Monster Integration - Chapter 974 - Rule Of Sun

Chapter 974 - Rule Of Sun

Chapter 974 - Rule Of Sun

When I entered inside, I saw an abstract painting floating in front of me, and this painting isn't real, it is made of light and seemed to contain all the colors in the world.

"The Painting,"

I said ecstatically, this is one of the Rewards I had been wis.h.i.+ng to receive and was quite disappointed when I did not receive it. But now I have finally received it and received it at the Adamantine Stage which means the benefits I am going to gain from it would be huge, absolutely huge.

I did not waste any time as I touched the painting while projecting the Sunfire Rule into the painting.

First few seconds, nothing had happened, but then suddenly everything in front of me turned blank and before amazing scenery appeared in front of me.

This is the second time I saw something this Grand; the last was the memories hidden in the potion, which I had drunk in the Aferian Ruin.

In front of me is a humongous Blue Sun blazing radiantly; it is absolutely humongous, and has a string of tiny planets...o...b..ting around it.

It is releasing the Rule power that feels very familiar and also very very suppressive that I am barely able to use my Rule power in front of it.

The Rule Of Sun, one most offensively powerful Level 1 Rule, seeing it, my mind got absolutely blown out. It is a once in a lifetime chance to comprehend such Rule.

A second ago, when I touched the painting while projecting the Sunfire, I thought I would Comprehend from Rule of Sunwave or Sunflare, which both are pretty powerful Level 1 Rule but did not expect that I would comprehend from the Rule of Sun directly.

It is an absolutely huge deal, and I would not waste such a chance to comprehend from it.


I was about to start actively comprehending when I suddenly spotted the change in my Sunfire and sensing the change, I immediately squashed it. My Sunfire Rule was about to upgrade to Level 1 Rule, seeing that I immediately squashed it.

It was going to upgrade into the lower level 1 Rule, the Rule of Sunwave, which I do not want my Sunfire to upgrade. If it had been any other time, I would have ecstatically upgraded my Rule powers, but now I do not want to.

I have Rule of Sun to comprehend from, and if I did not comprehend it and I would be a biggest idiot. So, I had to make the best use of that to successfully comprehend the rule of the Sun.

I've already had the most comprehension to take my Rule power to the lower level 1 Rule; otherwise, the rule upgrade would not have started the second, I sensed the Rule of Sun.

Now, I just have to get more insight, so that my Rule of Sunfire evolves directly to the Rule of the Sun. It will be quite difficult without Ashlyn, but I am confident in my comprehension ability. So, I started to comprehend as I only have an hour to do that.

As I carefully sense the rule and insight after insight starts to float inside my mind, from the fearfulness of its flairs, which can vaporize the whole planet or its gentle rays, which could create life in a barren planet.

I gained insight from all the aspects of the Sun, and while doing that, the comprehension inside me started increasing at the visible pace while I comprehend I am also keeping a tight lid on my Rule power.

It is standing on the very delicate line, a slight carelessness on my part, and my Rule power upgrade into Rule of Sunflair, not only that it might also reach an intermediate Grande.

Time pa.s.sed by, and I got lost in the comprehension of the Sun, but despite my getting lost in the comprehension, I kept a tight lid on my Rule power, not letting it upgrade.

Shake Shake…

Finally, after an hour had pa.s.sed and everything in front of me had darkened before I came back to the small room, but this time, there was no painting made of light floating in front of me.

"If I had an hour more, I would have gotten enough comprehension to reach the Intermediate directly," I said with a sigh before I released the grip I had on my Sunfire, and next moment, a silver red feather started to burn.

As it started burning, it started to change its shape into the globe before becoming bigger, the globe looked like a Sun with tiny silver blotches all over it.

A half an hour into the comprehension, I already comprehended enough to upgrade my Rule to the Sun, but I did not as I would not have been able to comprehend when my rule evolved.

So, I kept comprehending hoping to get enough comprehension to take my Rule to the intermediate stage directly but unfortunately, it could not happen, but I am not sad, I am feeling the opposite.

I have comprehended a powerful Rule such Rule of Sun, which is among one of the best offensive Level 1 Rule. For some time, the Sunfire had fallen back as it could not keep up with my progress, but now, with it evolving into the Powerful Rule of Sun, it came back with a bang.

A few seconds later, the upgrade had completed, and now I could be said to have comprehended the Rule of Sun. In my source, it looked like a mini sun, but despite looking threatening, it is being suppressed by the killing, which is not only times bigger but also at the Intermediate Stage.

I was just looking around when my formation lit up and transported me to the 701st floor. "F.u.c.k!" I couldn't help but curse loudly; I wanted to take a rest and train for a day.

Now that I had got the Rule of Sun, and I am confident that I would get enough resources to advance my const.i.tution to Level 1, I am thinking of getting into the 901 Level and before that, I wanted to train three days I would get between the these Three Hundred Adamantine levels but I was so busy checking my new Sun Rule that I did move to other room in time and got teleported.


Cursing, I looked ahead and saw two Snow Giants wearing Armor coming toward me, seeing them my lips couldn't help, but the curve and I took out two knives from my storage and threw them at the snow giants.


These two Giants are powerful, having power comparable to the weak Special Adamantine, but as my knives touched them, they directly vaporized; they did not turn to water, they directly vaporized, which even surprised me quite a bit.

My knives not only coated with dense silver fire, but they also contain the Rule of Sun, which made them even more powerful, powerful enough to vaporize the weaker specials directly.

Seeing such attack horror appeared on the Grimm Monsters who were watching, and they crushed their badges in unison, but it had become too late for them as I started attacking with knives, right after I finished dealing with the Snow Giants.