Monster Integration - Chapter 988 - 999th Level

Chapter 988 - 999th Level

Chapter 988 - 999th Level

Thirty-Five minutes, it took me thirty-five minutes to defeat the five Golems of the 980th Level. It is a little shorter than I had expected, seeing I am not actively using my Killing Rule to deduce the Combat Style of my opponent.

After finis.h.i.+ng with the Golems, I looked towards the battles that are happening in the level. One Grimm Monster and Human are fighting against the respective Golem that Tower had sent at them.

I am a little disappointed seeing one Grimm Monster leaving the level, but if I am lucky, I could get it at the next level. Forget about that, I should think about the current one.

It is Bearman and has good strength, but it had already reached its limits, and at max, it would be able to move another level before it got killed or it crushed its badge and transported out, but it will not have that chance as I am going to kill it.

A minute later, I killed the Bearman and stored its body in my storage, including its stuff; there, I got another good piece of Artifacts. They are Gauntlets, they have one specialty, which is to dissolve the force as long as it is within their limit.

Since I entered the Nine Hundred Levels, I have found many amazing Artifacts. Silent Wind Sneakers to Pressure Puff Gauntlets that I am wearing right now. Everything I was wearing before entering the Nine Hundred Levels had been replaced, including the sword I am using.

I am using the Cutter, but this Cutter is way better than one I got as the reward. The one I was using got 800th Level as a reward, but the Cutter I am using right now is an upgraded version of Cutter I had, which Grimm Monster had likely got as the reward in the 900th.

After I finished wearing the gauntlets, I walked into the gate, took the blessing before getting transported to the 981st Level. Just as I did, I finally took out my Totem Artifacts as it is time to use it.

The Golems and the Grimm Monsters of this level are very strong, and it would take quite a lot of time for me to finish them off before I could advance to level and that much wait, simply not worth it.

There are twenty more levels I have to cross, and each of them is filled with a stronger and stronger obstacle, which I could not underestimate, so if things got hard, I would not hesitate to bring out my trump cards.


With sword in hand, I moved toward the Golems that were coming at me, but I had just taken the step when the Floor shook lightly, and a familiar announcement rang out.

'It is 5th!' I said, this is the fifth time the tower shook, and the announcement rang out. Five people have cleared the Tower till now, and I intend to be the 6th one.

The intel said that only 10 people get the best of the best reward after clearing the Tower, those who clear after that had the quality of their rewards reduced a little.

This intel is not confirmed yet as there was not enough data to bring the sure result.

As the reward one gets at the after completion of the Tower is not random; it is a reward that is most suitable for one. It is said that the Tower observes one whole journey through the Tower and decides the most suitable for you.

That is why most rewards one gets are most suitable for one, and it is hard to distinguish whether one is getting a lower level reward than the normal; still, I liked to be one of the first ten people who cleared the Tower, in case it is true.

With a sword in my hand, I felt my strength rise unprecedentedly, which gave me the confidence and capability to destroy the Golems that are coming toward me.

A few seconds ago, they were capable of engaging against me for more than an hour, but now, killing them has become easy as pie. I had just needed less than ten seconds to finish with them all.

After I had finished with the Golems, I had killed off the Grimm Monsters before I moved toward Grimm Monsters, which took me a little more, five minutes as one of the Grimm Monsters had a very powerful Defensive Art, it took quite an effort to crush it all.

After I finished with the Grimm Monster, I moved on to the next level, where I did the same thing as the previous level before moving away.

The first four levels were different, but as I moved forward, the levels started to get more and more dangerous, and I needed more time to kill the Golems.

The Grimm Monsters have also become quite a challenge too, as with each level; they got stronger till, at every level, it took me more than an hour to finish off the Grimm Monsters.

It took me fifteen hours to reach 990th Level and two hours to cross it to reach the 991st level.

At 991th, I let loose the power of Level 1 Rules, and they were fearsome, especially the killing Rule, which, if used at full power, gave me migraines as it transmitted more information to me than I can process.

Even at the dangerous 991th level and forward, I did not need to use the full power of my killing Rules, but I still did, experiencing that unbearable constant load of information, just to get used to it.

I will need to use it when reaching the 1000th level. The 1000th Level is extremely dangerous and difficult to Conquer. According to statistics, only 5% of those who had reached the 999th could clear it.

To reach 999th, one needs fearsome power, but still, that is not enough to Conquer the 1000th; one needs to be very, very powerful.

'Well, I will need to clear the 999th before I can clear the 1000th.' 'I've heard there is real madness present in the 999th Level,' I said in my mind and took a step inside the gate leading to the 999th.