Monster Integration - Chapter 979 - 5th Floor

Chapter 979 - 5th Floor

Chapter 979 - 5th Floor

I have not only made progress in the Body Cleansing Technique, a few seconds after the Grand Cleansing Started, I've also created the 190th Seal of Supreme Combat Exercise.

That seal is finished and now ten seals are spinning to create the 19th Amethyst Seal. They are now sucking Mana from the tower storage, which has sufficient mana to create for the Ruby Seal, so I did not have to worry about it not having enough for the Amethyst Seal.

Soon the Amethyst Seal created, and it started to spread the refres.h.i.+ng energy inside me as it strengthens my body and soul. Though the book Amethyst Seal provides is pretty much nothing, but still, I am extremely happy about creating it.

The being had told me many secrete about Supreme Combat Exercise and knew little of but refres.h.i.+ng energy which did not much increase and seems like nothing is very important in the Grand Scheme of things, I will get a glimpse of its benefits if I can create 1000 Seals and receive life-changing benefits if I am able to create 10000 Seals.

'F.u.c.k.i.n.g Hard!' I mitered inside when I started to circulate for the 191 Seal; its f.u.c.k.i.n.g hard, I was felt completly dry after a few circulations, but I still continued with all my efforts.


Few minutes pa.s.sed by when I fell down on the ground with 'Thud'; I was completely drained that I did not have the energy to move for a second.

I used every bit of the power I have to reach the Grand Cleansing and create the seals of supreme combat exercise.

Though the practice was draining, every second of it was worth it. My strength had increased again, and with all the crystals I ate, I increased my level from 3rd Star Adamantine to Forth Star of Adamantine, this increase is a bonus as I ate the Crystal for Nero to eat.

He had acc.u.mulated enough energy to take me to the Mid Level of General Stage, but I am breaking through, not without Ashlyn. So Nero will have continuously acc.u.mulated the energy for the big breakthrough when Ashlyn entered inside me.

I rested for a few minutes before I got up, activated abode, and took a shower inside where I practiced with a sword for an hour before I started practicing three methods again.

I continued doing that until Nine hours pa.s.sed; at that time, I did not have the energy to continue anymore, so I ate and slept for six hours. After walking, I freshened up, ate before I started to practice again.

I practiced only one session before I stopped; three and half hours had remained before I was teleported out, and if I wanted to, I could easily practice for another session, but I did not.

The battles going to turn little harder from now on, the Grimm Monster I will face will be stronger and to face them, I want to be at my hundred percent, even with my current strength I did want to take any chances as I know, I may be stronger, but there are always be someone stronger than me. I have to be always ready to fight that stronger.

On this day of training, I've made quite high progress. I have not only gone through the 2nd Grand Cleansing, but I have also reached the 39th pose of 13 Move of Body Cleansing Technique, I've also created 192nd seals in Supreme Combat Exercise.

The only method, I was not able to make progress is Secrete Method, I've practiced this method, taking a huge amount of energy from the Soul Tempering Diamonds but I was still not able to make a breakthrough into the Secrete Method which was little disappointing, but I could do nothing about it.

Seeing I have nothing to do for three and a half-hour, I started to re-read all the intel I had about the Tower, especially levels above 800th.

"F.u.c.k, I had totally forgotten about that!" I exclaimed out loud; I said half an hour later, after I started re-reading the intel. The Tower, I had completely forgotten about the progress of the tower.

Well, it's not completely my fault, I was so dejected by the materials I've lost of methods that I had completely forgotten about.

Before coming to Ruin, I've had materials for two advanced levels of Mystic Methods, but since half materials were herbal, they were used by the being to advance my Const.i.tution.

Though I may have gotten Top-level Const.i.tution, the Mystic Methods are still important, and they are not completely useless either, especially the 'Wolf Lord's Armor.'

The 5th Level of the Tower is completely different from the other four levels; there is not only different runic formation for the upper three floors, but these upper three floors also give off a little unique aura, but the fifth floor might also be able to purify my energies enough that they turn useful to even current me.

And pure mana is useful for my fire ability as well; the more pure the mana is, the greater powerful my fire ability would display. Since Ashlyn is not here, I could not merge more energy of the Blazing Rose with my source, so I will have to make do with the pure mana.

So, without wasting any time, I closed my eyes and looked at the tower, and since this time there is no limit, I took my mana which was getting refined in the 4th floor and built the momentum with it to break apart the ceiling that stopped it from reaching the 5th floor.


I built the momentum for a while before making it crash across the ceiling, and just as it did, a crack appeared on the ceiling. This crack is small, faint, but cracks nonetheless, and it shocked me.

I had expected that I would be able to crash through the 5th floor, seeing what I been through the past month, but never I had expected; I would be able to make a crack on the floor at my first attempt.

Last time when I made advancement just before coming to Ruin, I had thought it would take me months to reach the 5th, but I was able to accomplish in just little more than a month.

Crack Crack Crack...Bang

I continued to build the momentum with each attempt being stronger than others, more and more started to appear on the ceiling, and small cracks started to become bigger till the whole ceiling filled with cracks and shattered with a loud bang.

I let my mana pa.s.s through the 5th floor and started to refine it. When I saw the refining process which had become quite straining on the fifth floor, I couldn't help but laugh as the 5th Floor might be demanding more effort to refine the energy but the result it is giving is also very amazing.

The mana that is coming out of the 5th Floor is very pure, purer than I had expected; with such mana, the power of fire ability would increase even more. Seeing such purity, I couldn't but feel excited about the battles I will face in the coming levels.