Monster Integration - Chapter 989 - 999th Level II

Chapter 989 - 999th Level II

Chapter 989 - 999th Level II

'This is Madness!' This is the first thought that came into my mind as I entered the 999th level, I saw more than a hundred Grimm Monsters, and Humans are fighting in a tiny s.p.a.ce of five hundred kilometers.

The fights are happening everywhere; there is not a single remaining s.p.a.ce that has been left open.

Despite having huge numbers of Grimm Monsters and Humans, both parties are keeping to each other, not attacking the members of other races which is completely unlike levels before.

In the past levels as long as one has enough strength, they will always try to kill a member of the other race, especially after Nine Hundredth Level.

As we want to finish off any Grimm Monsters that will become a ma.s.sive threat for us in the future, each and every Grimm Monster who was able to enter Nine Hundred Levels count as that person.

It is the same for the Grimm Monsters, they will kill any human their eyes fall on, but here everything is different.

Here everyone is fighting their own battles against the Golems and not attacking others despite knowing they would get the point of others if they kill it.

Well, I could understand why both races are not attacking each other like crazy despite seeing the cream of the crop of other races.

The reason is that; fighting here would be like lighting up a fuse, once the fight had started, everybody would be drawn in, and they don't want that to happen.

It would have been fine if it is at any other level, but it is the 999th level. They are just one step away from reaching the 1000th, and they don't want to jeopardize that chance by doing anything.

If any human decided to attack any Grimm Monster then before Grimm Monsters could do anything, humans would kill him, that is how people are serious about reaching the 1000th level.

So, I also have to stay my hand, no matter how much I want to kill the Grimm Monsters and get the resources from them in the chance of taking my Const.i.tution to Level 12.


This time when I entered the 999th level, I was not immediately attacked, it took seven seconds before the Golems came at me, and all these Golems were humans made of stone and lava.

These Lava Humans have bodies of stone that are filled with numerous cracks, and through them, lava could be seen spilling out. These Lava humans are most common in the Level 999th level; they are about 80%.

On the regular level, they were not more than 5%, but here when there are hundreds of people present and are fighting against the five Golems each, so having fifty meters tall Lava Giants is not feasible.

That is why Lava Humans and small Lava Demons could be said on the field. Though their size is small, they pack explosive power; if one is not careful fighting them, they would be burned cinders before they even know it.

The five Lava Men coming at me are fully Armored, and if they had been wearing cloaks, I would have considered them real humans, but they are not. They are just extremely strong Lava Golems.

As I saw them coming toward me, I activated the Killing Rule at full power, which instantly gave me hard migraines, but I bore it and started to process all the information that was coming toward me.

The movements of super-powerful Golems have become slow in front of my eyes; I could see each and every movement of them with the perfect clarity and processed them to see what type of attack they will make.

All five Lava humans are holding the different types of weapons and the forefront of all is a Lava Humans, which is holding the spear.

It attacked me first with its three-meter long spear while the four-cornered me and started to launch their attacks.

Seeing that, I started to make my move and my speed with speed, which isn't much faster than theirs.

Everything is moving at a very slow speed, including me. With the killing Rule, my senses have become really strong, but I am not strong enough to move according to it, so a fight between five Lava Humans and me has become the fight of the turtles.

Each of us would take very slow steps and perform fighting maneuvers against each other; it feels like life's biggest joke that when I first started fighting in the slow fas.h.i.+on, tears came out of my eye.

Though I know we are fighting extremely fast and it is only due to the full power of killing rule that everything has become slow, it still felt quite weird to fight like this.

I just wanted to stop the killing or lessen the power of killing rule power at the least, so I won't fight in such fas.h.i.+ons, but I could not as I have to get used to using the full power of my Killing Rule.

I will need it in 1000th Level, not only I will need to use the Killing Rule, but I will also need to use every trump I have been holding back, only then will I be able to do something.

But before thinking of the 1000th Level, I should say the first thing about the ways to quickly finish this fight as soon as possible. I had greater speed; I would have zero problems killing these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

Their attack and defense are filled with holes that could be easily exploited, but with my current strength, I could only use very few of them. Still, these slow visions are extremely helpful as I would need less than twenty minutes to finish off these five lava humans.

While fighting these Lava Humans, I dodge most of their attacks as countering directly is just a ha.s.sle as they have more physical strength than me and no matter how expertly I counter them, I still going to take a couple to steps back, So I might as well dodge the attack and save myself that ha.s.sle.


Time pa.s.sed by, and I continued to kill Lava Humans every few minutes before finally, I pierced my sword in a crack in the skull of the last Lava Human, gaining permission to enter the 1000th Level.