Monster Integration - Chapter 957 - Rule Of Archaic Killing

Chapter 957 - Rule Of Archaic Killing

Chapter 957 - Rule Of Archaic Killing

The dust from the Skeletons had just settled down when the globes of big ghostly runic fire came at me and seeped inside me.

Just as that happened, an extremely pure Quintessence appeared in front of me, just taking a look over made me gain a lot of comprehensions. Seeing the Quintessence has appeared, I did not waste any time and let my heart take myself to the Rule I want to comprehend.

This is another Killing Rule which I did not have the time to comprehend last time, but I am comprehending from it this time. Unlike other times, I was not the only one who is comprehending from the Quintessence, Ashlyn also comprehending from it.

She had also cast her senses on the Quintessence and her speed of comprehension isn't lower than mine, seeing that I became very sure that I will be able to this time, I will be able to upgrade my Rule power to the Grade 1 Rule.

We kept comprehending like crazy and gaining more and more insights, as we did that, we ama.s.sed a huge amount of comprehension, which is more than enough to upgrade my Rule power.


As I thought that, something clicked in my mind, and my uncontrolled killing Rule had suddenly become very quiet, and the next moment the change started to happen.

Currently, the Ribbon inside me looks like a solid blood red Ribbon, but now more than half of it is turning translucent though its color is getting darker, it is turning more and more translucent.

It is very strange, and translucent things tend to be lighter as that is when one could faintly see through them, but this Ribbon getting darker as it became translucent.

That is not the only change happening to Ribbons, the seams of ribbon which had saved from being translucent also started to have their change. The seams began to become like chains, seeing these chain-like seams, one would think this ribbon could seal anything.

The change continued for a few seconds before it started slowing down, and I thought, there wouldn't be any change anymore when suddenly a very faint blood Mist came out Ribbon and spread around globally.

Now my killing rule looked like a translucent solid ribbon being surrounded by the faint globe of blood mist.

My killing Rule had finally upgraded to Level 1 Rule, and their big change had occurred in it. The biggest change is its offensive power, it has barely changed, and I am very happy with it.

My new killing rule barely had any offensive power; it is the most focused Sensors, Deduction, Concealing, and Sealing. It is very different from other Killing Rules who have immense offensive powers.

My Killing Rule had barely any, it had now become a perfect support type rule, and I am very happy with it, it now could not be called the rule of Killing alone, seeing what it had transformed, it should be Rule of Archaic Killing.

The offensive power is most important, but I have other things that could provide me with. Like the Sunfire, which I will also upgrade to Level 1 and my ability and Mystic Methods, they all could provide me with all the offensive power I need.

The only regrettable thing is that from now on till I am in the Diamond Level, I will not be able to use my new Killing Rule, just like those Level 1 Rules that Ashlyn and I have in our s.p.a.ce.

The Adamantine could only utilize level 1 Rule, so unless I became Adamantine, I would not be able to use my Killing Rule again.

Barely one minute had pa.s.sed since the Quintessence had appeared inside me and now I am hesitating whether I should comprehend more from it or not, my killing Rule is the absolute edge of Basic Stage, and with me and Ashlyn's comprehension, there is a fairly good chance that my killing Rule will reach the Intermediate Stage.

If this were to happen, it would be very, very good thinking for me, especially when I leveled up to the Lord Stage, it will bring me lots of benefits but advancing killing Rule Intermediate came with its own complication.

"F.u.c.k it!"

I said after thinking for a second, this is an extremely rare chance for me to take my Level 1 Power to Intermediate Grade, others would kill for this chance. So I decided to go with it.

If everything goes haywire, I will level up to Lord Stage, though it will make me lose quite a thing, the gains I will gain from taking my Rule power to Intermediate stage should be more enough to offset it.

So, like Ashlyn, I also started comprehending and was quite shocked by my comprehending speed. With me having a Level 1 Rule, the speed of my comprehension increased five times when comprehension of the Rules.

It is very good news for me with such great comprehension speed; I am becoming even more sure of taking my Rule power to the Intermediate Grade before the Quintessence disappeared from me.

Ashlyn and I started to comprehend at a very fast speed, and this time, it is not only from the other killing Rules from which we have comprehended; we have also started to comprehend from the other Rule too.

The Rule of Carnage, Murder, b.l.o.o.d.y Stealth are very good to comprehend; taking inspiration from these Rule makes one Rule flexible with potential, not brittle, which very hard to progress.

As we gained more and more comprehension, we started getting more and more close to the Intermediate stage; we just needed a little more comprehension before we could advance to Intermediate Grade.

Time pa.s.sed by, and five minutes had pa.s.sed, and I started to feel it wouldn't be long before the Quintessence disappeared, and I too just needed a little more comprehension before my Killing Rule could finally be advanced to the Intermediate stage.


I was just comprehending when suddenly my source shook, and Ribbon and fain b.l.o.o.d.y globe surrounding it started to s.h.i.+ne brightly as they began to grow.

Their size started to get bigger and bigger with faint crystalline dust merging into the Ribbon and the globe, which made its aura grow stronger and stronger till even I started to shake despite the Rule being comprehended by me.

The second pa.s.sed, and finally, the Ribbon and the faint Glode surrounding it stopped growing. They are now three times bigger than their original size and had many visible changes.

The Ribbon had become even more translucent, and this time the translucent part had completely lost its bright red color while the chained seams of the Ribbon became even darker.

As for the Blood faint globe, that surrounding it has not changed much except that now in its blood globe one could see tiny bits of crystalline dust s.h.i.+ning around it, with all these changes I have to say my Killing Rule looked pretty amazing.

"Hahaha finally, Finally After Thousands Of Years Waiting, I've Finally Found Someone, Found Someone."

Suddenly a crazy raving like voice rang out, hearing that I felt an intense sense of danger, this type of danger I only felt once in my lifetime and that is when I was in a cavern of the forbidden ground.