Monster Integration - Chapter 987 - Seventy Levels

Chapter 987 - Seventy Levels

Chapter 987 - Seventy Levels

A whole day pa.s.sed by and I had crossed seventy levels, if one did not count the rest days, then it had taken me less than a day to reach the 900th level.

But today I took a day to cross the seventy levels, and I am going to need much more to cross the levels ahead.

I took the blessing and walked to the 971st Floor; the Floor is Silent. There are no Grimm Monsters or Humans at this level, which is not much surprising; very few people could reach these levels.

Roar Roar…

I had just taken a step inside when I heard the roar and saw one Lava Scorpion and Minotaur bathed in the flame are coming at me, both of them are exceptionally strong, so strong that even Earth Crockman would turn into mist if it faced them.

'It is time.' I said in my mind, and Silver Phantom Armor covered me, till now I had fought without using my Armor, but now I have to use it, without it I won't be able to pa.s.s through the 971st Level.

As armor appeared on my body, I moved toward the Monster, my speed is so great that even powerful specials won't have a problem seeing me, but these golems seemed to have no problem in seeing me, I could feel their dead eyes tracking me.

Puch Puch!

Though they may be able to see me moving, their reaction speed is slow. As I appeared above the speed Lava Scorpion, attacked me with its superfast pincer.

Still, before its pincer could touch me, I pierced my sword into its head-turning it into the melted lava before I appeared behind Minotaur and pierced my sword into its head.

It isn't over yet, one Lava Giant and two Lava Snake are coming at me, only after killing them will I be able to pa.s.s through this Level as only killing five Golems will I be eligible to pa.s.s-through the level.

Puch Puch Puch

In the next ten seconds, I pierced my sword through three Golems before moving toward the next level. With me using the Armor, my power has increased again; it will help me pa.s.s through a few levels comfortably.

I crossed level after level, and before I knew it, I had reached the 980th level; it was not easy to reach here with just the help of Mystic Methods.

Till the 975th Level, I did not have any problem, but after that, the fights got longer and longer till at the 979th Level, which took nearly half an hour to clear.

As I took a step into the 980th Level, an oppressive feeling came over me. In the 980th Level, there were already three fights going on, two Grimm Monsters and one human fighting against Golems.

All of them are pretty strong since they can reach this level but still against these Golems they are struggling with.

Roar Die Roar…

A second after I took a step inside the 980th Level, five Golems came at me, and surprisingly, all five of these Golems are of the different types. They are Lava Falcon, Lava Demon, Lava Scorpion, Lava Giant, and Lava Lizard.

All of them are big, each and every one of them is twenty meters or longer, and the power they are emitting is enough for one to have his soul shuddered, even I am feeling quite fearful of them.

Lava Lizard, Lava Scorpion, and Lava Falcon had attacked by throwing s.h.i.+t loud of Lava at me while Lava Demon threw a punch which was filled with lava while Lava Giant hacked its Axe at me.

Seeing the five of them attacked me with perfect Sync, they have cornered me from every corner, there is not any s.p.a.ce to dodge these attacks; they are not only powerful, but they are fast.

Seeing their attacks coming, I immediately used the FeatherLight Method to disappear from my spot and appeared behind the Lava and Giant attacked with my sword covered in the cloud of the Dark Sand.


My attack was fast very fast, but the Lava Giant was not slow either; it was tracking me, and as I tried to launch an attack at its huge neck, it swiftly moved its heavy armored hand and defended its neck.

Right when my attack counted, I saw a Lava Falcon coming toward me with its huge mouth opened to bite the little me. Seeing that, I immediately disappeared from my spot and appeared above the Lava Falcon and slashed my sword down at its eyes.

But as I was doing that, the falcon spun away 360 Degree in unbelievable time and launched a big load of Lava at me, I was barely able to save myself from the attack before I appeared behind the lava Demon and slashed my sword at it.


It also moved its hands to defend, but I was too fast and that before its hands could approach it, my sword sliced through its neck. I did not get a chance to enjoy my victory as the ax of the Lava Giant came cleaving down on me.

Immediately disappeared as I sensed the attack, the Lava Demon was the easiest to kill as it had the lowest speed. It had the highest offensive powers but the lowest the speed.

The remaining four monsters are more balanced compared to it, killing them quickly would be quite difficult. Though I could kill them quickly if I started to use more of my abilities, I had already decided against doing that.

I have set my Target on 1000th Level, and for it, I have divided each of my trump cards and abilities according to the levels. I will only use my Armor when I reach the 971st level or take out my Totem Artifact at the 981st level.

So, even if I have to take the intense beating to clear the level, I will take that but will not use those abilities or trump cards. However, there are some exceptions to the Rule, like Grimm Monsters.

I still have not forgotten about my Const.i.tution Advancement; other than reaching the Top of the Tower, collecting the resources is still a priority. If, by some luck, I was able to take my Const.i.tution to Level 12.

I fight against the four Golems, trying to understand their fighting style better, so I could kill it, only doing that will I be able to kill them quickly.

Golems at each level had the distinctive fighting style, someone like me had to observe them quite a while before I could find a pattern and kill them.

But finding a pattern is not a simple thing, especially when they are so powerful; time is needed, especially when I am not using the killing Rule. If I had been actively using the killing Rule, five minutes would have been more than enough.


Finally, after twenty minutes, since the fight started, I was able to kill the most difficult opponent. The Lava Scorpion is most difficult to kill. Due to its swift pincer; it is very difficult to get on its back, much less stab the sword on its head.