Monster Integration - Chapter 958 - Perfect Host Body

Chapter 958 - Perfect Host Body

Chapter 958 - Perfect Host Body

Hearing the crazy raving like voice, I shuddered from head to toe. Even though I do not have heightened intuition from the Killing Rule, my self intuition is also very strong, and it is telling me I am the grave danger.

I slowly opened my eyes and found myself in a completely different position than I had expected. I am currently inside a huge skeleton that I could not describe how big it is, and also I am currently bound in what seemed to be a fleshy red ball.

When I looked at the flesh ball carefully, I found it to be heard inside which I am completely buried, the only part of me is out is my head.

It had been a few seconds since I had upgraded my Rule, and I did not even see when I got bound in this big heart. If not for Ashlyn telling me, I would have definitely thought that I am still in the illusion.

"It has been so many years, so many years since I have been waiting, but all that wait worth it, I've finally found the body I need." I heard, this time, there is no madness in the voice, but I still shuddered unconsciously when I heard the voice.

I looked around to search for the source of the voice, but I did not find it with the limited s.p.a.ce I could look. "Boy, are you looking for me?" The voice asked in an unfamiliar language, which I am clearly able to understand.

The voice sounded directly in front of me, and when I looked ahead, I saw fist-size blood-red pentagonal crystal floating in front, the blood-red color is the perfect shade of blood Color I've ever seen.

"What do you want from me?" I asked in normal land, showing no fear in my voice that I am feeling inside me. "Haha, what I want, haven't you already guessed?" the crystal asked back in the cam voice.

It is right, I had already guessed what it wants and couldn't help but ask why. Last time in the cavern of the Forbidden Ground, I came across the abomination that wanted to occupy my body and now this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

"Why me?" I couldn't help but ask; there are hundreds of humans, Grimm Monsters and Monsters who have entered the mist before, why couldn't it use their bodies to occupy, why mine.

"You are one of the eleven people who were able to gain the Level 1 Rule power in the Mist I had created, but their bodies were not suitable to host me, only you have the body that is Suitable to host me." It replied.

"Is my body special in some way?" I asked. Last time I did not get a chance to ask about the abomination, but this time I want to know what it is about my body so special that anyone wants to occupy it.

If it were so special, I would have at least got a special const.i.tution, but I got none, I am born average with body and talent.

"Very special, more special than you can understand, even I got shocked when I inspected your body for the first time." "You are born with a perfect Host Body, for you, it is useless, but to others who want to occupy it is the best body, they will not feel rejection from it, it will be like their own natural body," It replied in a calm, friendly tone.

It is explaining everything to me like a teacher explaining to his student, not like a demon that is preparing to occupy the body.

"I will die when you occupy my body, right?" I asked, there was a slight tremor in my voice when I asked it. I had tried to control that tremor, but no matter how much I tried, I could not control that tremor from coming out with my voice.

"I am afraid, yes." It replied, that I couldn't help but feel silent, seeing my condition and strength, I could not help do anything against it. I hope that miracles like the past would happen, but I don't know if it will happen or not.

"You seemed oddly calm about your death? Do you have some trump cards you are relying on later on?" It asked; its first question was in a calm tone, but its second question was filled with a hint of mockery as it could not think any trump card of mine would save me from death.

"I am calm because I know I am an ant in front of you, raving and ranging will only make the death even more painful," I said calmly. "You are right. If you had resisted, I would have made the process even more painful than it already is." It reapplied calmly.

"Now, let's start the process I've already waited for for a long time, but before that, let me see your storage," It said, and before I could say anything, my storage ring flew off my finger toward it.

"Why do you need my storage ring?" I asked why such a great powerhouse would need a storage ring. "I do not need your storage; I need herbs and energy sources. Everything I had and I got during these thousands of years has been used for sustenance." It replied.

"You have a lot more stuff than I expected but still little less than what I need." It said next moment all the herbs and mana crystals came out of my storage, one the right side is her whole on the left size Mana Crystals.

Two big hills of herbs and Mana crystals could be seen floating on either side of the tiny blood-red crystals.

As these two hills came out, an open fire came out of the small blood-red crystals and enveloped both of the hills and started to burn them, seeing I couldn't help but get surprised as I did not think it would burn it.

"The level of the things you have is very low, I will have to remove all the impurities off them before I could use them." It explained calmly without me asking.

The fire burned the two hills for a minute before it went back to the crystal, and on the place, two huge hills had now had two fist-size liquid globes, one colorless while the other is a vibrant green.

As I was looking at these two, the colorless liquid globe came toward me and seeped into the heart where I was bound while the herbal mix remained on the spot.

"My heart is now ready to create the Const.i.tutional Base inside you while this herbal essence would be enough to create a 7 Star Const.i.tution."

"It is regrettable that you have this puny amount here, that will not be enough for the 12 Star Const.i.tution, I will have to get them after I occupy your body," It said, hearing that I couldn't help but get shocked.

"Are you creating a const.i.tution inside me?" I asked, hearing what it had said, "Yes, you be born with a perfect Host Body, which is a totally useless const.i.tution for the battle."

"I am creating a secondary 12 Star Const.i.tution Inside you; it is least required if I want to occupy your body seamlessly." It replied.


I wanted to ask something more, but I did not get a chance as the next moment, thousands of needles pierced through my body, and I felt the terrifying pain I've ever felt in my life.