Monster Integration - Chapter 975 - Violet I

Chapter 975 - Violet I

Chapter 975 - Violet I

The Grimm Monsters in the seven hundredth floors are less in numbers compared to the six hundredth floor. On the Six hundredth floor, I used to see, on average, fifty Grimm Monster per level, but now seeing ten feels like a miracle.

Well, it is understandable, the seven hundredth floor is for the Special Admantines, and there were not that many specials around, ever since I had entered the seven hundredth flood 98% of the specials were unknown, I did not see them when we were facing the Grimm Monsters.

They are likely Adamantines who went three hours before us and became Special in the Tower.

My speed of level crossing was, the ordinary special would not be able to match it, only those most powerful specials will be able to compete with me in climbing the levels.

It is kind of boring though; every Grimm Monster I've come across had been killed by the single move of mine, there was not a single one that would take more than one attack from me.

If I had waited for the day, then I surely would have met many strong Grimm Monsters, but who is climbing the levels like a rocket would rarely get a chance to meet any powerful Grimm Monsters unless I slowed down or waited for the days.

There is no reason crying over the spilled milk, I just have to continue in this Sevens Hundredth levels, and once I reach Eight Hundred levels, I would not have to worry about finding the opponent as there even opponent would worthy taking out my sword including the Ice Golems.

Eight Hundredth levels are for most powerful Adamantine Specials; every being there, including Ice Golems, will be powerful.

"Finally!" I muttered as I received the Elixir at the 710th level; I had finally advanced to Adamantine.

I had thought, I would be back in the Adamantine Level in the Six Hundredth levels, but the Elixir there was not enough to cross me Adamantine and Diamond, only receiving Elixir here was I able to reach the Adamantine.

But seeing my humongous energy needs, the Elixir in these Seven-Hundredths levels would not be enough for me to reach the Peak Adamantine, they would be most take me to the Mid Adamantine.

Time pa.s.sed as I crossed the levels, the opponents got stronger, but they are still ants to me, turning as they turn into ash by every attack of mine. I continued killing without stopping and kept adding more and more resources into my storage.

Soon, I reached 790th Level and received the last blessing of the seven hundredth levels, which took my level to Three Star Adamantine, to initial Adamantine; elixir here was not even enough to take me to the Mild Adamantine.

"Human we meet again,"

Suddenly I heard a familiar voice from behind when I was throwing the knife at the lone Grimm Monster; when I looked behind, I saw seven meters tall Violet Horn Bullman who just entered 797th level.

The Aura of Bullman had clearly changed; it had become a lot stronger than before, not only that it is also wearing Crystalline Violet Armor, which is giving off very threatening feelings.

"New Armor?" I asked with a smile as I looked at the Violet Armor, which looked amazing on it.

"Yes, I got it as my reward." It replied with a prideful voice. As expected, it had got the Armor, and since it had at the Adamantine level, its power could not be underestimated at all.

"Well thank you for it, I will cherish it well after I got it off your dead body," I said with a friendly voice as if I am talking to a friend, not an enemy whom I just threatened to kill and take off the beutiful Armor it is wearing.

"You have a sharp tongue, Human; it will be the first part I will eat off your body when I killed you." It said without getting angry before it attacked with its eight-meter long spear, crus.h.i.+ng two Ice Beast Golem, a Yeti Ice Golem, and Snow Giant Golden in a single strike before it came at me with the swift speed.

The smile remained on my face as I saw it coming, I casually took an ash-colored Great Sword from my storage and waited on the spot for its attack to reach me. It looked a little surprised, but the next moment it became serious again as it increased its speed.

In less than a second, it crossed the distance of hundreds of meters and appeared in front of me as it swung its spear at me. I looked at the swinging speak carefully and found the mark I had left on it had completly disspeared.

I looked at the spear coming at me without blinking, and when it crossed the half of the distance, I finally swung my sword at its spear.


Step Step Step...

A resounding metallic sound rang out as our weapons clashed; just as that happened, the Grimm Monster started to take a step back. Its eyes have gone wide as it could not believe what had happened.

"You should use your inheritance, if not you will die at next attcak." I stated the truth, ever since I had entered the Tower, my strength had grown a lot that even I did not have an idea how much stronger I am.

I hope this Violet Horn Bullman has a big inheritance that could pose some challenges to me. I have become quite bored since I entered the Tower, I've not found a single one challenging opponent, the single move of mine has killed all of them.

This Bullman is only one who survived, though I had not used real power against it; still, it hadsurvived and now I have to place my hopes on it to give me some real challenge.

"Very well, I will show you the Inheritance of Violet Horn Bullmen Tribe." It said and next moment, its horns started to s.h.i.+ne brightly, and runes started to flow out from it.

The Runes spread all over its body before merging inside as they did, Violet Aura burst out of its body and with its battle power, its battle power was rising rapidly, till it rose to the degree that brought a brilliant smile on my face.

"The aura seemed good; I just hope that it is not an empty balloon," I said as I saw violet aura covering its body and white Sphear one which the Violet Runes started to appear.

"It will be your honor to die under the Grand Inheritance of my tribe." It shouted and loudly before it came to me. For a moment when it came, it had become a blur to me before turning to normal speed.

It appeared in front of me and swung its Spear like a python, looking at the spear one would get a feeling that it is not a weapon but a live python that is coming to reap my life.

Seeing its spear coming at me, tearing through the air, I also swung my sword with the power, feeling very excited to experience the power of the Inheritance for the first time.