Monster Integration - Chapter 991 - Wendigo

Chapter 991 - Wendigo

Chapter 991 - Wendigo

The power of Runic Armor could not be underestimated; it is one of my trump cards, which have given me the confidence to clear this 1000th Stage, and seeing this clash, it has affirmed my confidence again.

It's Claws and my sword locked in a stalemate; both of them are not moving a single inch. While my face may look normal by this but I am shocked, shocked by its powerful defense.

The flaming red edge of my sword had directly clashed against ist big bony hand, but despite that, they were not able to make a single scratch on it.

My Totem Artifact is very powerful, that even without the Level 1 Rule of Sun, it was able to cut through the sword of powerful Adamantine.

But now my Totem Artifact is not only powered by the power of my ability but also the power of the Sun Rule, but despite that, it was not even able to make a scratch on the bony hands of the Wendigo.

Seeing that, I've even questioned whether this Legendary Creature could be killed not but soon calmed down from that thought.

Its hands are its main offensive weapons, so it is not much surprising that they could not be scratched through my sword, but it will not be the same for the other parts of its body.

With that thought, I power up the runes on my hands and move my sword back to launch the attack.

Seeing me attacking, it also moved its body hands and attacked me, this time, it is using both of its hands instead of one.

Its hands moved like a ghost as they attacked me, it is extremely hard to keep track of these Ghostly movements, and others won't be able to do that. But it is not a big deal for me, which has a pure sensory type rule.

I could see its movements very clearly and know, and that it is not wise to treat them as normal attacks, as they may look slow and ghost, but in reality, they are extremely fast and pack three times more power.

So, I did not attack directly; instead, I disappeared from my spot and appeared behind Wendigo and swung my sword directly at its neck.


My sword moved closer and closer to it, and when it was just palm distance away from its neck, a bony hand appeared above the neck and defended against my sword.

Seeing that I am not sad, not even a little bit as now I became sure a common weakness of the neck applies to it.


Next moment my armor lit up, and I disappeared from its back and appeared in front of it and attacked again but this time it had its hands moved and counter the attack, just as it did, I disappeared and appeared on its left and attacked it.

I barraged it with the attacks from all directions; there is no place from which I hadn't attacked it. I am attacking it at breakneck speed from every direction imaginable, but it was able to counter all of my swords.

If anyone saw our fight at the distance, they would see me blinking all around it while it is defending from all the sides. Though it is defending against all my attacks, I am not one bit sad seeing that.

It is not only giving me precious data about its Combat Style but also making me get used to the power and many abilities of my Armor; this experience will be very useful when I use my full strength to fight.

If it had been any Grimm Monster, I would have used my full power in a surprise attack to finish it off in a single move. Though usually, I liked the long b.l.o.o.d.y fights, I still want to finish some as quickly as possible when the great reward is at stake.

But I am not fighting against the Grimm Monster; it is Golem of the War Tower, which bore 100% similarities to Wendigo.

If I use my full power, it will also immediately use its full powers, and that is not good for me as I did not have full control over my powers yet and wast sure about my victory against it.

The longer I fight, the greater chances of my winning would be, in the long run, not only will I get full control over my abilities but will also be able to collect precious data about it.

But still, a long fight will not be more than three hours, according to the intel. All the fights at 1000th, Victory or Defeat ended in three hours. No fight had ever lasted for more than three hours here, 90% even ended within an hour.

There is no perfect reason written for that, but I am sure it is because it started to use all of its strength within an hour. By that time, you defeat it or it defeats you, it is as simple as that.

Time pa.s.sed as I continued to try to attack its fatal spot with its neck and its ice-cold heart. If legends are to be believed then to kill a Wendigo completely, one needs to burn its ice-cold heart.

Still, I would prefer to kill it with Old fas.h.i.+on beheading, but I wouldn't mind some heart burning too, I haven't done that in the past few levels.

As the fight continues between us, I am gaining a tactical edge over it. Not only have I put it on the total defense, but I've also started a.n.a.lyzing its combat style. So, each move I made is on the previous move it made.

With every attack, my sword will move closer and closer to it. If it did not increase its full power soon, I would use my full power instantly when my sword got close enough to its weakness, that time even if it used its full power, it would not be able to defend against it.

This is one of the plans I made; there are many other plans which tribute to different changes that might occur in the fight.

Five minutes pa.s.sed by when the grey aura around it thickened suddenly, and its strength rose unprecedentedly.

It had become stronger and faster at the moment that if I did not have my killing Rule, I would have definitely fallen prey to its surprise attack.

Seeing ist fearsome claws coming at me, making noise as they tore through the air, the Runic Armor also lit brightly. Seeing the power of its attack, I know I will need to harness a good amount of power from my Runic Armor.

So, I did. I instantly harness the huge amount of power, I will need to fight from the Armor.


A deafening clang rang out, and it was so loud that I felt my ears going deaf, but that was just a starting as the next moment, it started to attack me, with two of its bony hands.

Its Ghostly Movements are extremely fast that I am very grateful to myself that I had borne the unbearable migraine for a few levels to get used to the Killing Rule; if not for that, I would forget about defending against such ghostly attacks.