at I could clearly see the hint of fear deep in her eyes.

'Looks like the one she taught the lesson was quite powerful, likely an Adamantine.' I thought. "Here is stuff I was able to get, they are as you have requested," she said and handed me storage pouches. Which I directly stored in my storage and watched them sort.

"You have done a good job." I praised her, she had really done a great job. There is a huge amount of remnant attack resources in the storage.