Monster Integration - Chapter 966 - Gathering Resources

Chapter 966 - Gathering Resources

Chapter 966 - Gathering Resources

After taking a shower, I walked out of my abode and saw it was alone standing on the empty camp.

I had received the message from the Guards that they are leaving and even received an invitation to leave with them, but I had politely declined their offer and remained in my abode.

I am quite surprised that I was not attacked by the Grimm Monsters, seeing my abode is the lone remaining abode in camp. To be honest, I was kind of expecting them to attack me. It is always good to kill some Grimm Monsters before setting out.

My destination is The War Tower, but I am not in a hurry to go there; I am first going to check the remnant attacks for the treasure before finally going to The War Tower in a few days.

I would have gone there as soon as possible if it were open, but it is close, there is no reason to go there and wait for it to open, that is simply a waste of time.

With Ashlyn scouting ahead, I simply followed her, her senses are better than mine, and if she found some remnant attack from which she could extricate the treasures, she would tell me immediately.

Time pa.s.sed, and we have come across many humans, and Grimm Monsters, but all of them kept their own distance with each other. Even Grimm Monster, who is like a rabid dog that will attack any human came in their way as fairly calm.

All of them focused on scavenging the possible treasure from the building and remnant attack.

Many of them end up losing their life, but the allure of the treasures are so great that both humans and Grimm Monster enter the remnant attack in search of the treasures.

This strange truce between two mortal enemies is very rare, especially when one has more than five times a number than others, but it is understandable. Both of them are waiting for the War Tower to open; inside it, they will try to kill each other with tooth and nail.

Currently, they are maintaining the truce because the races don't want to lose the precious opportunity to collect the treasures as these treasures would help them in raising their strength when they entered the War Tower.

I am also following this strange truce, unless the Grimm Monsters attack me, I would not attack them on my own.

Chew Chew…

It had been half an hour since we had left our abode when Ashlyn chirped through our link, asking me to come closer to her, five minutes later when I got close to her I found her staring at the purple wind and inside this purple wind and flowing emerald color leaves.

These types of winds are very common in the city sky; a powerful wind elemental powerhouse had fought the battle over the city, leaving hundreds of types of wind type attack remnants all over the city.

I walked into the sky, took beside her watching the purple wind and emerald leaves within. This purple wind is extremely dangerous when I look at the close distance; all the hairs on my body stood up in attention.

If I got into it, then even with my current power, it would only take a second for me to turn into the fine paste. Ashlyn staring at it means she had the a.s.surance of getting treasure out of it; otherwise, she would not have stared at it.

"Can you get it?" I asked her softly, to which she gently nodded and slowly flew toward the wind and stopped at its edge as she looked at the area where the purple wind is flowing.


I was just watching Ashlyn staring at the purple wind when I suddenly heard the mournful screams from the distance. I looked back toward the screams and saw a group of humans getting burned by the hair-thin lightning bolts.

I couldn't help but shake my head seeing their futile struggle before the death, these people had given a try at the small lightning lake, thinking they could bring out treasure inside it but before they could touch the lake, the lightning lake reacted and electrocuted these humans.

'Four seconds.' I muttered. It only took those hair-thin lighting four seconds to turn a group of Adamantine into the ash.

The power this remnant could say to be one of the lowest if the remnant had been sufficiently powerful, it would have only taken a moment for it to turn them into ash.

'Be careful.' I said to Ashlyn who was still staring at the purple wind. This purple wind is sufficiently powerful, and the slightest mistake could result in death.

Ashlyn kept looking at the wind for more than four hours before she made a move. She quickly covered herself with bright silver fire, which looked like silver paint over her as she dived inside the wind.

The fire cover is just a cover; inside it is she had activated the Armor, which had grown even more powerful with the merging of fire ability.

I had asked her not to use the Mystic Method in front of others as is too shocking, and if it were a month ago, I would not have let her use the Mystic Ability even under the cover of the fire.

But now she could utilize the killing Rule which had forte in the concealing, even with close distance and my current ability, I could see most of the Mystic Energies from her. If I could not sense the Mystic Energies from her, then the other Adamantines could forget about sensing it from her.

Ashlyn entered inside the wind, and I could tell it is eroding her defenses but at a very fast speed, but she is handling them for now.

Her speed is very fast; it took her less than a second to reach the closest leaf, swallow it into her mouth and come out. Though it may take her less than a second to get the leaf but she had become heavily injured in one second, her body is riddled with injuries.

The injuries are quite serious, but they are already healing at the visible rate, seeing that I couldn't help but feel a little surprised, despite knowing the Rule of Healing that is doing its magic.

"You have suffered," I said to Ashlyn as I patted her and took the leaf from her mouth. As I touched it, a swis.h.i.+ng sound came over me; I am very sure that if concentrated on this leaf, within a day, I would comprehend the wind element.

I looked at it for a few moments before storing it inside the const.i.tution storage and how much need it had fulfilled. It is 9%, which is quite lesser than I had expected but still fine with me.

"Human you better hand over that leaf to us if you don't want to die.:" I heard. A second after I put away the lead, a group of four Werewolves appeared in front of me. All of them are Admantines, with the leader being peak Admantines.

"F.u.c.k Off!"

I said without even giving them a glance before lighting four kindles on my hand and throwing them at the Werewolves.

These Grimm Monsters were quite astute; they immediately saw through the dangerousness of the fire and started to run away using their speed methods and defense methods.


They were only able to run away for a meter before the silver kindles caught up to then and seeped into their bodies. They screamed as their bodies lighted up in silver before stopping abruptly a second later as they turned into the ash.