Monster Integration - Chapter 980 - Eight Hundredth Levels

Chapter 980 - Eight Hundredth Levels

Chapter 980 - Eight Hundredth Levels

"It is time to refine the Mystic Energies," I muttered as I finished refining all my mana. Seeing how pure the mana has become, I started to feel a little worried about the Mystic Method, whether they will be able to house such pure mana or not.

'They should be.' I said in my mind. When I upgraded my methods last time, the 4th Floor was barely able to refine them, so they should be able to house the purer Mystical Energies.

I've spent a fortune buying the best materials when practicing Mystic Methods, I would be very disappointed if they could not hold the purer energy.

The first energy I started to refine is that of my Armor; it is connected to my source with the help of it, it had a lot higher chances of housing the purer mystic energy and I was right when I finished refining all the energy of the Armor, the Wolf symbol was able to bear it all.

Seeing a smile couldn't help but appear on my face, I've seen how purer my energy had become and combined that with the power of the fire ability, my armor had now become very powerful.

I looked at the wolf symbol one more checking if it is under any strain, seeing there is no strain, I started to refine Mystic Energy of Domain of Withering Sand, this mystic method I have the most confidence in, as last time I had practiced three levels of it one after another which made it really difficult for Tower to refine its energies.

Refining its energies from the 5th Floor is also difficult but for entirely different purposes. I kept refining the energies and adding to the rose and was quite relieved that there was not much change, seeing that I continued refining till I finished with it.

"There is a strain," I said as I saw faint lines of strain on the rose; currently they will not affect the usage of it, but If I refine the energy again with the 6th Floor of the tower, it will turn into fine powder as the strain will be too much for it.

After I finished refining the energies of the 'Domain of Withering Sand,' I started to refine the energies of the FeatherLight.

It is the Method I am most worried about to my surprise; it took the purified energy fairly well with less sign of straining than the Domain Of the Withering Sand.

After refining all the Mystic Energies, I looked at the time and heaved a sigh of relief to see there was still a half-hour before I sent out. It's a good thing, there is still time, refining all these energies have made me quite tired.


Soon a faint buzz rang out across the hall as runes on the floor lightened up, and the next moment, everything in front of me had turned dark before the light appeared in front of me, and I found myself in the familiar snowy field.


I Hadn't gotten up when I saw consecutive dies from the creature; there is one Snow Giant and Two Yetis coming toward me holding axes and hammers.

The Ice beings in the Eight Hundredth floors are quite different, they are not only strong as powerful Specials, but they also looked different. They have Ornate Ice Armors on their bodies, and their weapons are also flas.h.i.+ng with the runic lights.

All of it is made of Ice, and that is what makes them even more beautiful, if I could, I could have captured one of Ice Giants, it is so beautiful and lifelike that those Art freaks surely would have paid a high price for them but unfortunately, I couldn't, except for the reward, I could not take anything from the tower.

Seeing the three Ice beings coming at me, I took out the cutter from my storage, I wanted to use it since I've gotten it, and now I could finally use it against these snow beings.

Slice Slice Slice

I disappeared from my spot and swung my sword three times; there was only a faint sound before I stopped. The three snow beings stopped their tracks like statues with their ferocious expressions and weapons up in the air.

Thud Thud Thud…

This only lasted for a second before a faint line had appeared across their waist before the upper half of their bodies started sliding before they fell on the ground and vanished on the floor of the level.

"Good, Sword!" I muttered, its cutting power is just below that of my sword, but since it is a light sword, it is better equipped to cut than the Totem Artifact of mine, which is Greatsword.

A few seconds after that, another group of Snow Golem appeared, and they also got the same treatment from my sword as the first three Ice beings did, each and every Golen had been cut down by me.

After that, no Golem attacked me as I gathered enough points, and now as long as I did not attack them intentionally, they would not attack me.

I looked at the two hundred kilometers wide stretch before me; there is not a single thing I could see in it. It is not surprising there was no living being here when I entered the Tower; there were less than a hundred powerful Specials who entered with me.

Counting on those who became powerful specials in the Tower or those powerful Specials entered the Tower after us, there are still not many people, and seeing there are a hundred levels and their dimensional copies, it is not surprising that I did not find anyone.

Seeing there is no one, I sped across the snow and sometime later appeared at the exit, which I unhesitantly walked inside and entered the 802nd Level, where I also did not find anyone aside from the Snow Golems, I killed them and moved on next.

I continued doing that while finding more and more empty levels, devoid of any being it human and Grimm Monster. It is fine if I did not see any humans, but Grimm Monsters are must, I still need to get resources from them to upgrade my Const.i.tution to the

This dry special continued till I reached the 807th level, there I finally found the live being. It was human, a girl about my age, fighting the Snow Elephant and Snow Yeti and doing quite fine against them.

If she continued fighting this way, then it wouldn't take her long before she finished the two Ice Golem.

This is a girl unfamiliar; I did not see her earlier when we are going against the Grimm Monsters. She had either become special in the Tower, or she had entered the Tower after me.

I am willing to believe that she entered the Tower after me, as she is quite strong compared to the Violet Horn Bullmen, I had fought. If she used her real power, then she could finish those Snow Golems in a single move.

She sensed me and looked at me while fighting; I gave her an encouraging smile before I moved toward the exit.

The 808th Floor had been completely dry that I just wanted to curse, and I did before moving to the next floor, and there I got quite surprised as I saw not one but two Grimm Monsters fighting in the distance.