Monster Integration - Chapter 978 - 2nd Grand Cleansing

Chapter 978 - 2nd Grand Cleansing

Chapter 978 - 2nd Grand Cleansing

The month when that being was creating the const.i.tutional base inside me was h.e.l.l to me; it was the time when I had felt the most dreadful pain in my life.

There, I was lost in pain for more than three weeks, having no idea about anything other than having simple thought that is to survive. I had become a dingy in a furious sea.

In this time, I could not do anything other than let pain wash over me and maintain the spark of my consciousness with all my efforts, so it could not be crushed under the humongous waves of pain and make me a vegetable.

During that process, I could not practice any method as my body and soul were going through the transformation during that period, so the only thing I have during those painful days is me.

Those days of pain would not have helped me in the method, but after I became free, I started to circulate the methods, especially Supreme Combat Methods, as just in five days, my seals of Supreme Combat Exercise had reached 180.

The weeks of pain had sharpened my willpower and persistence immensely, and I am betting on this willpower and persistence to help me go through the 2nd Grand Cleansing, make two hundred seals of Supreme Combat Exercise, and off make a breakthrough into 7th level of Secrete Method if possible.

With every article of clothing from my body except for my underwear removed, I walked to the centre of the room and started to perform the Body Cleansing Method and with the other two methods.

My speed is extremely fast, fastest I've ever been while performing the method, and within a minute, I had performed all the poses of the 1st move and moved toward the second move, which also finished within a minute.

Till I reached the 8th move, I have performed all the moves within a minute. Only on the 8th move, I started to feel little resistance and slowed down a little.

As I am progressing further, I started to become slower and slower, but compared to previous speed, I am superfast.

Soon, I reached the eleventh move where I started to feel considerable pressure, and my speed started to slow; still, I am very fast, and It did take me much before I reached the 108th pose of the 11th move before moving to 1st pose of 12th move.

I started to perform the poses of the 12th move with heavy resistance, though the resistance is great, I am very sure that I could handle it and continue performing. As I am progressing in the Body Cleansing Technique, I am also making progress in the Supreme Combat Exercise.

I had already created the 4 minor seals already and was moving toward creating the 5th seal if everything went well; then, there are quite good chances that I might be able to create 190 th seal or 19th Amethyst Seal, 1 Amethyst Seal before I could have my 2nd Ruby Seal.


Soon I performed 12 poses of the 12th Move, and Major Cleansing had started, seeing that I gulped down the crystal core. I had to gulp down the cire, not to advance my level, which I did not have to worry about in the Tower since there is Elixir but to feed Nero.

My const.i.tution is Top-level which means, the energy I would need for each breakthrough would be humongous, I better start feeding Nero from now if I want to make a breakthrough.

I had already stuffed my mouth with lots of Mana Cores, including that of the Lord Stage monster.

Before my const.i.tution, I could not have taken such a risk, but now I do not have fear due to my const.i.tution, and Nero would also be able to eat, seeing how he had gone through the six mutations back to back.

He may look small, but his power is humongous, it could be seen inside my body as guzzled up the energy as it came out, despite expecting such speed from Nero, I still got quite startled.

"Gulp Gulp...!"

Seeing the one core would not be enough, I gulped down another one and then another, and then another, only after gulping down four Monster Core did I able to satisfy energy needs.

I continue performing, and even if getting out of major cleansing, I have no fear of the cores. Even without the suppression of the Cleansing Energies, Nero could easily manage the energy of the four cores.

I continued performing one more, and after another, before long, I crossed the 50th pose and continued moving forward. However, I started to feel tired and is far from enough to produce thoughts of giving up in my mind.

Seeing my speed of performing and will I have, I have already upgraded my Target. Now I want to go through the Grand Cleansing this very session, not this day or two days; I will go through the Grand Cleansing this very session.

With that goal in mind, I continued and crossed the 70th pose, my speed has slowed down even more, but I still have more than enough energy to continue, and I will continue till I reach the 108th pose of the 12th Move and let my body go through the Grand Cleansing.

80, 90, 100, I reached the 100th pose and felt bone tired that I just want to sleep fell down and sleep but seeing target so close, I continued performing as I had already decided that unless I reached the 108th Pose I would not rest and since I had decided, I will follow through it.

So, with an ant-like speed that was completely unlike my earlier superfast speed, I moved toward 108th. The poses got harder and harder, and my speed got even slower as the exhaustion reached its limit; still, I continued and reached 107th pose.

Now, I have only one pose remaining to perform, and I will do it no matter how tired I am just a step away from my destination, I will not give up before I reach there.


I continue trying and trying and trying, and finally, my efforts bore fruit as I reached the 108th pose.

As I did, a rumble rang across my body, and a huge amount of cleansing energy spread, bringing out all the energies that are hidden deep inside and suppressing all the energies they could move a single inch. Their only fate is to be eaten by Nero or get melted and fused with me.

The cleansing also started, and with it, it brought a horrible smell as dark grey impurities in liquid and smoke began to release from my body and soul.


I also gulped down the Lord Levels Monsters monster core finally, and I have to say the energy it has been huge, it was beyond my expectation that even Nero could not eat all they came out.

It was a good thing, the suppression of Cleansing Energy is huge that energies from the Lord Level core were suppressed enough to help Nero quickly eat them.

If not for it, my body would have had to handle those energies and even though I had become very strong with the const.i.tution, it would still take me quite an effort to suppress those wild, powerful energies of the Lord Stage Monsters core.