Monster Integration - Chapter 973 - Crossing Levels II

Chapter 973 - Crossing Levels II

Chapter 973 - Crossing Levels II

I killed all the Grimm Monster in the 601st Level and collected their stuff before I moved to the next level, where I did the same.

Now that I have reached the Adamantine levels, releasing kindles is not enough, I have to be fast to kill all the Admantines within three seconds before they crush their badge and disappear.

Each Grimm Monster running away is a great loss for me; each of them holds a huge amount of resources that takes me closer to my next Advancement and which I am steadily approaching.

In each level, the quant.i.ty of the resources would increase by a few point percentages, and sometimes if I am lucky, I would find some good resources that would increase the quant.i.ty by one to two percent.

Though it rarely happens, it happens, which made me very a.s.sured that as long as I did not come across a particularly tough opponent that could oust me out of the Tower, I will be able to upgrade my Const.i.tution in Level 11.

Soon I reached the 650th level, and from there, things have started to become hard as I began killing more Admantines. Each floor has more than a hundred Adamantine Grimm Monsters, and they are more and more powerful.

I am now encountering the over Hundred Adamantine Grimm Monsters at every level, and it is becoming hard for me to kill them in just a few seconds as they are spread over the distance of the fifty kilometers, and some of them started to get away.

They would astutely crush the badge and getaway, I tried to be faster in killing them, but they would always get away, seeing that I couldn't help but sigh. There is nothing I could do about it except for being faster.

Ever since I had entered the Tower, I had felt no challenge. Everything was so easy to kill that I did not even lift my hand till the 600th level; I would just release the kindle through my body, but now there is some challenge, and that challenge is to kill any Grimm Monster I have come across.

With the newfound challenge, I started killing Grimm Monsters. The knives in hand started to become faster and faster and more and more accurate, that no Grimm Monster survives against them.

I continue doing that, and on some levels, I would become successful, killing all the Grimm Monsters; it gave me a sense of accomplishment and motivated me to get better.

"Well well, look what I have found," I said loudly in anger as I looked at the scene in front of me.

There is one Grimm Monster who was killing indiscriminately. It heard my voice as I intentionally spoke louder and color drained from its face that it had immediately crushed the badge and became surrounded by the yellow light.

It is one of Special Grimm Monster, not the most powerful one but special nonetheless. The Oxman had already crushed the badge and prepared to escape, but how could I when it had killed so many humans on this level and levels below it.

I looked at it with a smile, and the next moment, a knife appeared in my hand. This knife is bathed in the resplendent fire covering it densely.

As I covered it with fire, I threw it at the Grimm Monster, who had already activated its defense method and ran away in the zigzag fas.h.i.+on.

The knife is very fast, faster than any knife I had ever thrown. Usually, when I throw a knife, I only use a little bit of fire as it is more than enough to turn any average Adamantine to the ashes.

But for this Grimm Monster, I used a little more fire as it is not the normal Grimm Monster, it is a 'Special' to kill it, I will have to put some extra effort.

A look of horror appeared on its face as it saw the knife cloaked in a flame coming at it, seeing normal speed won't help in dodging the knife, it had overdrafted its speed method for more speed, but to its horror, the knife had no effect.


It seemed to have gotten even faster, and before it tried something else, the knife tore through its best defensive method like a paper and pierced through its back. Just as It did, a terrifying heat spread through his body, making it s.h.i.+ne silver before turning it into the Ash.

I did not pick its stuff right away; this fight, which barely took even a second, caught the attention of the many Grimm Monsters who had crushed their badge to get out of the Tower.

I started throwing knives after knives at breakneck speed, killing the tense of Grimm Monster by second. It threw the knives for a few seconds before I stopped as I died all the Grimm Monsters present at this level.

Though some of them were still able to get away, there is nothing I could do about them, they were too far, and I had too many Grimm Monsters to kill.

After killing the Grimm Monsters, I slowly walked toward human bodies, in between snow creatures who were not even looking at me even when I was walking by them.

In each level, one has to get a fixed amount of points, once one gets a fixed amount of position, the creature of the toward would completely ignore you unless one attacked them on your own.

As for how to get points, simplest is the killing the creature of the tower; there is another way which kills others and gets their points, which is why rarely have to kill the creature from the tower as I would always acc.u.mulate points by killing Grimm Monster before they could even touch.

I picked one human body after another; I did not take their stuff or look at what they have. I just picked it up and stored it into the special location in my storage, which I had created to store the human bodies.

I couldn't help but sigh when I picked their bodies, one powerful Grimm Monster could easily reap the lives whenever it goes, not only Grimm monster humans too. Pick me for example, ever since I walked into the tower, I had tried to kill any Grimm Monsters I've come across.

It was a good thing that there are lost levels, at least below level 600, it gives weaker people of both races a chance to survive and advance, but after level 600, it became cutthroat as levels started to converse and more powerhouses meet.

I heard the last hundred levels are the only hundred levels; there were no copies of them. So there are quite high chances of us meeting if they had crossed the levels at the same speed as mine.

After collecting bodies of humans and stuff of the Grimm Monsters, I advance to the next level. In the Advanced levels, I started to come across more and more specials; even levels even have two or three of them.

I killed most of them, but some of them were still able to get away, for that I could not do anything, and as such, I finally reached the 699th level, and in front of me is the 700th level where I will get a reward.

Just thinking about it is making me excited as the reward I will get will not be low level but the Adamantine level, which might turn very useful to me, I thought as I stepped inside the door.