Monster Integration - Chapter 986 - Silent Wind 593

Chapter 986 - Silent Wind 593

Chapter 986 - Silent Wind 593


The formation of the resting room lighted up, and the next moment, everything dark before returning to normal or red.

I have entered the lava world; lava could be seen flowing around everywhere. It is like I've entered h.e.l.l; everything is Red and Hot filled with the thick scent of sulfur that could burn up the normal Adamantine ashes, it is like h.e.l.l.

There are all types of Lava creatures that could be seen, Lava Giants which are twenty-five meters tall and Lava Monsters which could easily swallow a few Grimm Monsters in a single bite, there are not only the big Golems, there are smaller one as well.

All sizes and types Golems exist at this level, having ten times more variety than any level before. There is a lava monster as Lava Scorpion and lava humans, which look like humans, but they are made of the Red Clay and have lava seeping from their cracks.

And each and every one of them is powerful, powerful as the Violet Horn Bullmen and they are going to get stronger, a long stronger that even I don't think I will be able to match some of them when I reach the higher levels.

This level is different from all the other levels I had been or different since I entered level 600. There are hundreds of people fighting inside these levels, both Grimm Monsters and humans.

This is not surprising since, after the 900th level, there are only these hundred levels; there are no dimensional copies of them. So whoever crossed the 900th from which dimensional copies, they end up here.

The humans and Grimm Monsters are not only fighting against themself, but they are also fighting against each other. The earthshaking fights could be seen everywhere.


I was looking sound when I saw two Lava Giants, Three Lava Falcons, and a sneaky Grimm Monsters coming at me. Each of them are emitting powerful energy fluctuations, especially Grimm Monster, who is stealthily coming at me.

It is using a stealth ability of its Inheritance, an excellent steal ability, I may say, if anyone other me were here, they would have not been able to sense it but I could sense this sneaky Snakeman as if he walked in a sunny sky.

Seeing such powerful enemies coming at me, I did not take the actions immediately; instead, I just took out my sword and waited, waiting for them to come close to me.

Slice Slice Sliceā€¦

Soon they came closer, and the first one to attack were three lava Falcons, which are as huge as the Lava Giants, three of them came above me and spit the huge amount of lava at me, it felt as if the river of lava had come down on me.

If that was not enough then, right after the Three Lava Falcons launched their attacks, the two Lava Giants have also hacked their blades at me, all five of the Lava Golems are perfect Sync with each other.

If someone like Violet Horn Bullman faced something like this, then it would have been really hard for it to come out unscathed, but to nothing, I waited for because I wanted to have little fun.

Slice Slice Sliceā€¦

I disappeared from my spot and appeared above the Lava Falcon and sliced its head off before disappearing and appearing above another falcon and cutting its head off before doing the same with the third one.

I have not only cut the heads off the Lava Falcons but also appeared behind the two Lava Giants and cut their head off, and I did all that before the after the image of my had completely disappeared from my previous standing place.

Blop Blop Blopā€¦

As I killed the five Golem, all of them turned into the lava merged into the nearest lava river, but their attacks had crashed into the place I was standing; that area had completely drowned by the Lava attack of the three Lava Falcons.

"Are you searching for me?" I asked the snakeman as I appeared in front of me, it had been searching for me since the moment I had disappeared.

It looked at me horror as it saw five Golems disappearing into lava but was not able to see how I was able to kill them and that downed the horror on its face as it released that I am the opponent that is far above it could kill.

It opened its month, and about to say something when suddenly it looked down and saw my sword in its chest, it had appeared there without it realizing.

A second later, it died, and I stored its stuff, including its stuff, and a moment later, I added sorted stuff into const.i.tution storage. While I was doing that, I noticed an interesting thing.

They are sneakers; cool silver black sneaks, it was the same sneaker that Snakeman was wearing. When I added my mana into them, I instantly knew everything about them and got very amazed.

I instantly knew these sneakers were the reward this monster got from the 900th level. It is definitely a product of the Tower as its insignia is imprinted on it and I am sure it is a reward of the 900th level as its quality is too high for it is the reward of any other levels.

The name of these shoes is 'Silent Wind 593'. They have two enchantments, one is 'Silence,' they will make any sound when they are used, they will be utterly quiet, and the other enchantment is swiftness, they will provide a boost of speed, seeing the boost even I am quite surprised.

I did not waste any time wearing these Silent Wind Sneakers, these sneakers will be very helpful in the battle, and I know I will need all help, tiny as that it may be to forge ahead.

After wearing the sneakers, I disappeared from my spot and started killing any Grimm Monster that my eyes fell on, and within fifteen minutes, I killed all the Grimm Monsters that were unoccupied.

The ones who were alive are those who are fighting against humans; I had offered humans to kill the Grimm Monster they are fighting, some have accepted while others have denied.

'Challenger *&$#@#$*#*@ Has Conquered The Tower."

I was about to step into the exit of the 901 Floor when suddenly an announcement rang out through the floor. The language was unknown, but everyone clearly understood what it meant.

Someone had cleared the 1000th level; I had expected something like this would happen, as there are millions of people who have entered the Tower, at least one should have the capability to clear the Tower, no matter how hard it is.

But it felt too soon; there were barely three days had pa.s.sed since the Tower had opened and there had already been someone who had Cleared the toward.

I wonder who it is; from the powerful Grimm Monster I've seen, n.o.body seemed to have the capability to reach the 1000th Level, but they could be hiding their strength using some method as I did.

Even with the sensory abilities of my Intermediate Grade Killing Rule, I am not full confidence in sensing their real combat strength; there are many ways people could hide their strength.

Still, I hoped it's Ashlyn who had conquered the Tower; she had the capability. The power of Blazing Rose she had merged inside her source is far greater than me, with such ability, she had the capability.

I can't be sure if it is her or not, nor I could waste my time thinking about it, the only thing I could do is try my best to Conquer the Tower and get that life-changing reward.