Monster Integration - Chapter 965 - Rule Of Healing And Swallowing II

Chapter 965 - Rule Of Healing And Swallowing II

Chapter 965 - Rule Of Healing And Swallowing II

After a few words with the guards, I connected my holowatch to the camp network before walking toward the empty place and set up my abode.

As I entered inside, I directly walked into the shower to clean myself; it had been a month since I had not showered. My body is filled with traces of its blood as I was shackled in its heart.

Only when I started showering did I feel good, felt like being a human again. I stayed in the shower for half an hour before coming out. I wore light clothes and ate the packaged food as I did not have any wish to cook before sleeping in a comfortable bed.

Chew Chew...

The sleep was uneventful; there was no disturbance, nothing, I had a long dreamless night and would have continued sleeping if not for Ashlyn waking me up because she is feeling very hungry.

"Good Morning," I said to Ashlyn before walking to the bathroom to freshen up before I came back and started cooking with barely any materials.

I have barely any spices and herbs left in my storage, all materials that had high medicinal value to have been used by the being.

It's good that monster meat is still there; I can still make something good out with limited materials and good monster meat.

The meat I am going to use for cooking is that of the Thunder Hog. It is an Adamantine Level Monster that is born in a special environment; the meat of it is going to be very delicious.

Past me would have had a problem cooking it much less eating as it had taken Ashlyn quite an effort to even burn the upper-level of its skin.

But now, with my current strength, I did not have any problem in cutting its meat and also cooking with the powerful fire ability. The fire had become so strong that I had burned the meat three times before I was able to successfully cook it.

Well, it should be powerful now I have 20% power of the Blazing Lotus, a month ago when Ashlyn had defeated the Thunder Hog, she barely merged 1% power of the Blazing Lotus.

Even with the power of my current Const.i.tution, I can only merge 20% of the power of Blazing Lotus into me. In contrast, Ashlyn, who clearly got even more benefits than I had merged more power than me with it, she had become so powerful that I don't think anyone in this Ruin had the power to defeat her.

"Finally Finished."

I said as I placed the plates in front of Ashlyn and me, and about to start eating when I am noting something different about Ashlyn now and Ashlyn one month ago, nothing had changed in her appearance, she is still a chubby palm-size bird with s.h.i.+ny silvery feathers.

The only change had occurred is the crystal on her head; it had changed from the tear-shaped to a pentagonal shape, and its shade had also become slightly darker.

"Ashlyn, what happened to your crystal, have you received new ability or something?" I asked but soon regretted it, asking as I know I will receive the same answer, 'I don't know' from her.

Chew Chew Chew…


I let out a surprise sound because her answer is different or half different from her usual answers to these questions.

She said she didn't know what happened to the crystal, but she had received abilities through it, she said abilities not an ability, which means she had got more than one ability.

'Finally, that crystal could be of some use.' I thought as since she had received the crystal, it had been mostly a showpiece and nothing more, but now she said she could use some abilities through it.

"What abilities did you receive?" I asked excitedly, feeling really excited about the abilities she had got. "Chew Chew…" she chirped with a small answer before she drove her small head into the plate and started eating.

'This little!' I nearly cursed her, just now when I asked her about the abilities, she said she would show me later, and now I should not disturb her from eating.

Like her, I also started eating, and just as I took the bite, an involuntary sound couldn't help but escape from my mouth.

The meat just melted inside my mouth and gave me a taste that I had tasted only a few times, and there is also a slight jolt of electricity that came from the meat.

All of the combines make each bite very delicious. before I knew it, I found myself with a full stomach with s.p.a.ce to store another bite; otherwise, I would have really eaten more.

After I finished eating, I rested on the chair for a few minutes before I started to clean the plates and walked toward Ashlyn.

"Ashlyn, do you know how those two Rules work?" I asked, "Chew Chew Chew...." She started chirping right away as she had been waiting for me to ask, she started explaining these two Rules to me speedily.

The s.h.i.+ning green Clover represents the Rule of Healing. It is a Level 1 Rule that I had comprehended accidentally and had been acc.u.mulating insight until it reached its current Peak Of Basic Stage.

It did not have any battle capability, but if I circulate it within my body, it will heal all my injuries. From now on, I won't have a need for any Healing medicine.

As for the second Level 1 Rule, which in the form of Grey Swirl is Rule of, it is not the Rule I had comprehended; it had come from the unmatured fruit that Ashlyn had eaten, for it we have been chased into the forbidden ground.

As for what this Rule could do, it is as its name suggests it could swallow; this particular rule could swallow any attacking force that came to me and convert into reverse force, which I could use to attack the enemy back.

There are many conditions attached to the usage of the Rule, at its current power, which is at the Peak of the Basic stage.

It could only swallow the force that came, it will not swallow any special form of energy, and the force that comes at me should not be powerful enough to kill me instantly, the force should not be greater what I could and also the revere energy which it covert from the swallowed attack had to be used within two seconds, or that energy will disappear on its own.

These two Rules are supremely powerful, even though they are not purely offensive Rule powers, they are very very useful powers.

Now there are two things that require my immediate focus, one is to collect resources for the advancement of my Const.i.tution, and the other is upgrading and advancing my Sunfire Rule.

I have four Rule powers in total, three of them are level 1 Rules, and in them, my killing Rule had even reached the Intermediate stage. My fourth Rule, which is a Sunfire Rule, is still a level 2 Rule.

In it, I have enough comprehension that I could take the Intermediate Stage if I want to, but I did not want that, I want to upgrade it to the Level 1 Rule before I could think about its advancement to the Intermediate stage.

I have lots of insight into the Sunfire Rule, enough to upgrade it to Level 1 Rule, the only thing I need is chance, and once I get the chance, my Sunfire Rule will be upgraded to level 1 Rule instantly.