Monster Integration - Chapter 990 - 1000th Level

Chapter 990 - 1000th Level

Chapter 990 - 1000th Level

All the Five Golems were killed by me, and now I could walk into the 1000th Level that I had wanted to since I had entered the Tower.

But I did not hurry; I slowly walked toward the gate while looking at hundreds of fights that were happening around me. I am quite tired and want to rest a little bit before entering the 1000th level.

I want to be at my peak before the fight, to be honest, I would have very much liked to take a small nap to remove all the fatigue I am feeling but I, unfortunately, I could not. I will be killed within a moment of closing my eyes here.

Finally, after two hours, I reached the door leading to the 1000th Floor. I took a deep breath and entered inside; it is time to face the most powerful challenge.

As I entered the Gate, everything went blank for a moment before the light came s.h.i.+ning again. I found myself on the red floating disk, which had a diameter of the thousand kilometers.

Right in front of me is a challenge that I had to defeat, seeing it I am quite surprised but also happy that I got an opponent which had never appeared before or at least in the intel I've received.

The last obstacle of the 1000th level is always Legendary Creatures, like Hydra, Gorgon, Dragon, Phoenix, and some others, but one I got is Wendigo. A Ghost-type legendary creature that had never appeared in the Tower before.

The Wendigo looked similar to what I heard and seen in books and meadias, like some freak from a horror movie. It is only three meters tall with a bony grey body and long deer horns that are present on the both sides of its head.

Some parts of it like the bone cage of its chest are visible while other parts thighs are covered in skin.

It looked like a freak and felt extremely dangerous with those large bone hands which are sharper than the knives and the faint, faint grey that swirling around its body, which is giving off a very weird sensation to me.

''The Battle Will Star In Ten Seconds.''

A monotonous voice rang out, and numbers in the universe language started to flash above us. Seeing that, my heart started to beat loudly as I gripped my sword properly and activated my killing Rule to full power.

Not only killing Rule, but I also activated my other rule powers too. The Sun Rule had powered up the enchantment of my sword further while Swallowing Rule and Healing Rule started to circulate throughout my body.


The countdown slid further and further, till it finally reached zero and loud 'Fight' rang out in the flat, monotonous voice

As the 'Battle' rang out, the stationary windigo moved, and it moved at such speed that it completely blew my mind and made me question how it can move at such speed?

The speed is incredible that I immediately started using one of my trump cards immediately as I know without it, I am no match for it. The current Armor and Artifact I am wearing are nothing but paper in front of it.


It appeared in front of me and swung its body hand, and next moment, I saw the defense of the Armor and Artifact I am wearing crumpled in front of its attack before I received a hammering blow on my body, which shot me back like a kite in strong wind.

Puh Puh…

I started to vomit blood as I hit, and this blood is not red but grey, which gave off the filthy smell. I could feel the force and strange grey energy entered my body as it did, the blood-red energy also came out for the defense.

But when it came, it was already late and some of the grey energy already started affecting my body. If not Swallowing Rule and Healing Rule, which immediately started healing my injuries, I would have become a dusky skeleton by now.

A look of horror dawned on my face as I experienced the terror of this energy and knew I could not let more of this grey energy come into my body.

If it came in huge quant.i.ties then even my powerful const.i.tution and healing Rule would not be able to save me from becoming a dusk skeleton within a few seconds.

This is the first time I had been injured since I had got this const.i.tution, and to be honest, it feels good to be bloodied again.


It had been just second when I received the attack, and I was still flying back like a rocket when it again appeared in front of me and attacked me with its claw, and this time, the attack of its was even more powerful than before.

It is like a ghost appearing in front of me before I could react and attack me before I could even move my sword.

It had released a huge amount of grey energy into me, but this time, I and my const.i.tutions were prepared. The blood Red energy of my const.i.tution and Healing Rule enveloped the strange Grey energy before the grey energy infiltrated and injured me like last time.

Though the Grey energy was not able to infiltrate my body and injure it, still the strength of the attack was powerful enough to shock me and sent me flying back at even greater speed.

It is coming to me again, I could see its ghost smile as it moved its bony hand to attack me and this time there is even more grey energy present in its hand than it was in the previous attack.

I moved my sword to defend, but I know the attack will come at me before the sword could move to defend.

I wish the activation of my trump card would be a little faster, but it needs three-second activated, and only two seconds have pa.s.sed; there is one more second before the trump card could be activated.


Another of its attack had landed on me, and my speed of shooking back increased again that I am shooting back at blurring speed.


I said in my mind as I saw silvery runes came out my body and created an intricate formation, the formation is very beautiful and if one looked from the distance, they would see the shadow of my old Swirling Armor in this new Runic Armor of mine.

The Swirling Armor and this Runic Armor of mine had a difference between sky and earth. The things it could do things are way beyond that of the old Swirling Armor of mine.


The faint buzz rang out my body as the Runes connected to each and created the formation. As the same time formation activated, the Wendigo came closer to me and swung its body hand again at me. Seeing that smile couldnt but appear on my face.

The Runes on my lit up, and I stopped on the spot, the momentum shooting me backward immediately crushed away, and at the same time, the runes on my hands lip up a little, and my sword moved at unbelievable speed toward the bony hand of the Wendigo that is coming for my heart.


A deafening metallic sound resounded and our clothes and hair moved back but we did not move a single inch in this terrifying clash, we stayed rooted without much shake.