Monster Integration - Chapter 959 - Sin Constitution

Chapter 959 - Sin Constitution

Chapter 959 - Sin Const.i.tution

Chapter 959 Sin Const.i.tution


The terrifying pain started to spread through my body; it was so great that I felt my mind would break if I were to bear it for a long time, and I have a feeling that I will have to bear it for a long time.

Feeling this mind-breaking pain, I did not resist the pain and with the last bit of sanity I had; I let this pain flow through my mind, because I know if I resist, it wouldn't be long before my mind gets broken and I become a vegetable.

I did not want to die being an idiot; if I die, I like to die while I am sane. So, I brought down the conscious and unconscious defenses and let the pain flow over me. As I did that, I got completely drowned in pain, incapable of forming even a single proper thought.

It is like my mind is a dingy in the world ending tsunami; any of these sky waves could drown me in an instant, but still no matter how high the waves would get, the dingy would always survive from drowning.

As time pa.s.sed, the dingy got a little stable in the waves as if the rover got used to it, and with pa.s.sing time, it got more and more stable, though it still looked like the waves could drown me at any moment.

I don't know how much time had pa.s.sed, probably a day or more before my mind finally got little used to the pain and simple thought started to emerge from my mind and as the time pa.s.sed the thought became greater in number till I could become capable to see what was happening to me.

Thousands of hair-thin needles had been pierced through my body, just like I had experienced a moment before the pain had a.s.saulted me.

These hair-thin needles are pumping the blood color energy inside me, which is merging into every part of my body and soul.

This blood-colored energy is giving off a faint familiar feeling, which I am way acquainted with, and when I looked at my source, I became even more sure.

I could feel my body is changing and it is changing from the very core of it, as I was inspecting my body, I noticed another thing and that is that my previous Level 3 const.i.tution which I had got through various lucky chances.

It is also being stripped away from my body, it has already been reduced to Level 1 const.i.tution, and it wouldn't be long before it is completely stripped away from my body.

Seeing it happening, I couldn't help but feel sad; it had helped quite a bit, especially when I was breaking the level. If not for having it, I would have had to drink those harmful potions for storing the momentum for breaking the limit.

I looked at my body for quite a while before I checked my connection with Ashlyn and not only found the connection being active, but she was also looking at everything happening to me in extreme focus that when I had called her, she did not reply to me.

I am quite surprised seeing her reaction, last time when that abomination blasted energy inside me and Ashlyn took it quite much, but this time, she did not even touch it, which is quite strange.

The Abomination felt a hundred if not thousands of times stronger than this Blood Crystals, and she was still able to take the sizable energies, but she did not take even single bit energies, which is confusing to me.

I would have asked Ashlyn if she had been replying to, but seeing she is lost in her way, I could not get any answer from her.

Time pa.s.sed, and soon I became capable enough to open my eyes when I did that, I found the heart in which I had been trapped in had been reduced to less than one-fourth of its size and now I could see my body parts bulging through the fleshy heard.

I tried to move them, but soon, I found that I could not even feel them much less move them. It is very uncomfortable not to feel your body front from the waist down.

"Boy you have surprised me with your will; not many people of your age could have enough will to think much less talk when they are going through such pain." It praised as it saw me looking around.

"What type of const.i.tution are you creating in my body?" I asked with difficulty; the h.e.l.l-like pain makes it quite difficult for me to talk, I had put an insane amount of effort into asking this question.

"It is a Sin Const.i.tution; it is the same const.i.tution I was born with. Though the level of it is quite low compared to what I was born with, it will be enough till I reach my homeworld." It said with a slight hint of lodging.

"What are its specialties?" I couldn't help but ask when I heard the 'Sin Const.i.tution.' It had remained silent for a while that I had thought it would not answer it.

"The Sin Const.i.tution is a special const.i.tution, in the Awakening Stage which you refer to as 1 to 12 Star Const.i.tution. It will help you sense Sin Rules even more clearly, increase the potential of my body and make it more suitable to house Mystic Energies and Occult Energies,"

"There are other things it can do as well, but there is no need to tell you since you are going to die in a few days." It said.

I was immensely shocked when I heard that, as the things it had said, only the top const.i.tution was capable of doing that. Ellen had told me quite a lot about the const.i.tutions, which is why I was quite shocked, and these are the things it had told me about, there are many other things it hadn't told me yet.

As for lying about it, I do not think so. It is immensely powerful and soon going to occupy my body, there is no reason for it to lie to me, all the things it had told me are likely to be the truth.

A day pa.s.sed by, and the heart I was in had shrunk even more, looking at the speed the heart is shrinking, it shouldn't take a maximum of three more days for the heart to completely disappear.

Time pa.s.sed by, and I spent most of my time staying quiet, as, in such pain, I could neither sleep nor s.h.i.+t. I sometimes talked to blood-red crystals and asked questions that I have in my mind, most of them were answered.

I have got to know quite many things from it, some things it has told me is enough to shock the world.

Two days pa.s.sed by, and in these two, the heart had completely disappeared, and now I am bound in the grey bones, from which it had sucked energy from ages ago.

"The Const.i.tution Base is finally created, now it is time to fill it." Said the Blood Crystal in front of me.