Monster Integration - Chapter 976 - Violet II

Chapter 976 - Violet II

Chapter 976 - Violet II


The white spear covered in violet runes and clashed with my sword, and when it did, a huge metallic sound rang out, and immense force came at me with the Violet Energy of the Bullmen.

I did not put up any defense as it came to me; I want to experience the power of the Level 10 Const.i.tution.

The force and Violet Energy entered inside me, and when I experienced it, I was blown away by the power of it. If it had an average Adamantine of any stage beside me, he would have exploded into the fine pieces. The force is too big, not to forget the strange Violet energy is released.

This Violet Energy is one of strangest energies Ive ever seen, it is not harming me but block all the nodes from which I could get energy, not the nodes of my physical, it is also started to block the connection with source and the heart s.p.a.ce from which I got my mana and Mystic Energies.

It is doing all that by transforming into the runes and creating the formation, so blockage will not be a block that one could break through the sheer force. One will need a defined method to break these formations or use sheer force like mad, that would so much time that Bullman would easily finish you.

I was shocked seeing the nature of this Violet Energy and understood that I had a way to underestimate the Inheritances, especially the Inheritance of a powerful tribe as Violet Horn Bullmen.

The force as energy started to work their magic as they energies my body, but they had just begun when my body started to release faint red energy and which directly consumed all the force and Violet energy that had infiltrated my body and soul.

"Nice Inheritance, that Violet Energy of yours is very difficult to solve for the average Adamantine, even weaker Special Admantines would not last long in front of it," I said, its attack was powerful, but it did not faze me even a bit, I did also shook slightly by the attack.

It got surprised, but a look of understanding flashed in its eyes, "You are powerful, but the attack I had performed just now was the simple attack, I will now show you the real power of my Inheritance." It said as it swiftly took back its spear.

"Violet Blast!" It shouted as it did, a big, dense cloud of Violet energy started to appear on the tip of the spear, and at the same time it's Spears movements became faster and difficult to differentiate as phantoms began to appear around it which look extremely real and giving off the same aura as the main Spear.

The Spear had merged into the tens of phantom that one could not see which Spear is real, normal Adamantine could forget about identifying the real Spears as every spear looked the same and felt the same.

I was impressed by this attack of its; it is not every day one would get to see such an amazing and complex attack. Seeing it coming, I swung my sword at the Spear, others may have problems seeing the real spear, but I did not.


Our weapons clashed again with more strength than before, but this time as our weapons clashed, the thick cloud of Violet Energy, which was present on the tip of the spear, moved and enveloped my body before seeping inside me.

The Violet energy inside this move is more than twenty times than before, and now it had come inside and speared thought every inch of my body and started to create the sealing formations, but like before, this time to my const.i.tution had dealt with it easily as before.

Seeing such change, I've really felt like I had become quite overpowered than an attack so dangerous as this wasn't able to harm me even a bit.

"You should really start attacking me with real moves, using these moves won't work on me," I said to Bullman. It again got surprised seeing me coming out of its attack unscathed.

This time it did not say anything; just the calm Violet Aura around it started seething and started to give off very aggressive feelings. It seemed like this Violet Energy could change in nature as it had now changed from Sealing Type to offensive type.

"Violet Fury!" It attacked again, and this time, its aura is covered in the seething violet energy, which could destroy anything that comes in its way. And this time, this attack did not have any illusion; it came directly without the fanfare of the phantoms.

I became a little serious seeing this attack; it is a very powerful attack that even I did not dare to underestimate as this attack is powerful enough to threaten me if it hit directly to my body.

Seeing the attack coming, I also swung my sword, and in a moment, my sword reached its and about to clash when the spear changed the directions as a wily viper with the aim of piercing through my neck.


Seeing that small smile couldn't help but appear on my face and I flicked my wrist a little and my sword and immediately blocked its way, and it clashed against my sword.

Immense force crashed down on my body with the seething Violet energy; as they entered my body, they started to attack in unhesitantly.

The force had directly attacked my internals while the violet energy turned into small formation before those formations began exploding.

Though these Violent explosions did not harm my internal as blood-red energy enveloped and neutralized the energy before they could, they are still able to shake my body slightly as that is really something.


I was about to praise it for such an attack when I saw another attack coming at me, and it was faster and stronger than before, so I swung my sword to deal with it and before another attack came, which was even stronger.

Its attack got stronger and faster at the rapid pace, but no matter how much stronger they got, they were not able to do anything to me, my const.i.tution was able to handle everything with ease, and that had really shocked me.

This Volet Horn Bullman is not a weakling, but I was able to fight against it without using any of my power, I am fighting against it with just my Physical strength.

It would not have been possible with the Level 9 Const.i.tution, but Level 10 had completely changed the dynamics. It had made me really powerful and not to forget the level I had to fill again, which was an immense amount of energy when it was regressed.

This is just a Level 10 Const.i.tution, what kind of height will my power reach when I Advanced my const.i.tution to Level 11 or Level 12.


The fight continued but the rise in power of its moves had started to slow down, and now it is barely increasing its power. I was about to end it if it had nothing much to offer when I sensed something and saw yellow light begin to cover it.

It had seen its end and now had crushed its badge to escape but how can I let it escape.