Monster Integration - Chapter 977 - Cutter

Chapter 977 - Cutter

Chapter 977 - Cutter

"You should have asked before leaving?" I said calmly as yellow energy spread through its body, as yellow energy spread, a thick layer of Violet Energy started to spread over its body if one looked carefully they could see tiny runes floating inside it.

It is a Defensive ability; it had activated it as soon as it crushed the badge; not only that, it also kept its spear ready in case I attacked. There is fear in its eyes, but it also believes that it will be able to getaway.

"I will fight you again when I upgrade my Inheritance; at that time, you won't be my match." It said.

Yes, inheritances could be upgraded, but very few people have the capability to do that, 95% of people stayed with the same Inheritance they have received the first time, only around 5% of people were able to upgrade their inheritance.


"Unfortunately, you will not get a chance," I said when I two and half-second pa.s.sed when I disappeared from my spot; next moment I appeared beside it with my sword in its heart.

It looked shocked, seeing it and opened its mouth to say something, but I burned its heart to cinders before it could do anything. I could have let it say something, with my sword in its chest, its escape had already been hindered, but there was no use talking to it, so I just killed it.

I took out my sword from its chest and stored its body inside my storage; this is the first Grimm Monster that had not been turned into ash by me. I've decided not to burn the bodies of the Grimm Monsters anymore, especially bodies of powerful Grimm Monsters.

I would need a ma.s.sive amount of energy for the advancement of my Const.i.tution and turning them into the ash is simple waste.

I had not collected bodies before because I was not worried about collecting the crystals. I am confident that with my current power, I could easily acc.u.mulate the humongous number of the mana crystals that I would need for Level 11 and Level 12 Const.i.tution within a few months.

Mana Crystals were never a problem for me; there are walking talking sources of them; the problem for me is the herbs.

I need to have at least 50% of herbs in advancement resources. The sheer amount I will need for the Advancement would be humongous, and gathering it would be very difficult, especially if I want to do that within a few months.

So, I will have to collect all the resources I would need in this Ruin, not 100% but I would need to have at least 50% resources for the advancement to Level 12, as for the Advancement of the Level 11, I have no worries about it, I am very confident that I would be Advance my Const.i.tution to Level 11 in this Tower.

After storing and adding things of the Violet Horn Bullman into my const.i.tution storage, I continued my travel. I did not look at how much my Const.i.tution storage had filled; I stopped doing that after the storage got filled with the 50% resources.

I crossed level after level, and finally, I reached the 799th Level, next level I would receive a reward, and I am very excited about it, but I have also reminded myself that I should make the same mistake I had made the last time.

I will quickly move away from the formation to another room after I collected my reward. I will only have two days of rest, and I want to train and make sufficient progress as now my target has changed.

Before entering the Tower, my goal was to reach 900th Level and get a reward from there, but now my target had changed, now I reached the Apex of the Tower, 1000th Floor.

Though it is impossible to reach there with my current strength, even reaching 920th Level would be difficult for me, as this the level above 900th is for those at an unnamed level above Adamantine. They are supposed to be supremely powerful. However, I will still try my all to get there.

Taking a deep breath, I entered inside the gate and again appeared in a small room and now in front of me is my reward floating as usual, as I looked at the reward my heartbeat couldn't help but quicken.

It is a sword, though with my Toten all the weapons are useless to me, I still got excited by this sword. These are releasing incredible fluctuations and just sensing them; I know it will be incredible.

I took the sword without waiting and received information about it in my mind as I walked toward the resting room holding the new sword.

This room could not be said to be a room but a big entry hall, there is nothing in the hall except for the Runes carved floors.

Sitting I look at the sword in my hand; this sword is completely opposite of my totem Artifact.

It is a Staff Sword named Cutter 921, which is 1.5 meters long, it is a 0.5-meter long wooden handle and 1-meter long blade which is sky blue. The sword is completely straight with a 45-degree tip.

This sword is extremely durable that I don't think even my totem Artifact would make a scratch on it and very suited to be used with all Elemental Abilities and Mystic Energies.

It has only one enchantment, and that is cutting, it could cut through anything, even steel is cheese in front of it. Aside from my Totem Artifact, it is the best sword I've ever seen. If I did not have my Totem Artifact, I would have definitely made it my permanent sword.

I took my Totem Artifact and tried to merge with it but faced intense resistance from it. The level of my Totem Artifact is way higher; it would not merge anything aside from the weapon which had a similar or higher Grade than it.

I put away Artifact and also put away the cutter and started to take off my clothes; I am going to practice three methods, especially the Body Cleansing Method, even with my current power it is extremely useful.

When I was talking to that being who occupied my body, I spoke out the methods I was practicing, and it had nothing but praise about it, especially Supreme Combat Exercise, which was even practiced in its world.

It had also said good things about the Secret Method, and the Body Cleansing Method said anyone who practices these methods fully would have impeccable. It will also practice methods similar to these after it occupied my body.

If such a powerful being who only answers in the few words, throws praises about these methods for a few minutes, means everything I heard about these methods is absolutely true, and I should practice it with all my heart.

My target of practice is to go through 2nd Grand Cleansing and breakthrough 7th level of Secrete method and also create 2nd Ruby seal, all of these are very hard goals to complete in two days when I had gone through the 1st Grand before coming here and hadn't practiced Body Cleansing Technique since then.

I could not talk about the Secrete Methods as I could not tell when I could break through it, the thing I could talk about is Supreme Combat Exercise, there is some confidence there as I had already created the 180 Seals of it.