Monster Integration - Chapter 968 - The War Tower Opens II

Chapter 968 - The War Tower Opens II

Chapter 968 - The War Tower Opens II

Two of them looked at me slowly as I appeared beside them, to other Adamantines my speed may seem receivable but not to them, they already sensed my approach, and if I were to attack, they would have easily defended against it.

Both of them looked at me, the redhead boy with curiosity and relief while the Girl in high heels looked at me with a hint of surprise. She had likely to remember me from the Raven city.

I gave them a soft smile before looking ahead, totally discarding inquisitive gazes from behind me. I had half-concealed my aura through the Killing Rule, and now the aura I am releasing is that of ordinary Peak Admantines, like those behind me.

My concealment is airtight that those two beside me also could not see through my aura, but they did not question me as they know if I dared to stand beside them, then I had the strength to do it, and if I did not have it, then I could be the biggest idiot here.

If a conflict arose, then I would be first to die as the Grimm Monsters I would face would not be weaker than those beside me, and their numbers would also be higher.

Just now look at the current condition between two races, they not only have five to six times more numbers than us, but they are also more special; while we have three, including me, they have seven with each having a similar level of aura compared to those beside me.

Both sides are silently staring at each other as we watch Tower as it is turning green, it will take around five hours for it to become completely green, till that time we will continue staring at each other.

Only when the Tower turns completely Green will we turn hostile toward each other, if they want conflict outside the tower or inside the tower will be completely dependent on the other party.

Four hour had pa.s.sed, and there was barely half an hour remaining till the Tower completely turned green. In these four hours, the number of people swells three times, and more and more people keep coming every second.

We now have the six specials, including me, while the Grimm Monsters have fifteen, which is more than double than us, but it is still fine, we might not be able to win against them, but we can sure keep them occupied for a long while.

But the chances of fighting outside are less than 50%, for all the times had opened till now, only two times conflict occurred on outside, most of the conflicts have occurred on the inside.

I was just blankly staring when suddenly, I spotted someone familiar coming in, and it saw me seconds later. As our eyes met, electricity started to fly between our gazes.

I looked at the shocked face of Earth Crockman, who looked at Ashlyn and me in shock. It had never expected I could come out of the mist alive, not only alive but also become powerful. That now, I can also stand directly in the front with the most powerful five specials.

It also became powerful, it had become Peak Adamantine and is also special, but it did not have the ability to stand with the most powerful special Grimm Monster; it could be said it is one of the weakest special.

We both stared at each when suddenly I made my gaze deeper and curved my lips a little, in a clear indication that if it comes across me, I will kill it painfully, and it understood it as well as it shuddered visibly.


Half an hour had pa.s.sed, and a loud buzz had resounded from the Tower, and second, after that, a gigantic silver gate appeared on the Tower.

Beautiful runes could be seen flowing through the edges of gates that n.o.body dared to look directly at as those who concentrated on those Runes directly will find their eyes burst out.

We now have seven Specials, and Green Monster has seventeen, ten more than us. All of us have looked at each other, now that the gate has appeared, it is time to enter inside, but it is not easy if both sides are mortal enemies.

"Shall we go with the usual Rule." Girl in high heels said to seventeen Grimm Monsters who were started opposite to us at the ten meters distance.

"Sure, but first you have to prove if you have sufficient strength. If you lost, we would ma.s.sacre all of you right here." said the leading Grimm Monster and shot toward us with other sixteen most powerful special Grimm Monsters.

As they shot toward us, we seven also shot toward them at our greatest speed; as I moved toward them, I donned the Armor and also brought out my Totem Artifact, which increased my power even further.

This is a very important moment; If we did not stand on the equal term with the Grimm Monster here, then the full-blown war will commence, and it will be not a good thing for the Human, especially if we specials have lost, most of them will be ma.s.sacred.

Sup Sup Sup

As we were halfway to reaching each other, three arcs of concentrated fire went toward the Grimm Monsters. These arcs were not launched by any us humans but from Ashlyn.

I could see the frown on the faces of the other five people as I let my overexcited weak monster launch the attack, the girl in high heels did not seem surprised as had known something like this would happen.

The frown had just appeared on the faces of my colleague who had just appeared when it was transformed to the shock as they sense energy from the three silver fire arcs, it is the same for the Grimm Monsters who had thought the attack of her was a joke.

Their faces changed, especially that of the three Grimm Monsters who are these three silver fire arcs aiming at.

With Ashlyn dealing with three Grimm Monsters, we can now fight with two Grimm Monsters each, and I had already chosen my opponents and they are Volet Horn Bullmen and Frost Snakemen.

Bullman is holding a nine-meter spear meter long bulky white spear which is three meters longer than the Bullman who is seven meters tall while Frost snakeman holds a thin sword which looks like it is made of Ice.

Both of them came at me with snakeman front and Bullman behind, seeing them coming closer, I four all the power of my fire ability in my sword and as I did, it started to become red from the edges till nearly 20% of the sword turn fiery red, seeing that I couldn't help but smile as the power of the enchantment had so great, that even I can't imagine what it had become capable to cutting.

As the enchantment activated, I also activated my killing Rule at full power as I did, I felt like I had sensory overload, as there is too much information coming at me.

It took a moment for me to calm my nerves down, but at that time, both of the monsters appeared next to me and launched the attacks on me, but the funny thing, I found their attacks too slow.

They looked like a bunch of Private Stage Grimm Monsters that are attacking me and not one of the most powerful specials present on this battlefield.