Monster Integration - Chapter 967 - The War Tower Opens I

Chapter 967 - The War Tower Opens I

Chapter 967 - The War Tower Opens I

'98.7%' I saw inside me as I looked at the const.i.tution storage inside me, it had been four days since I had started hunting for the resources, and in just four days, I had nearly finished collecting the resources I needed.

It was faster than I had thought, as I had estimated that it would take me more a week at least to collect all the resources to take my const.i.tution to Level 10, but I had nearly done it in four days.

As long as I find the resource worth remaining 1.3%, then I could immediately Advance my const.i.tution to Level 10, and that time, my strength would soar again. I hope I advance before the War Tower opens so that I could make use of the elixir found in The War Tower to reach back to my level.

Well, I don't know when the War Tower will be open, but I am quite sure that I am going to find an upgrade to my const.i.tution before that.

Under the numerous hidden gazes, I asked Ashlyn to find another remnant for resource hunting. In these four days, I've become quite famous, as I have taken out more resources from the remnant than any single person.

That brought many greedy people to me, not only Grimm Monsters but also Humans, all the Grimm Monsters that came at me have died as for humans, I've taught them such a lesson that they will not have any greedy thoughts toward anyone.


We were searching for the resources when the faint Blue Light in the sky started to turn green, I and others noticed that we all turned toward the War Tower which is slowly turning green from the blue.

'The War Tower is about to open.' I said. If past records hold true, then in the six hours, the whole thousand floors will turn completely green, and that time, the gate of the War Tower will be opened.

Seeing the War tower is about to be opened, I really don't want to go toward it right now when I was just inches away from making Advancement in my Const.i.tution, but it is a delicate time.

This is an important time, I have to be on the human side as huge conflict could erupt before even entering the Tower and me getting there as soon as possible would help a lot.

I don't have a huge idea about self-importance, but I am clearly aware that I am one most powerful in the ruin and which makes me indirectly responsible for the other humans, so whether I want it or not, I have to go as soon as possible.

Sigh, it would have been great if the Tower had opened a day late, but it seemed like I am not that much luck.

Well, there is no need to be sad about it, I am sure I will be able to collect1.3% resources I need in the first hundred floors of and if I am lucky, then I might even be able to gather the material for the Level 11 Const.i.tution.

Though it will be difficult seeing how I will need four times more resources, I had a need for Level 11.

This Ruin is the best place to gather the resources quickly, outside I might need months or even years to gather the resources I need to upgrade my Const.i.tution. In Tower, I will have plenty of chances to get the resources, especially at a higher level, I just need to be strong to get them.

As the Tower started to color Green, thousands of people began to move around toward the Tower that I was quite shocked by seeing such a number.

While they are moving toward the Tower, both sides aren't taking a chance to attack each other, all of them are mostly focused on getting to the Tower as quickly as possible.

In the four days of collecting resources, I went quite close to the tower and even mapped out the safe root in preparation for this, so now that the The War Tower is opening, I am following the safe route I had mapped with quite great speed that I finished travel of five hours within an hour.

I could see The War Towar which is a few hundred meters ahead of me, and it is huge, absolutely huge.

It is the tallest structure I've ever seen, man-made or otherwise. It is a thousand stories long, and s.p.a.ce inside the toward is even bigger as it is enhanced by the spatial method.

Below the tower, more than three million people had already gathered, and they looked like ants in front of the tower. I looked at the human side, who have about half a million people, five to six times less than Grimm Monsters.

And the numbers on both sides kept increasing every second as more and more people kept coming as they saw the Tower turning Green.

I moved toward the Human side, and as I got close, I got to sense their aura and saw most people's presents are from the limit.

In the people standing, I saw Platinum Elites outnumber Golden Elites by more than ten times; such scenes are impossible to see outside as the Golden Elites are always more than the Platinums.

Most of the Golden Elites that had entered this Ruin had already become Platinum Elite due to an abundance of limited energy present in this Ruin. Also, due to this limited energy, there are more than ten thousand Admantines present in front of me.

Seeing such numbers of Adamantine outside is nearly impossible, but here everything is possible.

The humans are standing in neat formations and as the Grimm monsters opposite to them. Behind the Golden Elite, front of them are Platinums, in front of Platinums are Diamonds and in front of Diamonds are Admantines, and there is also a small group of people in front of the Adamantine.

These are twenty-one people in this group, and these people also possessed the aura of Adamantine, but the aura they possess are far deeper than the more than ten thousand Admantines behind them, these are groups of specials which had either accepted inheritance or has a special const.i.tution or practiced some Art.

They are a league above normal Admantines and could contend against the ten thousand Adamantine that is behind them.

If one looks carefully at these twenty-one people, they will hierarchy there. Everyone was releasing their aura faintly from which could guess how powerful these people were and in the lead are two people who had far stronger aura than the other Specials.

To my surprise, I found one of the two people in the lead familiar. She is a young woman slightly older than me; even in the Ruin, she is wearing her signature high heels, which are obviously void boots fas.h.i.+oned in the form of high heels.

She is a young woman who had led the Battle in Raven City, and if I am not wrong, her name Keira.


I looked at the whole human group before I appeared beside the girl in high heels and redhead boy who is similar to my age.